Spurs forced to suffer fools gladly


Amusing as it is was to watch Isiah Thomas sign Jerome James to a contract more loaded than his waist line while teaming Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis with Larry Brown, and thankful as San Antonio is for the finest stretch of basketball in Nazr Mohammed’s career, these general managers have to stop.

Because funny though it may be to watch a David Kahn try and build an NBA roster by drafting and signing multiple players at only one position each year (if you bring in five point guards, one has to stick right?) eventually they will find a way for ineptitude to damage more than their own team. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo sports reported:

There were undoubtedly some eyes rolling into the backs of heads in the Spurs’ front office with the Minnesota Timberwolves close to an agreement with European center Nikola Pekovic(notes) on a three-year, $13 million contract. The Spurs are negotiating to bring over 2008 first-round pick Tiago Splitter(notes) this summer, and Pekovic’s deal promises to elevate Splitter’s leverage.

A 7-foot center from Brazil, Splitter is considered a far superior prospect to Pekovic. The Spurs’ ability to pay Splitter from its midlevel exception and still have some of that money to use on another free agent has been somewhat compromised.

The lavish and foolish spending has pushed average free agents beyond the Spurs reach, created dramatic shifts in power, and eventually will cost us one of the final years of Tim Duncan’s career.

Joe Johnson given a max deal. Rudy Gay provided the same. Then there are the Channing Frye’s and Darko Milicic’s of the world gaining premium dollar in a market featuring a number of teams that stockpiled cap space without really planning on what to do with it. At the rate teams are spending, there is a slight chance that Richard Jefferson opting out is not as foolish as it once seemed.

The San Antonio Spurs can only be thankful that they resigned Manu Ginobili when they did. ESPN’s John Hollinger credited R.C. Buford with being one of the smartest general managers in the league for getting his work done early in a market that is vastly inflating players’ value.

Several GMs have looked at the landscape and realized this phenomenon, which is why the bidding has increased on even secondary players. It only makes sense — a rising tide lifts all boats. If the players normally targeted with midlevel money are suddenly angling for much bigger prizes, it means lesser players now become targets for the midlevel.

So why should San Antonio Spurs fans care about a free agent summer that their team did not have the resources to join in the first place? Because for teams like the Memphis Grizzlies or Minnesota Timberwolves, the contracts of today will eventually turn into the Pau Gasol’s little brothers of tomorrow. In some ways, Chris Wallace’s Gasol blunder marked the end of the current San Antonio run.

For the Spurs it was the end of the three-stars and defense philosophy that held them atop the league for most of the decade. It was also perhaps the beginning of the end for Bruce Bowen. Though age and slippage had something to do with it, the Spurs began to ween themselves off of defensive stalwarts like Bowen and Kurt Thomas in favor of the extra offense Michael Finley and Matt Bonner offered in hopes of keeping pace with the Laker’s juggernaut.

After the trade Gregg Popovich joked that there should be a trade committee to scrap such horrible deals. While no such committee will ever exist, the NBA does have one means of protecting itself from some of the foolish, excess spending, and it’s one that causes suffering for us all.

It’s called a lockout, and it could end the Spurs as we know them.

At some point during the season the owners and players will get together and the owners will try to convince players that there is not enough money to go around in the current system and keep the NBA viable. It’s a position that would have been hard to sell under any circumstances. But now that position has been compromised even further.

Because in a summer where David Kahn and Chris Wallace handed out large sums of money to Darko Milicic and Rudy Gay, with owners willingly cutting the checks, how can they argue there is no money to spend?

So there is a chance Richard Jefferson signs a large contract somewhere, and deep inside Spurs country there will be jokes made and fans amused, but be warned: nothing good comes from suffering fools gladly.

  • SAJKinBigD

    Well said! These idiots are going to blow things up! Why spend that kind of money when they CAN’T EVEN SELL OUT THEIR HOME GAMES?
    That is all.
    Thanks for the story!
    Speaking of stories – do we know who all will be in Vegas next month?

  • DieHardSpur

    I would honestly look for RJ to be in Silver & Black next season. If things dont go well for RJ in the second year of our system, look for a trade midseason or the trade deadline.

    I really hope he comes in with just a bit more aggression. He is not a bad player, even in our system. There is not that many touches to go around when you are the 4th option. If he gets 12 possesions, which is alot I think, for the 4th option, and scores 50% of the time… then he averages 12 points per game. Anytime he can translate that into free throws the better obviously.

    I believe that we, and the entire league for that matter, had super high expectations of him when he arrived from the Bucks. He was averaging 20 points a game on 25 touches… if you cut that number in half – his points should be cut in half as well.

    I say that we lobby to get David Robinson to come back and anchot the paint and then Sean Elliot to come in and drain some threes and we win another ring in 2011-2012…

  • Bryan

    Well put. And thoroughly depressing. Thanks… I think.

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  • NL

    I agree with DieHardSpur. I hope RJ comes back. I think he’ll be more comfortable and more aggressive. Sometimes he wasn’t even the 4th option as G. Hill emerged as one of the most improved players in the league.

    Another big man (Splitter) will make us serious contenders, I optimistically believe.

  • Jacob

    fuck David Kahn.

  • SAJKinBigD

    Here’s another question: Will there be enough ball to spread around? If RJ returns and is more comfortable in the system and his role, then there’s the Big Three, plus an emerging G.Hill and we all hope and pray Splitter joins up with us. Blair will get his on put-backs and stuff, so I’m not as concerned with his scoring as the others and I know this is an unselfish team.
    What kind of mentality or personality does Splitter have? Will he be okay with being so far down the totem-pole until TD closes the book? Too many questions.

  • Chris

    Well aren’t we also glad that Manu wanted to stay and get a extension done right away. I know he’s getting older and more injury prone but he still brings a lot to a team, a great team player, and still one of the biggest competitors out there. I still think he has some left in him and if he went into free agency some team or two would still throw a crazy amount for him.

  • lvmainman

    Jefferson will only be back with the Spurs for sign and trade purposes.

    If the Spurs were so prescient, they’d have known Jefferson would opt out due to the new CBA threat and all the cap space teams would create for all the free agents. And they would have used the 6 expiring contracts to improve the team instead of letting all of them walk away and get nothing in return.

    I’ve harped on it numerous times before, but I’ll do it again. Not trading for Stephen Jackson and giving up our 7th and 8th best players in Matt Bonner and Roger Mason for him was short-sighted.

    Steven Jackson was like 1 of 6 players that avg 20 pts, 5 reb, 5 asst every night. The others made $21, $15, $15, $12, $12 mil vs. $7 million for Steven Jackson. The other 5 players were Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Andre Iguodala.

    When opportunity to purchase a decent player at a discount, the Spurs did not take advantage. Be it Stephen Jackson, Caron Butler, Mike Miller, Josh Howard etc.

    If Finley and Mason had wanted out of San Antonio, why not offer them to Washington for a 3 month rental of Mike Miller?? Maybe Miller would’ve like SA, but now he’s got offers from the Lakers, Celtics, and maybe whoever Lebron signs with for 5 yrs – $30 million.

    Spurs front office sat on their hands thinking Jefferson was enough and a future trade chip. Both assumptions were way off base.

    Spurs front office needs to be more proactive. For example, are they anticipating what if Carmelo becomes available? Do they have those sort of contingency plans in place?

  • Kalis

    Any chance of shipping RJ to a team with cap space in a sign-and-trade, giving the Spurs a nice-sized trade exception? Say, one large enough to get Mike Miller or Kyle Korver signed-and-traded to us for?

  • ThatBigGuy

    Manu probably left some money on the table, but he’s going to be an icon in South Texas for the rest of his life. How do you put a price on that?

    My biggest complaint with Jefferson was his poor performance to paycheck ratio. However, if we can lower his paycheck, he’ll end up with a more favorable ratio. Plus, I really think he can only grow more comfortable, and hence will only improve his performance. Don’t look now, but could we be saying that Jefferson is a steal in 8 months?

  • Mike T


    I don’t think a team with cap space would do a sign and trade for RJ. If they wanted him, they would just sign him with their cap space.

  • BigJ

    Conversely Jesse, I would rather work for a good boss rather than a poor one. Most folks in the business know who the gold standard is and may be willing to take less for more.

  • rob

    It would be a great trade, decision, accolade to this article if the Spurs could pull off a Tony Parker/Garrett Temple for Chris Paul trade.

  • rob

    And to the Parker for Paul trade…if the Spurs end up resigning Jefferson…Paul would help Jefferson be the type of player the Spurs originally brought Jefferson in to be.

  • SAJKinBigD

    @ rob: But Paul wouldn’t work as well in this system as TP does and working better with RJ isn’t going to out-weigh working better with TD and Manu.
    Also, has Paul picked up the dreaded “Fragile” label?

  • Jim Henderson

    July 2nd, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    “It would be a great trade, decision, accolade to this article if the Spurs could pull off a Tony Parker/Garrett Temple for Chris Paul trade.”

    Hey Rob, can you just give me ONE reason why the Hornets would do that deal?

  • Greyberger

    Parker + parts for Chris Paul would be a coup; why would New Orleans ever make that move without also getting Blair, Anderson and a ton of future picks?

    Parker when healthy has a case to be in the top 5 point guards. Chris Paul when healthy might be the best player in the league!

    As for the missed opportunities cited by lvmainman, you mostly mention guys we had no chance of getting (S.Jack for Mason/Bonner – when was that an option?!?) or guys we should avoid like the plague (Josh Howard, Caron Butler).

    I think it’s a case of the grass is always greener on the other side. Try putting up with Howard’s disappearing act for a few years, his stock won’t be as high as you rate it right now.

  • SAJKinBigD

    @ JH: And then there’s THAT… :)
    I think it’d take Anderson, Hill or Blair in addition to TP. Temple may prove he belongs in the League, but he’ll be in the AJ mold and not a Star at all.

  • SAJKinBigD

    And living in Dallas, I’ve seen Howard’s act up-close. Dude’s worthless. He wants his check and that’s it. Doesn’t care about anything else. Oh, and he’s a knucklehead.

  • Jacob

    I dont think San Antonio was “surprised” by Jeff opting out. I DO think that it wasn’t in their long term discussions originally, but I doubt they were literally surprised when it happened – why else would pop have been personally working with RJ for most of the summer??? They saw the writing on the wall long ago and had already talked with RJ and his agent about restructuring their contract for a long term deal. They know the value of RJ’s bird rights, considering the available options for their budget, and intended to offer him what he wanted for what they needed in a long term servicable SF. I highly doubt that they would be suddenly caught without a SF in this financial situation. RJ has been in the gym for most of the summer already with Pop to learn more of the system and stay ahead of the curve, and I think this speaks volumes for his intentions. Of course, I could be dead wrong, but all of the non-conjecture clues out there suggest that he has always wanted to opt out, and that the Spurs knew his intentions (or the possibility) all along. I’ll bet RJ will be back, we’ll sign Splitter and go after another defensive minded wing defender.

    Parker – Hill – Temple
    Manu – Anderson – Hairston
    Jefferson – D. Wright
    Duncan- Blair – Bonner
    Splitter – McDyess

    I’m a homer for the Spurs, I know, but I cant help but think that this line-up, and the different combinations and strengths, doesnt look really, really talented!

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Lenneezz

    The Spurs 3 pt shooting needs to be addressed in a big way (pun intended). Without a Boner, the Spurs are really limp behind the arc. 2, count em 2, proven, respectable shooters.

    Hill and Manu

    Splitter, Blair, Dice, Duncan, Tony & Malik are not good from deep.

    RJ is hit and miss. He is a .348 career shooter but is not consistent. Some years much better, some much worse.

    Anderson and Gee have “potential”.

    Not enough shooting, not nearly enough.

    Just compare that to if the Spurs had

    Brandon Rush = 39.5%, 500 shots, 2 years in Nba
    Troy Murphy = 39.4%, 1450 shots, 8 years in Nba


    Danilo Gallinari = 38.9%, 560 shots, 2 years in Nba
    Chris Duhon = 36.2%, 1500 shots, 6 years in Nba

    There are ways to improve our 3 pt shooting by trading Tony. The guy who will leave next year.

    I’m just sayin

  • Jacob


    Bonner will be back… two words: BIRD RIGHTS!

    That being said, there is no sense in trying to fill his need so early on in the season with a Parker trade. It would leave us woefully short at the point, and then your three point shooting would be for nil. Spurs will wait and see what the forecast will bring before (if) they pull the trigger on any trades.

  • John Sears

    “The San Antonio Spurs can only be thankful that they resigned Manu Ginobili when they did. ESPN’s John Hollinger credited R.C. Buford with being one of the smartest general managers in the league for getting his work done early in a market that is vastly inflating players’ value.”

    Uh, vastly inflating value? We signed him to max money! Seriously, does no one else realize this? Sometimes sports reporting is just so stupid…

    I’m just pointing this out, I still like Manu.

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Lenneezz

    Boner is back = so what?

    He FOLDS IN THE PLAYOFFS. Hedo Turkoglu got shipped out of SA because of his playoff struggles. He has big liabilities on the court. I am talking about improvement. Murphy or Gallinari is a huge improvement over Boner.

    A Parker trade WILL NOT leave us “woefully short”. Did you sleep the 6 weeks that Hill was at the point and excelled? In any event, I would sign Duhon as a nice insurance policy.

    Remember, very strong odds are that Parker will be gone after this season. He has said it.


    I’m just concerned that I keep seeing Shaq’s name linked with the Spurs on ESPN…

  • rob

    @ Jim Henderson

    It’s not something that would be done right now IMO. But after the free agency period has passed and if New Orleans does not get a supporting cast that Paul can work with, N.O. just might look to trading for Parker in order to have the cap to retool for the future after the 2010/2011 season while not looking like they were just giving up on the season for that reason. (see other reports and blogs regarding Paul demanding the team getting him some help)

    They also, in the interim receive a local favorite in Temple who is up and coming and N.O. simply doesn’t have a decent 2 guard on the roster.

    Parker gets his moment in the spotlight to up his value after his contract runs out. Spurs get a known (don’t have to deal with contract negotiations) PG that would make the other players on this team better including your mention of Duncan and Ginobili because Paul is a better assist PG than Parker.

    And as to why the Hornets would do this…if they don’t get Paul the help…they may have no other choice than some kind of deal like this (whether it’s with the Spurs or some other team) to better help their chances in the near future.

  • Bushka

    Well said.

    Very thought provoking post. We often get locked into the narrow view and forget that it’s a big league with a broad horizon.

    Isiah Thomas, David Khan, Chris Wallace, Michael Heisley et al should be burned in effigy if there is a lockout.

  • AP

    @ DNITCH
    Do you have a link on the Shaq talk?
    Shaq to the Spurs would be awesome… if it were 2002. Today, it would just be kind of entertaining.

  • DanielB

    Thanks to Heman over at PtR:

    San Antonio has called to express interest in Restricted FA Wesley Matthews. Matthews seems like a perfect Spur if he doesn’t return to Utah

  • idahospur

    ESPN Thoughts: Shaq may be thought of as a back-up plan to not getting Splitter.

  • Jacob

    sorry bro, you’re not seeing the big picture. My comments about bonner don’t have much to do with his playoff experience, it has everything to do with the spurs needing a fifth big, one who spreads the floor, and what they can afford. Bonners bird rights make it easier for him to come back without screwing us financially. Of the available free agents, can you find one guy who is better than bonner at his price range? Can you find one whose better and who is also willing to play for the vet min? If you can you have my vote for asst. Gm. Bonner will be back because of what he DOES produce and that’s 3 pt shooting and system knowledge for what they can afford

    Parker out duhon in??? Nice in theory but what does that look like come April? Your position is all predicated on George hill taking over at or above parkers level this year. Not likely. Yes I too was very impressed with his maturity when tp was out, but what if hill gets hurt for the season? You want your title run on the narrow shoulders of chris duhon? Talk about poised for folding in the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, I see your point that Parker is likely going to leave, but I can’t see why it would be wise to ship him off for another, higher priced stretch 4 when we are bringing in splitter(hopefully) and we’ve yet to see how George holds up this season performance wise.

    The smart thing to do would bs to wait and let the season play out, watch hills progress, and THEN if Parker wants to bolt, ship him to a team that has a player that is As close to tp’s level and a decent backup pg to fill his shoes. Murphey and gallinari don’t fit that bill before the season starts, really don’t even come close.

  • Jacob

    @ lenneez

    also, the above post about cp3 and the potential trade to get new Orleans some cap room makes huuuge sense and we wouldn’t lose a strong guard rotation. That’s the kind of deal I’m talking about.

  • Ian

    The max contracts offered to Joe Johnson and Rudy Gay were indeed ridiculous, but I thought Darko for 5mil/year wasn’t such a bad deal. He is a solid center afterall (if you forget that he was a 2nd overall pick in a loaded draft) who’s still young, has good size, decent defense and quickness. 7 footers of his caliber are hard to come by in this league imo.
    Compare Darko’s deal with that of Frye’s or Amir Johnson’s – it certainly doesn’t look too bad in comparison. I’m not saying Kahn is a good GM or anything like that, but I personally don’t see why he’s being criticised for signing Milicic and Pekovic, which I think are rather reasonable deals.

  • Bushka

    Darko is not really solid. He had a few good months at the end of last season but has consistently been inconsistent for the most part.

    Not to mention that they couldn’t pick up the phone and talk to a guy like Brendan Hayward? Or possibly wait a little and see if they can bring in a better quality player using Jefferson as sign and trade then use the cap space.

    Pekovic is not a bad contract yet, but Darkos just too long, he could have been had for less years surely, not to mention less money.

  • Jim Henderson

    Steve Blake to the Lakers. That makes them better, increasing the gap between us & them. we better get moving.

  • lvmainman

    @ Greyberger,

    As a GM would you rather have Bonner/Mason or Radmanovic/Bell?

    Don’t forget Bell will never play because he’s injured(torn wrist ligament) and Radmanovic had 2 yrs on his contract($6.8 mil this yr) vs the Spurs 2 expiring contracts. Plus Don Nelson is a friend of Popovich.

    Caron Butler, a 2 time all-star, good at getting steals, a top 10 active career NBA FT % shooter, isn’t worth having? Huh? Why, Greyberger?

    I agree that the Spurs should push the steal of Chris Paul for Tony Parker/Temple. Convince Chris Paul to join a better team/organization. Then, convince New Orleans to take an expiring contract to help lower salary cap for next year and turn the team over to Darren Collison and Marcus Thornton.

  • Ian

    @Bushka – It really depends on how you would define being solid, but I’d say when a 7 foot center averages around 8 pts, 5 rbs, 1.5 blks with decent interior defense while playing little more than 20 minutes per game, I’d call him solid. You’re probably right in saying Haywood is better, but for a rebuilding team like Minny, Darko may be a better fit. That’s what I think anyway and you can have a good laugh at me when Kahn’s Darko experiment fails dismally lol

    I don’t disagree that he’s little overpaid with a contract that’s a year too long, but compared to what Channing Frye or Amir Johnson got, one could say Darko’s is not half bad.

    I haven’t seen Pekovic play, but some people were considering him as one of the best centers (behind Splitter of course) in Europe. If he lives up to the expectations, 13 mil/3 years contract is a value, but yeah he needs to prove that he can play in the NBA before anyone can judge his contract.

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Lenneezz

    ” it has everything to do with the spurs needing a fifth big, one who spreads the floor, and what they can afford.”

    Danilo and Troy are the 3 pt shooting big that we need. Your suggestion of Bonner yet again borders on insanity; Doing the same and expecting different results. Clinging to a status quo that obviously does not work anymore is foolish. Change the roster, free up some capital, make needed upgrades.

    ” Of the available free agents, can you find one guy who is better than bonner at his price range? Can you find one whose better and who is also willing to play for the vet min”

    I made two trade suggestions for a sweet shooting big that did not involve FA. I am not sure why you even brought this up.

    “Your position is all predicated on George hill taking over at or above parkers level this year. Not likely. Yes I too was very impressed with his maturity when tp was out, but what if hill gets hurt for the season?”

    Why isn’t it likely? You agree that Hill’s run as starting PG was impressive. You’re sole reason for rejecting my proposal is that of Hill’s potential injury. Well, what about the years when Jacque Vaughn was TP’s backup. Were those years doomed because Tony “might” get hurt? Of course not. What if Manu gets hurt? What then? You can’t play the “what if” game and you can’t have a backup of equal caliber. Sports doesn’t work that way my man.
    Also, my suggestion is not based soley on that. It is also based on the strong odds that Tony will bolt after this season and we will get nothing for him.

    “but I can’t see why it would be wise to ship him off for another, higher priced stretch 4 when we are bringing in splitter(hopefully)”

    What does Tiago have to do with an upgraded stretch 4? Nothing. Tiago is a center. And Tiago is not going to be enough to put us back into contention. Let me burst that bubble if that’s what you’re clinging to.

    “The smart thing to do would bs to wait and let the season play out, watch hills progress, and THEN if Parker wants to bolt, ship him to a team that has a player that is As close to tp’s level and a decent backup pg to fill his shoes.”

    Parker is a FA at that point. We won’t get anything for him. He is under no obligation to do a “sign and trade”. That is my understanding on the situation. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    “the above post about cp3 and the potential trade to get new Orleans some cap room makes huuuge sense”

    Keep dreaming. Why not just shoot for Bosh this year? Because it is not feasible. I deal in reality and you obviously dabble in fantasy.

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Lenneezz

    Ok. I just reviewed sign and trade deals. They only are agreed to by the player if they think they can get more money by doing it or the team the player is going to will be over the cap with his new contract.

    It is a maybe situation at best.

  • lvmainman

    Maybe Chris Paul will get frustrated and quietly demand a trade to the Spurs.


  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Lenneezz

    CP3 trade to the Spurs is so very unlikely. I would absolutely love it. It would be a huge coup. I am certainly not basing any upgrades to the team hoping for it.

  • Greg

    My biggest concern is that we haggle too long with Splitters contract and in a market that is already over inflated who knows what teams might do when the big names go and they are still in need of a big. Could it cause Splitters value to go past the MLE ? I think we should offer the full MLE and then move on. In my opinion the spurs D started slipping when we got away from two rim protectors under the basket.

  • Mark H

    It is observed in the article that foolhardy contracts are being signed this offseason. But this is not materially different from other offseasons. Why all of a sudden do foolish contracts scuttle the Spurs’ free agency prospects for the foreseeable future? Yes, these contracts might cause the Spurs to have to spend more for Splitter (it’s money I suspect the Spurs will willingly spend). And yes, they could put Duncan out of reach for an extension or new contract, but I doubt it, given that Duncan’s market value will be assessed without reference to the losers signed by the Wolves. And let’s not forget this is Tim Duncan we’re talking about here. He does put some stock in his loyalty to this franchise. And yes, these foolish contracts might make it harder for the owners’ to plead poverty come next offseason, but, in the end, a lockout will overcome the player union’s resistance such that there will be a new CBA that does not favor the union as much as it currently does. I cannot think anyone can now predict if the new CBA will spell doom for the Spurs. If it does, it will spell doom for many other teams as well.

  • BigJ

    @Mark H

    Mark, that is a fine statement. Well said.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 2nd, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    “Don’t forget Bell will never play because he’s injured(torn wrist ligament)….”

    That’s an absurd overstatement. For one thing, Bell’s injury is not a major injury. Just some ligament damage to his LEFT wrist, his off hand. And it appears to be healing quite well. And don’t forget, Bell is the 5th best active 3-point shooter of ALL-TIME.


    “I agree that the Spurs should push the steal of Chris Paul for Tony Parker/Temple.”

    That’s never going to happen. Paul is a “franchise” player. Forget about it.

    July 2nd, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Well said.

  • Greyberger

    Why Caron Butler is bad/no better than Richard Jefferson:

    Bad 3pt shooter: 31% for career, never higher than 36% in 8 years, and yet he keeps shooting ’em

    Takes a ton of shots but not great shooter overall: 43% last year, and at 30 years old that number’s probably not going up

    Does not pass: Career 2.9 assists per game, 2.1 last season – had a total of 8 assists in Spurs series (over 200 minutes played!)

    Turns the ball over a bunch: steals make up for this somewhat, but we’re starting to paint a picture, aren’t we?

    One dimensional player: browse his profile at


    72% of his shot attempts are jump shots, 28% close to the basket. Of those inside shots he only made 43% and had 19% of his attempts blocked. For comparison RJ shot 69% up close and had 9% blocked.

    He is a good defender and rebounder. He’s a pretty good scorer but needs to be more efficient. Beyond that it’s pretty much just negatives for this guy.




    Jeff opting out was brilliant on his part..
    He knows that it really doesnt matter what happens in SA….If he can get 7 to 10 mil per year and not have to play for Pop, Hes gone! I agree with him 100%!

    Spurs unfortunately….Still Stuck with same ol coach. The one that has done little of late other than get brutally out coached.

    Doesnt matter what Spurs do in offseason…If Popovich coaches the way he did last season, Spurs are done before they start. Spurs need a new coach with fresh perspective.

    Jefferson wasnt the problem either. Pop didnt know how to use him. Since when did Jeff become a spot up guy?

    This is actually basic…Without Jefferson, we have no 3 on the roster. With Jeff, still need a back up 3..

    Duncan must be moved to the 5. No more dilusions about the 4 spot…Those days are gone. Spurs can back him up with Richards, and if they are smart, Mahinmi.

    The 4 Spot is jammed if Splitter comes in…Splitter, Mcdyess, Blair….Kinda crowded. Besides, Pop should call Doc Rivers and get him to give him a block of instruction on how to play Blair the way Doc played Glen Davis. Blair should play between the 3, 4, and 5..depending on opponent…

    Say goodbye to Bonner, Mason, Bogans, Jerells….They kill the face of the franchise. Jerrells is the best of that group, just too small…We already have two of him on the roster.

    Sign Matt Barnes….He is the kind of iron balls SF that is needed here…

    No more Choir boys, no more scrubs…

    The leauge is leaving Spurs behind!

    If Houston and Dallas make a splash this offseason, the waters get murky with a quickness….

    Hope Duncan, Parker, Ginnobli are mandated to the weight room this offseason…All 3 look weak in thier upper bodies and tend to fade at the end of seasons…I see the muscle tone of a WNBA player…Not good!

    If not…..Next stop……Lottery

  • Kevin

    What? Nothing about Ian?

  • Jacob

    @lenneezz(think I spelled it right this time)

    here’s the thing with bonner; why try and overhaul the roster with a stretch 4 BEFORE the season starts??? That’s the point. Look, I never said that I want Matty back, I’m saying it’s probably going to happen due to the financial situation that the spurs are in. Signing and trading only stops the bleeding this year, and however much you love murphey and galinari, they aren’t the spurs’ answer. Duncan is a natural pf, splitter is a center, why would you want to stretch the floor with that combination? 2nd unit; Blair is an under the basket type, mcdyess has range, why stretch the floor? Again, why get an overpriced stretch four at the cost of our starting point guard when we will have Duncan and mcdyess next year who both have a good outside game? I’m saying at least wait and see how we play next year, and then if hill looks as good at pg before the trade deadline, then you do a deal for players that address a need, otherwise it’s just an unnecessary risk. I didn’t propose that we should have an equal backup for tp, but that we should get back equal talent, talent commensurate with tp, both your trade proposals fall Way short. Other 3 pt shooters can be had and without all the limitations of a gimmicky stretch 4. The reason I’m not worried about an upgrade over bonner is because of the way that the spurs can now go back to playing twin towers inside the paint with a guy like splitter. For 2.5 mil a season and no more than 15 mins a game, bonner is the best choice for NOW. Trading for murphey and galinari with Parker isn’t happening, that IS the reality. If I’m wrong when the season is over you can come back and say I told ya so and I’ll agree.

    Lastly, I’m not saying that a cp3 deal is likely or even possible, but AT LEAST it makes sense to both teams, unlike going into the season with a single proven pg just so we can upgrade bonner…