Spurs Draft Blair


With the 37th pick the Spurs drafted DeJuan Blair. Suffice it to say, I am ecstatic. I’ll be back later this evening with a more thorough analysis of the pick. For the time being, read the interview/profile that I conducted with Blair at the Combine and follow along with the Draft liveblog below. Tonight is a good night for San Antonio.

More to come…

  • Jordan

    Halelujah! I never expected that. I’m jumping around the room right now.

  • CMoney

    I can’t even contain my excitement. What a week for our Spurs. Projected at #11 and we steal him at #37 without having to give up anything. Wow.

  • rikiddo

    What a coup. I’m really, REALLY excited to be going to summer league now.

  • the little o

    one word….


    hahaha, I love it.

  • ThatBigGuy

    I yelled so loud I scared my dog out of his sleep and he peed all over the carpet. But that can’t curb my enthusiasm for this pick. Just wow. “College rebounding almost always translates into NBA rebounding,” says Coach Van Gundy. Bring it on, Mr. Blair. Welcome to Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood.

  • Rye

    Obviously, this is an absolute steal, particularly if this guys knees hold up. Combined that with his readiness to play and the chip that must be on his shoulder after slipping this far (for a player who already plays exceptionally hard) and you get a likely rotation player immediately, who can add rebounding and toughness, two underrated needs on this team, particularly with Thomas gone.

    This, however, doesn’t change the fact that the Spurs needs two lengthy centers (but it does add another option in case Mahinmi isn’t ready to contribute). Wallace and Javtokas would be ideal.

  • Rick

    Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!! I love our entire draft. Great picks, all have a chance to contribute. Wow. I am in awe of our front office. Great job guys!

  • FreshmakerDTM

    i got even more hype when dickie V was saying that Blair should’ve definitely have been a first rounder.

  • zack


  • Christian

    Muy buena noche compadre!!!!!! A tomar vamos!

  • Justin

    WOW, WOW, WOW! Dejuan Blair is legit top ten talent. I like that he is not potential but actual production, a real basketball player with real post moves and a great rebounder. This guy could be 15 and 10 every game. A good comparison might be Elton Brand, what do you think? What a talent, don’t understand why the ACL thing would drop him this low. Hasn’t seemed to slow him down at all. Here is a good video of him owning Thabeet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WASWhKKQfY. Again great post moves, great positioning and a very good rebounder.

  • Matt Steele

    This is one of the better outcomes that we could have hoped for coming into this draft with only 3 second round picks. I just absolutely can not believe that Blair fell to the Spurs. I would have bet $100 that there was no way he would fall that far before tonight

    As someone who graduated from a Big East school (Seton Hall) a few years ago and still follows the Big East almost as much as I do San Antonio, I have seen Mr. Blair quite a few times. I am incredibly excited that he’s on the Spurs now

  • BlaseE

    When we added all of that offense with RJ, I was telling my friend that I didn’t care about getting an offensive big but one that could threaten to get 15 rebounds on any night. This may be that big once he gets some experience under his belt. He is just so explosive and quick on put backs. Considering Tony’s increased range, Hill being a SG at heart, the addition of RJ, Duncan aging, this youthful, high energy rebounder is exactly who we needed.

    I saw a group workout on NBATV with him and Sam Young. I missed watching him workout, but they interviewed the Pitt coach. He was saying how Young can win you over in drills. When asked about Blair, his eyes kind of lit up and he said “well DeJuan isn’t a drills/workout type of guy (in that his talents don’t shine through, not that he is horrible or doesn’t try) so these aren’t his best selling points. But in a game if there is a loose ball, I’d bet every time he gets it. Every rebound.” But the real point is that he and Sam Young were great players for their coach and you could tell he had a real relationship with them. The coach supporting a 20 year old sophomore leaving his team like that showed a lot.

  • Justin

    I think ESPN should do a 30 and 30 on how Dejuan Blair dropped to us at 37.

  • Daniel B

    I screamed so loud when I heard this news. Maybe not as loud as ThatBigGuy. Haha.

    I was hoping and praying (once we hit the 2nd round) that Blair would go to us.

    And I LOVED how quickly the Spurs did it. They jumped all over that opportunity within the minute. Just an overall stunning pick for the Spurs. Hell, it was an unbelievable draft all around for the Spurs. Wonderful job at the front office. Kudos.

  • G-DAD

    my grandson will come and give you every thing he got on every nite. hes also a greatkid with special skills that the spurs fans will love. the spurs just got their new no. 1 fans. go spurs

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  • Matthew

    I am an avid Spurs fan and with this pick in the draft I felt that the Spurs should have gone in the point guard direction to give Tony Parker a good backup so he can rest, but Blair is a beast and he will contribute substatially to the team, especially on the boards, and will in the end will be a great additiona as he matures and believe it or not, get stronger.

  • http://spursunderground.blogspot.com/ b.diddy

    Ha Ha! Caught you watching Mickey Mouse Club House, Rick.

    It sure is gonna be nice having Steve Kerr 2.0 and Malik Rose 2.0 on the Spurs next year.

  • seanty

    holy crap we can make a playoff run now i love the draft!!!!

  • Ryan

    As if our draft tactics hasn’t left every other team kicking themselves for years to come (Tony Parks, Manu Ginobilim etc.), Every GA now gets to have the Spurs OWN THEM for the next series of seasons that SA makes title run after title run. I wanted SA to get a Elton Brand-type/hybrid, and we draft a younger, stronger pit-bull player in Blair! Can’t wait for next June, I’ll be the first to say: “Los Angeles who?” and “LA Fakers = one-hit-wonder”

  • dave daniels

    Wow thats great!! Hope Spurs win big again this season.

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