48MoH TV Postgame: Spurs vs. Mavs


We got live following the San Antonio Spurs’ Sunday evening road loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

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  • paul

    this whole time, the debate in my mind has been anderson vs. green.  My mind now knows better….its ANDERSON AND GREEN!!!!!!  seriously everyone, neal/anderson/green….we can play those three guys together as a second unit!!!  it keeps the defense honest because all three can shoot.  Driving lanes open up!!!  i love leonard but when you start leonard and blair, you give the defense the luxury of cheating.  everytime they left green/neal/anderson open…the defense got burned.  NEAL/ANDERSON/GREEN!!!!

  • Bentley

    ^^^absolutely agree. The bench played so well tonight that you can’t even be mad about the loss.

  • DorieStreet

    Just a few bad decisions and a few times a guy trying to do too much by himself.
    Those things will be eliminated with more playing time together.

  • paul

    for james anderson, let not forget 5 rebounds and 3 assists.  he made some good passes.  POP…I BEG YOU TO KEEP PLAYING HIM!!!

  • DorieStreet

    @ paul   +100

    Spurs will have more options once Manu gets back/he can play the 3 and spell RJ/we have got to find out he will remain a Spur past this season.

  • Lvmainman

    Great job by the bench. Kudos to Splitter, Bonner, Anderson, Green, and Blair. Great game.

    Pop made 2 mistakes. 1) Not putting Splitter back in the game in the 1st half, after getting 2 fouls. 2) Being up 7, 89-82 and having the Spurs milk the clock with 3 minutes left. NOOOOO…. Keep attacking! The Spurs had scored on the previous 5 possessions in a row!! Penetrating, kicking, and scoring before the Mavs defense was set.Then Neal started milking the clock, and the Spurs scored 1 time in 5 trips up the court. Spurs had their foot on their neck and let up. Why?

    Does anyone now on this earth believe that Fisher made that 0.4 shot in the playoffs? Fisher caught the ball with his back to the basket, turned around, jumped, then shot. But it was good? ESPN showed the game clock on the bottom left of the screen at 0.1 in slow motion after the ball left Green’s hand.

  • TD BestEVER

    Ughhhh SMH…. can’t be mad….are you nuts……. IN a season where we are looking more and more like the Rockets……. a team that will finish barely above .500 and not in the playoffs, every game counts……and every winnable game needs to be won……. this is the 2nd game POP has given away with this madness……….

    POP needs to go and go now, while we still have some small chance to make the playoffs…… We have 10 of our nest 13 on the road…….. We will probably return as a sub .500 team.  

  • bakedroll

    this may be a bone-headed question to ask, but ive completely lost track of manu’s status. when is his ETA from injury??? a couple more weeks another month? for awhile there i wasnt even thinking about manu….i feel like a bad fan, but luckily i ran into an article about him today and it caught my attention….

  • Hobson13

    Great game by the Spurs bench!  I can’t believe Pop drew up the last play that would have had Bonner making a clutch decision with the ball when Green and Neal were on fire.  That’s the stupidest play call I’ve seen in a while from Pop.  It seems like Neal, Anderson, Bonner, Splitter, and Green were on the court from late in the 3rd until the end of overtime.  I’m glad that Pop let them play so many minutes.

    On a sour note, we now have to play the Grizz tomorrow night on the road with a team that will be very tired.  Oh well, the positive is that the bench is really learning how to play and this year is simply for the development of the younger players anyway.  Great game, Spurs!

  • Hobson13

    Now, it looks like a bad move that the Spurs didn’t pick up his option for next year.  However, I will say that it’s only one game.

  • Tyler

    Please tell me how Pop gave this game away?

    Our guys in the fourth quarter just couldn’t muster one final play; the proverbial nail in the coffin. Coaching didn’t lose this game.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad they didn’t get the win. I think the play that killed the win was the Bee-line lay-up by Beabois that cut the lead to two. Too easy.

    I couldn’t handle another blow-out, but the fact that they had this one is just as bad. They really needed it because of the game at Memphis tomorrow.

    It was a valiant effort. I don’t believe in moral victories, just experience. Hopefully next time they can execute better.

  • Tyler

    Re: Final play – I can assure you, we weren’t running an iso for Bonner at the top of the key. James Anderson was late on his cut, which threw the timing off. I believe the play was going to Splitter for a duck in after he set the screen on Anderson’s man. If you watch it again, you’ll see Tiago has pretty deep position on Marion, but the ball pressure was pretty good on Bonner.

  • Hobson13

    No, I agree we weren’t running an iso for him (the thought of Bonner in an Iso situation is funny), but I’m surprised he wasn’t playing off the ball since he can’t hit a shot under pressure and he has ZERO dribble drive to punish a defender playing so close.  I was literally yelling at the TV the second he touched the ball.  Bad play design from the get go.

  • DorieStreet

    Every team in the league has/will go through this circumstance at least half dozen times this season.
    Whether a squad is a playoff contender or not, the 2011-12 schedule gives many coaching staffs the opportunity to put players that normally would not get much court time meaningful minutes in games.

  • Tōn the Beat Counselor

    I agree with Andrew, Doris Burke is a very good announcer…she may not be the hippest or funniest, but she’s one of the most educational announcers in basketball.  Always sharp and on-point.

  • Thomasholdren

    What is more difficult to believe Hobson; the fact that Bonner was the focal point of the last play OR the fact that Bonner is still receiving ANY playing time? 

    Bonner even in the game is senseless. He is terrible at ANYTHING BUT shooting a wide open three. And sometimes he is god-awful at that. The problem is, everyone sees him score 8 points and thinks he had a great game. They are failing to see how many his man scored, how many F ups Bonner had on offense, how many times he did not react quick enough on D to help, how many times his man got a rebound and put back, etc. I have been saying this from the DAY he came to our team. WE DO NOT NEED ONE DIMENSIONAL PLAYERS. 

  • Thomasholdren

    Then why was Bonner in a position to catch at the top of the Key? Additionally he is 5 inches AT LEAST taller than Carter. There is no excuse for a “professional” to hold the ball for 5-6 seconds and have literally no clue what to do with the ball. Bonner shouldnt even be on a NBA team, let alone ours, let alone in the final seconds of a winnable game. 

    Even having Bonner on our team, in a game, touching the ball should throw up a red flag for anyone who thinks gregg is one of the GOATs. 

    I am so sick of watching this guy screw up (YEARS) and continually getting billionth chances. I dont like Anderson, but there is no way that Bonner is better than Anderson. Its actually a toss up between who is worse Joseph or Bonner. 

    How does Bonner keep getting chances? 

  • Thomasholdren

    Which is fine, but Gregg has been doing this with Bonner for YEARS. He, if not both, need to go. 

  • Bob

    Because the front office has refused to get real bigs.

  • Bob

    What I hate most about him is he tries to block Terry’s shot and gives him a hip bump foul and won. He tries to make defensive plays he can’t make and that usually results in the foul and won. If he’s beat he needs to recognize that he may as well give up.

  • Cheyenneharty

    Lots of folks have made comments about indvidual plays that lost the game. To me, the elephant in the room is free throws. The Spurs went about 50 percent from the stripe. One more free throw, and we would have won it. That simple.

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