For a more humorous take on the Spurs’ lawsuit


…head on over to our friends at Ballerball, newest member of the TrueHoop Network. They go 5-vs-5 to breakdown the lawsuit, specifically the Morton’s Steakhouse analogy that lead to the new nickname for the Spurs’ bench: The Cube Steaks.

1. Larry McGuinness is suing the Spurs for not playing their starters.  He said it’s like “going to Morton’s Steakhouse and paying $63 for a porterhouse and they bring out a cube steak.”  What’s your initial reaction?

Chris Trey – Larry’s paying $63 for a porterhouse? Ha, they’re actually $42. A double porterhouse is $84 but Larry didn’t say it’s like paying for a double porterhouse. If he had then I would understand more. To ask for a double porterhouse and get a cube steak? Yeah, no way. Check, please. 5% tip. Peace!

5. Unbelievable. Do you people have ANYTHING to say about the Spurs and this lawsuit?

Gallagher – Me and this McGuinness fella – seem to have a lot in common. We are VERY good at coming up with solid analogies that the common man can relate to, and we hate being dooped out of the steak we ordered. It’s a lot like this one time when I went to “Pat’s Miami Heat Basketball” and bought these tickets to see the Heat play the Spurs. Then the coach of the Spurs decides to sit his starters. Someone should sue them.