TrueHoop TV: Snow cones at the Alamo


Before Game 4 of the Finals on Thursday night, TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott and I got snow cones at the Alamo and talked about the Spurs. And yes, I said “always never.”

  • Spleen Nelson

    Disappointed in you Andrew. Spurs fans have reason to complain about the coverage and smug attitude towards the franchise and city from the national media. We probably have become overly sensitive to it, yes, but the complaint is legit and you could have done a much better job of explaining that to the strange pip squeek from ESPN, Henri Abbot. It’s not “uncool” to have pride in your city or team. The other side to this coin is that the media actually does give the Spurs unfair coverage and regularly slights them. How you can discuss the fan base’s disdain for the media without acknowledging they are, at least to some degree, justified (you could fill a library of perfectly obvious examples) was a miss on your part. Otherwise, I think you’re the bees knees. Thanks for your blog.