What’s the Story: Spurs control Game 1


  • Colin

    Who is Bill Simmons and why does anyone care what he has to say? What would this guy do for a living if not for commenting on professional sports.

    This guy, along with other prominent “media” types out there absolutely do not want to see the Spurs succeed, and not even trying to hide it.

  • Stoneobili

    “It’s not going to be pretty,” they said!

    If they meant Matt Bonner was going to stay in because his 3 point shooting was going to be regular season hot, they were right.

  • Luke

    Bill Simmons has consistently said Duncan is the greatest player of his generation, that Popovich is the 3rd best NBA coach of all time, and that this current Spurs unit plays the most beautiful basketball of all teams atm. He loves the Spurs. Don’t confuse not having the same opinion as yours, with being a ‘Hater’

  • Colin

    Well Luke, being called a hater of Bill Simmons is new. I take it you like the guy? Or else, who the F*%k cares? I really don’t, just pointing out what I observe. He went to blaming the Grizz for not retaining Jose Calderon in a trade during the post game interview as a reason why the Grizz lost today. Really?

    He fills a role for ABC/ESPN that they see fit I guess.

  • TheFG21

    Man I love this “What’s the Story” threads!

  • Al

    I personally like(d?) Simmons for some of his work at his website Grantland, where I’ve enjoyed some of his articles over the past few years, and his book Book of Basketball, which some NBA fans seem to quite enjoy. He has generally in the past and even most of this year been supportive of the Spurs, but sometime after that Lakers series he decided he felt the Warriors were “just better” than the Spurs and has stuck to thinking they ain’t got it since. I wouldn’t sweat it, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was clever thinking journalistic-ly to try and take the approach of supporting the other teams, and if the Spurs win he writes from the perfect “I had written off the Spurs, but they blah blah, etc… “. Or he could have genuinely lost faith in the Spurs and decided to be an ass about it.