Stein: Spurs interested in Ray Allen, Gustavo Ayon


Free agency is apparently never going to end. A lot of NBA executives are in Spain right now and a lot of them aren’t done making moves. This might include the San Antonio Spurs, who despite having 14 guaranteed roster spots, have expressed interest in two free agents, one of them a pretty high profile foil of the Spurs. ESPN’s Marc Stein reports the Spurs have expressed interest in former Hawks, Pelicans, Bucks and Magic big man Gustavo Ayon.

Stein went on to say the Spurs like both Ayon and Baynes, so maybe there’s a training camp spot brewing, OR, as Jesus Gomez over at Pounding the Rock pointed out, they could sign both with a couple of extra moves. Or we could just combine both players and make a “Ayon Baynes.” Ayon is making the rounds with the Spurs tree. He’s already played for Monty Williams, Jaqcues Vaughn and Mike Budenholzer. That rumor is small potatoes compared to Stein’s next tweet:

That’d be a hell of a thing. It’d be the second time late in his career Allen jumped ship to the team that bounced his previous team from the playoffs. It’d also be kind of like the Spurs signing Robert Horry during the summer of 2003 fresh off the Spurs knocking out the Lakers in the second round of the playoffs.

Fit wise, Allen would make sense because he makes open shots. Fit wise he also wouldn’t make a ton of sense because he’d be playing behind at least Danny Green, Manu Ginobili and probably Marco Belinelli. Is that a bad thing? Maybe not, but he’s certainly not a need for the Spurs. Still, it’d be a fun storyline and it’d be nice to keep him away from the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s important to note Allen hasn’t even made a decision on whether to retire or keep playing.

  • Mathias

    I don’t believe this for a second, I think Pop’s head would literally pop off from watching Allen attempt to play defense.

  • Melbourne Spur

    Baynes just destroyed Ayon at the World Cup, so my vote between the two is pretty made up. Hopefully Spurs management were watching too.

  • Ray Briggs II

    I can’t see the Allen fit unless we are going to trade a guard. Where are the minutes he would need going to come from. At this point the Spurs should just resign Baynes and look to see what might be available at the deadline.

  • vid decriz

    Please recommend an Andris Biedrins Spurs confidence re-building project. Biedrins is still young, 28 years old. He had been a solid center (double-double + 2blks, solid FG%, even had great games against Tim in the past) in the past but had lost his confidence along the way. Please recommend him as a reclamation/reboot project. It will be easier and a higher reward than to stick with projects that are not developing (aka Jeff Ayres/Austin Daye). He’ll benefit from Tim’s mentoring and could be an heir apparent or at least a solid candidate at center. He’ll benefit from Chip’s shooting coaching, especially for free throws. And Pop can bring back his confidence and toughness. The guys/teammates and the whole organizations can bring back his competitive drive and love for the game. He can also be signed for cheap because of very little interest. A very high reward low risk proposition. Please recommend to GM RC Buford or Pop, etc. please by email or article. Please please.

  • elcocotero

    Mmm…not sure he is the kind of character the spurs would want in their locker room…

    Image search “andris biedrins friends” for more…

  • high5debra

    I know news is kind of slow this time of year, but I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything from 48MoH about Duncan’s upcoming cameo in the Punisher comic and the #1 ranking in ESPN’s Ultimate standings.

  • DP22

    What happened with this site? The Spurs win the championship and there’s like 2-3 articles in 3 months? = (