What’s the Story: Heat explode in second half to take Game 2


  • Titletown99030507d

    I never want to see Diaw on the court for the rest of this series. Memo to Tony: Your not superman pass it off to Splitter when he’s wide open for that matter your team mates it might help. Another memo, this ones to Timmy: Make some shots. And Manu: I have too much respect for you to dog you. What no Bonner? Hey Pop you did a terrible J-O-B tonight.
    Lastly for the life of you don’t you all know they have 2 shooters that can drain from the arc. How about guarding it.

  • Sir Timothy

    Everyone is going to be on the boys tonight. Just remember this – this game was in the bag before it started. Game 2 and if the Heat lose this series is OVER. 4 or 5 games. But if the Heat when it will likely go at least 6 games. Guess what – Joey Crawford and crew will get to ref another game if it goes at least 6. In fact, I would say that he/they will ref game 6. So they have the incentive to make sure the Heat don’t lose.

    Spurs were up 62-61 and then a series of plays occurred where fouls were not called. This got Miami going and then the did outplay the Spurs for a stretch.

    This was never going to be a sweep. Miami is a decent team and they are great when the game goes to hell. That is all the refs have to do to have Miami win. It does not have to be blatant. It does not need to be Lakers with 30 free throws in the fourth quarter. Just don’ make any calls and the Heat win. It is the untraceable fix.

    So, don’t be hard on Pop and the guys. They missed shots but Green and Kawhi were unbelievable. If I were Splitter I would say F – you to the NBA and go back to owning Europe. He gets NO CALLS of any kind. I am surprised he puts up with it.

    Anyway, I am not sure that game 3 has been predetermined. And the Spurs did get a split. So Tuesday might just be different!

    And if the Heat do win that does not mean they are anything but dirt bags.


    Agree Miami got benefit of “non calls” in this game. But Spurs play (lack of) for 7 to 10 minutes of game won this for Heat. Simply can’t play THAT bad for more than 5 minutes and expect to win against the Heat. They’re pretty damn good. As are the Spurs. Series tied. Going back to San Antonio for three straight at home. Some toughness by Spur’s team needs to be exhibited and played 48 minutes each game to win this series.