What’s the Story: Spurs hold on to beat the Nuggets


  • Sander

    Just a few thoughts I had while watching Spurs play Denver the other night..

    Well, I say a few, actually all I have to say concerns Tiago and his remarkable development..

    We can see an array of post-moves: up-and-under’s, pump-fakes, “semi-dream shake’s”, etc.. In addition, Tiago sets great screens and he can pass the ball really freakin’ well, give him a couple of seasons and Marc Gasol will easily be overtaken as the best assisting big man in the league..

    But the defensive moves can not go unnoticed. Splitter’s ability to stay in front of frontcourt players and guards is quite incredible. One probably has to give credit to his great footwork and surprising agility for a guy, who is 6´11´´.

    I am not saying that he’s fully formed as a legitimate center/power-forward, but hey man, he’s got the necessary moves and physical abilities.. Playing next to Duncan and under Pop can’t hurt his development, I’m sure..

    I really hope that he can find the killer-instinct within, because he sure has all the other “parts” in order to be a celebrated frontcourt player…

    By the way, who would have thought that Andre Miller is the veteran PG to go for, in stead of Nash…

    English is not my native language, so I apologize in front for all the potential grammar mistakes..

    Keep it up, 48MoH crew!

  • http://www.facebook.com/JohnBocanegra3 John Bocanegra

    I agree with Sander, Tiago’s movment off the ball seems to have some more pep in his step, better recognition getting into position, and helping out Timmy under the basket is what we need.
    Super impressed with his offensive execution, way more confident attacking the rim, and great from the line.