Pregaming: Spurs vs. Jazz


AT&T CENTER — After the highs of beating the Thunder on Thursday night, the Spurs return to the court to take on another opponent from last year’s playoffs. In fact, the Spurs play 12 games against different teams that made the playoffs last season. One of those teams is Orlando, so that doesn’t really count, but it’s technically 10.

  • Manu Ginobili will play “limited” minutes tonight against the Jazz. Not sure how many minutes are considered limited, but that’s what we’re told.
  • Watch to see how much work Tim Duncan does in the low post tonight. He’s gone to the low block a lot in the first two games, but how much will he do so against the deep front line of the Jazz tonight?
  • Kawhi Leonard has 10 steals in five games. I’m really excited to see how many he manages tonight.
  • I’m pulling double duty tonight, covering this game for as well as 48MoH. Check out the 10 Before Tip at for my contribution there.

Consider this post your comment thread for the game. I’ll try to be down below in the comments chatting with folks during the game, AT&T Center wi-fi permitting that is.