48MoH TV Postgame: Spurs fall to Nuggets


Manu Ginobili returned to the lineup for the Spurs, but it wasn’t enough as Ty Lawson went gangbusters and Kenneth Faried went God-mode on the Spurs in a 99-94 loss for San Antonio. The already short-handed Nuggets got even more short-handed — they were practically a stump at that point — and still controlled the paint. Denver outrebounded the Spurs 49-40 and physically abused the Spurs.

On 48MoH TV, we talked about the physicalness of the Nuggets and how the Spurs had trouble with it when DeJuan Blair went down early. We also talk about TJ Ford’s lack of playing time and Manu Ginobili’s performance in his first home game since December 31. That was in 2011!

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  • Talking out of my Pass

    I dont think trading for another big to defend the pick and roll will work because

    a) Duncan will always get his minutes particualary at the end of the game, and;

    b) we have one call Splitter but Pop seems to prefer him off the floor while Duncan is there.