Another 10 days for Steve Novak


That’s the official word from the team:

The San Antonio Spurs today announced they have signed forward Steve Novak to a second 10-day contract.  Novak signed his first 10-day contract with the Spurs on February 8 becoming the eighth call-up of the 2010-11 NBA Development League season.

Novak, a 6-10 forward, appeared in five games for the Spurs, averaging 2.6 points in 4.3 minutes per game, while shooting .444 (4-9) from the field and .429 (3-7) from three-point territory.

Novak’s re-signing keeps the Spurs roster at 13 players. His next 10-day contract will be up just after March 1, which is the deadline for teams to sign players who have been bought out for the playoffs.

After the trade deadline ends this Thursday, several players will agree to buy-outs with their current clubs to make them free agents. From there, they’ll be free to sign with anyone and contenders (like the Spurs) will be looking to add some additional help for the playoffs for cheap.

Basically, there’s a good chance Novak’s next 10 days will be his last in the silver and black. And the Spurs will bring in a solid veteran to take his place on the roster. I would be surprised if the front office kept more than 13 players on the roster for the rest of the season.

So enjoy the Haley’s Comet that is Matt Bonner and Steve Novak in the same lineup.

  • Miguel

    Wouldn’t we be better served giving a guy like Marcus Cousin a call-up for 10 days to see what he might do, after all size up front and rebounding is what we will need more than another Matt Bonner skillset. They could still call him up at the end of the year to save his rights but someone might scoop him up before that.

  • Jacob

    I’d like to hear from both the fans and the brass at 48moh about some potential buyout candidates this season. I’m anxious to see what we might get.

  • DorieStreet

    @ Jacob-

    The brass (RC & Pop) will let the public no nothing about what they will do until it is done. Our fellow fans who are really knowledgeable about the other rosters will let you know who could help the Spurs will weigh in between tonight & 3pm Thursday—and after the tradeline. Stay tuned.

  • rob

    “Basically, there’s a good chance Novak’s next 10 days will be his last in the silver and black. And the Spurs will bring in a solid veteran to take his place on the roster.”

    Is there something you know that we don’t? :)

  • idahospur

    4 wins from having 12 50-win seasons in a row! Compared to last year’s record of 50-32!

  • Rey

    Any rumors about the Spurs’ prospects? All I’ve been reading about is the apparent interest in Troy Murphy and nothing else. Given the ballyhoo on this, I don’t think he’s really in the radar of the Spurs. Pops & Co. have a very sneaky way of dealing with this – no “The Decision” or “Melodrama” at all.

    And I’m just glad we didn’t have to go through this with Tony. :-)

  • DorieStreet

    @ Rey

    We sort of went through it–check the archives last summer in a few sources (48moh, SpursNation, MySA, etc.). All posted various stories about the New York media saying Tony wanted to go to the Knicks, or sources ‘close to Tony’ said he wanted to go, and on and on. He denied it, and emphatically stated he wanted to remain a Spur. A litlle bit of speculation continued into training camp until the extension was offered.

  • rj

    i think if we want to improve defensively, splitter needs to play. he’s a solid position defender, rebounder, is probably equal with blair as our most laterally athletic big, and forces turnovers. if he and duncan get minutes together, imagine the damage we could do inside, ……but i suppose it’s a little late in the season and too early in splitters nba career to make this happen. i liked the aformentioned idea of calling up cousin. a more likely scenario would be to invite him to summer league and training camp this summer.

  • Bill

    I think everyone is believing what they are seeing, what Buford & Pop want people to believe, regarding Splitter. I think you’ll see at lot more of him come playoff time. He’s being carried along, a few minutes here and there, big minutes in a couple games, kept injury free and hungry. Pop doesn’t want anyone to know what’s coming, get too much NBA game-film on him risk any injury. The merest hint of any strain and Pop pulls him out for a week. I could be wrong… but everything I see seems a bit too scripted with him. I think Splitter knows the plan too, probably Manu and others, but they also know not to say anything. A hunch? Read between the lines, follow history, think about it…

  • Alix Babaie

    The main buyout player that the Spurs would have any interest in is Troy Murphy. Personally, I would love for the Spurs to acquire a big like DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers.

    I watched him @ A&M and was hoping the S&B would take a shot on him in the late 1st, early 2nd but I guess you can’t have everything when you steal guys like Parker, Ginobili, Hill and Blair at the draft positions that you do.

  • Josh


    The New York media reported on the rumored desire to get traded to the Knicks of half the league’s good players with expiring contracts. I get the feeling they think that since they can create news in every other field, it should follow that any sports story they invent will eventually come true just because they’re from New York.

    All that matters is that Tony signed his extension with a minimum of fuss and now he’s back to kicking ass.

  • Mike

    Looks like Murphey got dealt to the Warriors, take him off the radar.

  • Tyler

    @ Mike

    The doesn’t preclude the Warriors from buying him out.

  • spursfanbayarea

    “Looks like Murphey got dealt to the Warriors, take him off the radar.”

    I will have to disagree with you mike. The fact that he got traded does not mean he will not be bought out. I think he was traded so he could be bought out. He is an inexpensive buy out, especially since they got rid of two players. This makes it an easier buyout and more cap savings for the warriors. David Lee is already the main stay at pf. They also have a lottery big they are trying to work into the rotation. And they have biedrens as well. The spurs were never going to trade for murphy. So if you meant acquiring him in a trade, then you are correct. The spurs wouldn’t trade for him, would have had to give up too much. But he would be a nice addition as a free agent signing once he is cut.

  • Mike

    @Tyler & spursfanbayarea

    Looks like you guys are right, I was under the assumption GS would ride him out this season, but it looks like they are going to shop him for a 2nd, and if no takers buy him out. Guess we can keep him as a small blip on that radar.

  • Casey

    Are the spurs in market for a backup small forward? I don’t see Anderson getting back in the rotation for meaningful minutes this season. Manu is the main two and Pop won’t want to wear him down by playing him at the 3, and Gary Neal is just too small for the 3. I heard Tracy McGrady as a possibility a while back, any other players that might be on the Spurs radar?

  • Steve L

    If the right kind of players are out there after trade deadline, through buy-outs, what would be best for the Silver and Black – trying to get more size or a heady wing defender?

  • ty

    You think Pop is saving Tiago for the playoffs so no one has tape on him????
    Are you some kind of retard??

  • Syd

    With the trade deadline looming, I’d love to see us pick up one more defensive-oriented big, someone along the lines of San Antonio native Jeff Foster or perhaps the return of Kurt Thomas.

    We need another big body to throw at the front lines of the Lakers, Mavs and Celtics. The player need not be an offensive threat, but someone with bulk and defensive chops.

    Personally, I’d love to see the return of a real pro like Thomas. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen with him or Foster, whose salary is cost-prohibitive anyway (unlike Thomas’s).

    We don’t have any assets we’d be willing to part with in a trade. And I doubt either of those players would be bought out by their teams after the trade deadline for the very reason I’d love to have them- they are valuable pieces for a team in the postseason. And both Chicago and the Pacers are playoff bound.

    Too bad.

  • Ruel



  • Ruel

    Troy Murphy would be good. Not a perfect fit but a good fit. He rebounds, play defense, space/spread the floor well, a silent hard working player with low key of personality, and professional character which always a good thing for a Team but who knows what will happen next after today’s trade deadline? I hope we can buy him out even for a limited minutes but he’ll be a new re-born player once again than he once before? I hope I’m wrong and I’ll be the first person to admit it!!!

  • The Pragmaticist

    Casey, I think McGrady has now taken himself permanently out of contention as a potential Spur. Buford has no love for coach-killers.