The Spurs, Elliot Williams and NBA Draft Rumors


The NBA Draft is always surrounded by a catastrophic whirlwind of rumor. The Spurs are not immune to the dizzying swirl, and it’s often difficult to keep up with all that is supposedly happening with the team. In addition to the Tony Parker trade rumors, there is a less scintillating but more believable rumor attached to the Spurs. Thus spake Chad Ford:

[Elliot] Williams has limited his workouts to just two teams — the Spurs and Rockets. Either he has a promise in the first round or rumors about his injury being worse than realized are true.

In recent drafts, the Spurs have played the medical trump card on at least one other occasion. Back in November of 2008, I crafted a longish post detailing how the Spurs had in fact promised to select Nico Batum and George Hill at 26 in the 2008 draft. Two players with one pick isn’t easy to pull off.

Their selection of Batum was short-circuited by the Portland Trailblazers, who traded up to 25 in order to snatch Batum from San Antonio’s clutches. But the Spurs can’t be faulted for trying. As the aforementioned post chronicles, Nico Batum’s pre-draft stock was sent into a curious limbo after the discover of a supposed heart condition during a June 2008 medical exam. Batum’s camp swore he was fine, but–and here is the curious part–his medical records were only available to two teams, the Spurs and Cavs. If not for Kevin Pritchard, Nico Batum would be a Spur.

And George Hill? He might still be a Spur, but as another unexpected second round gem.

Would the Spurs make a promise to a guy and then bury his talent under a cloud of medical scrutiny? Sure. They’re clever like that.

  • idahospur

    When did people find out about DeJuan Blair not having ACLs????

  • lvmainman

    Nicolas Batum sure would have eliminated the need to trade for Jefferson. And gotten Hill in the 2nd round would’ve been sweet. Got to stop collaborating with past Spurs front office types, Pritchard, Presti, Kerr, Ferry, etc.

  • DieHardSpur

    Parker Trade for a pick is a bigger mistake than the SCOLA trade….

  • Mark

    @DieHardSpur – I definitely agree with you. We would have 2 big problems if Tony Parker is traded. 1. Point Guard issues – we can’t expect George Hill to automatically take over Tony’s role. Plus, it will probably mean more minutes for Manu which causes more problems.
    2. Chemistry – I could easily see a repeat of this past season if we get rid of too many players. Tony Parker knows the system, and the other 2 (Tim & Manu) would love to see Tony stay.

    So, unless we’re getting a very good point guard in return, I’m opposed to trading TP.

  • b.diddy

    In response to IdahoSpur…I think the ACL issue came to light on the day of the draft

  • Pete

    I like Tony, but he has 10 years of NBA under him. Not including playoffs and Olympic play. His turn over ratio is way to high with all his options. If we don’t trade him now, what will we be able to get for him in 2-3 years?

  • Trade Tp

    Mark- Your second point has no validity since the Spurs were a more cohesive unit during Parker’s injury.

    But I do kind of agree with your sentiment about trading TP for a higher draft pick. This years rookies suck. Bottom line. The second best player in the draft, Evan Turner, cant dribble or shoot very well for a college player. It will be interesting to see him get off shots as a pro.

    B diddy- The ACLS were a known factor long before the day of the draft.

  • Jason

    I don’t know if Hill would have made it to the second round. The rumor was that the Spurs had to take Hill at 26, shocking everybody in the process, because the Celtics were going to take him at 30. Since Ainge loves wingspan and athleticism (Tony Allen is 6’4 and goes 6’9, Rondo 6’1 and 6’9, JR Giddens 6’4 1/2 and 6’11, Perkins 6’10 and 7’6, Al Jefferson 6’10 and 7’3, Marcus Banks not particularly long but very athletic, Gomes 6’7 and 7’3, Powe 6’8 and 7’2), I believe it.

  • ThatBigGuy

    Blair’s ACL issue was brought to light during the physicals at the NBA pre-draft camp, which happened at the end of May.

  • Coombsy

    Guys, you are acting as if TP gets traded, then we must stick with what we already have on the roster. Ever heard of free agents? Here are a few vets on the market if TP gets traded:

    Rafer Alston, age 33, 09-10 salary: $476 k
    Nate Robinson, age 26, 09-10 salary: $5 mill
    Raymond Felton, age 25, 09-10 salary: $5.5 mill
    Jannero Pargo, age 30, 09-10 salary: $1.9 mill
    Anthony Carter, age 35, 09-10 salary: $ 825 k
    Earl Watson, age 31, 09-10 salary: $2.8 mill
    Steve Blake, age 30, 09-10 salary: $4 mill
    Jamaal Tinsley, age 31, 09-10 salary: $738 k
    Royal Ivey, age 28, 09-10 salary: $1 mill
    Luke Ridnour, age 29, 09-10 salary: $6.5 mill
    Eddie House, age 32, 09-10 salary: $2.8 mill
    Chris Duhon, age 27, 09-10 salary: $6 mill
    Allen Iverson, age 35, 09-10 salary: $650 k (according to ESPN, he is called a SG, but can play PG…can he come back if Chip gets ahold of his shooting…that is if he is willing.)
    Earl Boykins, age 34, 09-10 salary: $752 k

    There are some nice vets out there. Definitely not all-star calliber, but a handful of quality back ups for G Hill, Manu and Jerrells (if he’s picked up).

    Just throwin’ it out there.

    I’ve been reading this site for over a year and this is my first post. All psyched up for the draft tomorrow night.

    I’m sure BallHog is hoping that the Spurs trade Pop…don’t see that happening. Oh hey, Sean Marks is an unrestricted FA…should they pull the trigger? What a blockbuster that would be 😉

  • Sunset_C

    Keep Parker and the Spurs have guaranteed another early exit from the playoffs, assuming they make it at all.

  • SA fan from 87

    The Spurs are at the sign of times. We need to draft better players and develop them to our system. Instead of trading them to other teams. What happened to the players we kept around (Jackson,Elie,Elliot,Strickland,Anderson,and Del Negro)? Quality players in the NBA you don’t have anymore. I love Ginobli,Parker and Timmy but if you don’t have a good supporting cast then what. Back to the drawing board.SIGN Tiago Splitter PLEASE!!!

  • RG8907

    Trade Tp – sorry, but Mark’s second point is valid. we brought in six new players before the start of last season. all of them had to learn the Spurs system, so we knew that chemistry was going to be some sort of problem at least for the beginning of the season. we did not know it was going to last for most of this past season. and having Parker being injured during the time we finally got it together was just a mere coincedence. once Parker was back, the chemistry stayed fine.

    so if we trade Parker to bring in more new guys, they will have to learn the system as well and develop chemistry, and i do not want us to waste another year for Duncan and Ginobili. so yes, Mark’s right, Parker knows the system very well and he’s been with us for so long. he deserves to stay here and i’ve said this on different sites and i’ll say it on here, trading Parker will be a very stupid move! and i will not sit here on this site and argue about it. it’s a waste of time.

  • VCLeaper15

    Trade Tp
    Evan Turner has handles for a guy 6’7 to earn the comparisons to guys like Magic…did you watch many Ohio State basketball games? If so you weren’t watching number 21 close enough.

  • RG8907

    Sunset_C = dumba**

  • Trade Tp

    RG- not really. If you watched and understood the game of basketball you could comprehend the fact that Parker demands the ball in order to be effective. We played more cohesively because of BALL DISTRIBUTION AND PLAYER MOVEMENT.

    VC- I was at a few OSU games thanks. And no, dribbling around Big Ten players doesnt = handles. I love Turners hustle, dont get me wrong, but please tell me how many times he used a dribble to get off a jumper…..