What’s the Story: Spurs blow out Heat behind 3-point barrage


  • Daily Mail


    That Neal 3 from 4 feet back (check the Tiago wave if you can find the camera angle, it’s a full-on “Hi there” wave, not a “GET ME THE BALL NOW” wave)
    Then Neal off the screen over Birdman.
    Then Neal making the out-of-bounds touch pass to Green for the 3.

    Look, I don’t like Gary gettin’ minutes, but that was an amazing sequence.

  • BobbyKe

    Three Point Shooting is so fun to watch. Green & Neal just created a big showcase with that performance. Best Shooting performance in NBA Finals History

    Also, Kawhi Leonard had a marvelous game. rebounds, steals, lock down defense, running the fast break & overall shooting. He did everything right in this game. Notice the only stretch of the game where Lebron was hot was when Leonard was on the bench

    Right now, I’d say the NBA Finals MVP would be either Leonard or Green after 3 games

  • Marcus

    Haha when I heard seven nation army I immediately though that we be trollin’.

  • Len

    The 7 nation army chant was truly fantastic. GSG