Infographic: Spurs vs. Heat in the Finals


With the Finals, our last four to seven games of the 2013-14 NBA season, kicking off on Thursday featuring the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, Chandler Goodman is back with another infographic to give you the numerical breakdown of the series. (Click on the graphic for a bigger version to view.)


  • pixelrabbit

    You flipped the percentages on the infographic; Basketball Reference has the Spurs at 54%

  • wb

    Yep, pixelrabbit is correct. We wait all week for new Finals content, and the best we can get is an incorrect infographic?

  • este

    48 Min. of Hell wants the Spurs to play like underdogs. It’s genius! Go Spurs Go!

  • JLW

    You all have set a high standard for yourselves in being the best NBA blog on the planet. So when you don’t meet it for a week (THIS week, of all weeks!) perhaps we should cut you some slack — but please, get it together, and quick. (Whoa, I’m getting deja vu from yelling at the TV during the Dallas series…)

  • Phoolish

    Completely agree. We get no Margin or Whats the Story for the clinching Western Conference Finals game. Then we wait days with no serious content and what we get is substandard. The live chat yesterday was awful (probably why they did not put a saved version up). Corporate Knowledge is just a cut and paste job. Seriously disappointed in the site this week and I think they normally do an outstanding job.

  • FBGfan

    Man the bashing here is ridiculous! These guys work their butts off all year giving us great material and everyone is so quick to jump on them. The guys are probably going to be flooding us with so much info today and the rest of the series that will keep us very occupied. They will be working much longer hours than any of us, so give them a break and GSG!

  • Valley fan

    the gentlemanly bashing is mostly anxiety of Spurs Nation. on the other hand, these guys make big bucks as top-of-the-line bloggers–don’t they? they’ve set a high standard, and they should meet that high bar; that’s what we expect as committed fans, so give us good content 48MofH!

  • Brett

    The percentages on the info graphic were correct yesterday. Basketball reference flipped the chances recently.

  • Dapimp Ofdayear

    I’m not sure how much income these dudes generate from this blog, but I believe they have day jobs as well. I’m just like you guys, hungry for content on this juiciest of matchups, but we have to cut these guys some slack. If you recall last year around this time, they were damn near burnt out covering the Finals and everything that surrounds it. They’re going to be going full bore for probably the next two weeks, and that’s not counting whatever’s going on in their Non-Spur-related life.

  • Mike Smith

    How do you guys take THIS week off?? I’m sure all will be forgiven shortly after Game 1 but come on. A cut and paste job as a preview before The Finals??

  • Mike Smith

    Since many of the guys travel with the team and have inside media access I think this is their day job. Constructive criticism is good sometimes. Pointing out mistakes or shoddy work improves blogs such as these. I enjoy 48min, but there is no denying that these last few days have been a joke. Taking a few days off during a grind of the regular season is expected. Hell between series in the first or second round is understandable. But hardly any posts from the home town blog in the five days leading up to The Finals is a little ridiculous.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    For the record, we don’t make any money from anything we post here at 48MoH. We make freelance income for work we do at other places like, etc. But the work we do here at 48MoH is all voluntary. We all have full-time day jobs, families, social lives, etc. that we have to balance.

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  • wbboggs

    Andrew, you guys deserve some $! Spurs Nation should all chip in to help out….this is a damn good blog, and we are all here for good reason. Thanks for the good work you guys do (outside of Chandler’s misleading infographic)!

  • YJ

    Even though I wish 48MoH would publish more pieces leading up to the finals, I just want to say that I really appreciate all you and the 48MoH staff have done this year and throughout the playoffs. And I, for one, really enjoyed the TrueHoop TV Spreecast you did with Ethan and thought it was hilarious and informational at the same time.

  • LukeDawg

    Look, a lot of the tremendous love and pride most of us have in this team stems from way more than just wins and championships, it stems from year after year being the most professional and classy organization out there. It comes from being associated with a true team first mentality,with no finger pointing or trash talking. It comes from Spurs players keeping their head down and their mouth shut as they rack up the 50 wins seasons, leaving everyone else to do the moaning and complaining and excuse making. I think you see where i am going with this and I get the metaphor is obviously a bit cheesy and only goes so far, but I just thought we all might need a reminder of the core fundamentals of being a Spur. The team, like our team’s writers, have put in the work, just like they have been doing for years; so let’s trust in them to do what they always have, and not start turning on them at the first sign of trouble. Lets leave the spoiled and entitled fan schtick to LA, Miami, or even OKC. After all, what would Timmy do?

  • LBJpark

    If we could not be reminded of the Spurs 2013 loss in the finals every chance you get… thatd be great

  • francisco

    Andrew, thanks for the clarification. I’m pretty certain we’re all aware you guys do this voluntarily, but like you guys, we’re famished for content, and you should know nobody delivers like you guys. Much praise to 48MofH.

  • JLW

    I do agree you guys deserve something for what you normally do. And I also thank you for the tremendous work all season long, year after year. Like Mike said, it’s just constructive criticism (and yes, Valley, probably something to the anxiety thing for me too).

    BTW, speaking of emotions: A quick glance at the comments this site gets, in comparison to other sports sites, in terms of being mostly level-headed and smart, says a lot about Spurs fans, I’d like to think. So cheers for everyone. And as for 48MoH, we’ll all behind you, Sheriff.

    Now, time to kick ass tonight.

  • JLW

    Someone please make a meme/Vine/something that shows what “gentlemanly bashing” looks like.

    (Hopefully it looks something like what Game 1 will look like tonight.)

  • NYC

    Unfortunately, it’s the storyline that will get eyeballs for the finals, so that’s what the NBA/media is gonna push. No one really cares if the Heat can three-peat, and even Miami is bored with all-South Beach coverage all the time we’ve gotten the past 3+ years.

    If 48MoH writers didn’t address the storyline every other media outlet and basketball fan is talking about, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs. I for one have no problem with it because I believe Timmy and co. become more determined with every mention of 2013.

  • NYC

    WHOA! Everyone, chill out. I get it: we’re all anxious and excited for the rematch to begin. But let’s not take it out on the messengers, the 48MoH staff. I get annoyed too when 20 minutes after a game and still no El Conclusion.

    Then I remember that I’ve been spoiled by this blog’s daily excellence that mirrors my beloved team. ESPN doesn’t write more than a recap until the next day. I come here for all my analysis.

    As Spurs fans, we’ve been spoiled by a team that’s made the playoffs every year for the span of some people’s entire lifetime. We forget what it means to live outside our bubble. Imagine being a Wizards fan. Or Cleveland. Heck, even Lakers fans have to endure seasons of rebuilding and pure crap-iosity. We are spoiled to have the best team AND the best blog in basketball and forget the routine pain other fans endure.

    So, if occasionally, this blog or the Spurs lay an egg, we react like the sky is falling when we really should be counting our blessings. I have no right to expect a great article (or two, or three) just hours after each game, just as I have no right to expect my team to win 50+ games every season. Yet I routinely get that from this blog.

    So let’s all cut these guys some slack. They write for this blog as a passion project, not for means to support themselves. That they’ve given us so much excellence already should be appreciated and not taken for granted.

    I appreciate you guys.

    Daily reader since 2008,
    (now living in LA)