The San Antonio Spurs’ road to redemption


I’m working on something Finals-related which will hopefully post here soon, but in the meantime here’s a great video from TrueHoop TV superproducer Jade Hoye on the San Antonio Spurs’ road to redemption. There are just some glorious images in there from the chronicle of San Antonio’s Finals series.

  • Bachmann Sausage Roll Starship

    Has anyone ever bought one of the season DVDs off the NBA store? Are they any good? Do they do the whole season? Only the playoffs, or maybe only the Finals? Any new footage?

  • Ravi

    I have all 4 of them…I really enjoyed them…its broken into: training camp/pre-season; regular season; playoffs, with a background from previous year/connecting story lines….they have new footage (especially some locker room/behind the scenes footage)

    They also have “extras or special” on certain players (e.g., coach pop/duncan relationship, rise of tony parker, Manu’s patented Euro Step etc.).

    If you are die-hard Spurs fan (like me) I would recommend you to buy it. It’s definitely worth it, and I still watch them occasionally till this day.

  • Bachmann Sausage Roll Starship

    Awesome! Thanks.

  • DorieStreet

    Thanks for the information.
    New items for the collection!!!!!

  • spurs10

    The collection I have is 16 DVD’s featuring the entire game of each of their Finals winning appearances. I also have some solo DVD’s that feature parts from the entire season leading up to the win. They are both great to have. I believe I bought all mine from Amazon over the last several years. I ordered the new one from the NBA store immediately. A must have in our household.