What’s the Story: Spurs steal Game 1 in Miami


  • Graham

    That’s how we do this. Contest of wills, don’t bend to theirs, play like we play. We will win doing this. LETS GET TWO IN SOUTH BEACH!

  • Jimbo

    That’s how we roll! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a closer play in sports than Parker’s jumper in the waning seconds.

  • Charlie chen

    Spurs in no way stole game 1! they imposed their will and took it from the Miami Heat

  • Len

    Oh Heck Yeah! One down Three to go!!!!


    I love telling the world “I told you so”… lets “STEAL” game 2!

  • Len

    I wonder if Duncan would win the DPOY if the idiot media voted again right now???

  • TheFG21

    Those ABC/ESPN (Magic and Co.) analysts are pure clowns. They all said, the Spurs hardly would pass past the Lakers. Then before the game, they all said the 9 days off would kill them. After the game, they had the face to say that the rest was beneficial! I want that job for sure! Then Simmons talking none sense about how the Spurs lost the 1st half because they were playing at Miami’s pace! Duuuude! Give me a break! “You know nothing Bill Snow”!

    Btw, Im so rushed that I cant sleep. 2:37am here in Puerto Rico.

    GO! SPURS! GO!

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  • NYC

    And once in a while I throw in a “NO. NO. NO. Don’t stop the rocking!”

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