What’s the Story: Spurs give away big lead, win in overtime


  • td4life

    Wtf, 17 points in the final 17 minutes! If this was the Heat we were playing tonight, this turns into an embarrassing loss for our guys.

  • Graham

    Morbidly glad it ended like this. Will keep our guys on their toes now for game 3, since now they know what happens when the focus slips even for a half of a quarter.

  • TheFG21


  • Tone

    This game reflects more of what we can expect during the course of this series. This was a veteran team just finding a way to win. The Grizzlies played better defense in the second half but the Spurs went through a crazy drought in the 4th quarter. I expect the games to be tight from here on out. Two things the Spurs need to focus on in order to have a change in Memphis. Making their free throws and rebounding. The Grizzlies killed us on the offensive board which allowed them to get back in the game. If we would have secured the defensive boards, we’d have won in regulation even with the scoring drought.