Done with the Olympics


After seemingly years of build-up and a two-week event, the Olympics are over. The United States finished on top and all others fell in behind. Manu Ginobili and the Argentina Golden Generation finished fourth, failing to medal in what was likely their last hurrah as a group. At 35 years old, the odds of seeing Manu Ginobili suiting up in Brazil four years from now are slim, and that’s to say nothing of the recent news that the Olympics could go to a Under-23 format for basketball.

Tony Parker was also unsuccessful in what could be his best shot at an Olympic medal. The French National Team that also featured Boris Diaw and Nando De Colo was dropped in the quarterfinals by the eventually silver-medalists Spain. Tiago Splitter and Brazil were knocked out in the same round by Argentina, as were Patty Mills, Spurs assistant Coach Brett Brown and Australia. Their defeat came at the hands of the USA.

Personally, I’m glad to see the Games done. While I’m simultaneously satisfied the USA won gold and disappointed for Tony, Manu, Tiago and others, I frankly didn’t care all that much. There are many things I like about international basketball, but the tournament as a whole didn’t get me going. That actually goes for the Olympics as a whole. Some people couldn’t get enough of the 30th Olympiad. Me? I couldn’t get away.

When I did watch, I fould myself gravitating to the sports I watch anyway: basketball and soccer. For everything else, I realized there’s a reason most people only pay attention to these sports once every four years. Once the novelty wears off, most of them aren’t that fun to watch.

Now we’re left in a holding pattern until training camp starts. The players featured in international competition will get some rest before reporting to San Antonio. Others will enjoy their last bit of break before the long season begins again. There won’t be much in the way of personnel moves over that time, as scores of coaches and front office folks are on vacation this month.

Instead, we’ll be waiting, anticipating, finding ways to both occupy our time and satisfy our craving for basketball. As much as I appreciate the passion of international basketball, the Olympics weren’t it. Forgive me for not getting in the Olympic spirit with all the Spurs participating. In the end, I’m just glad no one got hurt.

  • SAJKinBigD

    Here, here on no injuries to our guys! I like the progress shown by our crew over there – and I’m particularly enthused by Patty Mills’ play! As the BEST scoring option for the Boomers, he still lead the Olympics in scoring. I’m REALLY looking forward to him backing up TP at the point. The FO might consider adding an extension to that contract sooner than later… :)

  • Jon Richey

    I look forward and watch all of the olympics, but I admit there is only one sport that I pay attention to more than every 4 years, and unfortunately that is gone until Halloween.


    “There won’t be much in the way of personnel moves over that time, as
    scores of coaches and front office folks are on vacation this month.”

    Yet there was mention of a possible situation that San Antonio may have interest in Patrick Patterson from Houston if the right deal could be made. Third party team would have to be included. Wiz being one of them.


    By the way…welcome back to posting. You’ve been missed.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    I hadn’t heard of the Patterson rumors until someone mentioned them to me today on Twitter (I was away from internet access for a few days last week). I like Patterson’s pick-and-pop ability, but I haven’t seen enough of him defensively to say yea or nay. Gonna have to get to Synergy and take a look.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    Okay, I also watched pretty much anything Usain Bolt did, but that’s it. And even that was over in less than 20 seconds each time.

  • DorieStreet

    Basketball was low-priority viewing for me during the Olympics (the officiating has improved a little)—being familar with the players through the league and world championship competition, plus the fact that the usual list of suspects make it to the medal round, with the predictable results.
    With all the trades and FA moves this summer, the Spurs will be back in a familar place once training camp starts—-flying under the radar.

  • Vandals

    I’m really happy that no one got hurt, I’m also excited that Mills, Diaw, & Tiago got time playing verse good teams and opponents hopefully they take what they learned and bring it to the season, but I couldnt stand to watch any of the Olympic Basketball. Watching and knowing the USA team would steam roll through every other opponent just didnt excite me. They just reminded me of the All Star games, high points and zero defense. I would actually watch a USA under 23 team, then they might actually play real basketball instead of just a game full of high lights. And I feel it would be better for the NBA with rookies and sophomores getting more experience which they can then bring back.

  • Tyler

    Watching FIBA officials gave me a new appreciation for their NBA counterparts though. The games were nearly un-watchable at points.

  • Tyler

    …..until we don’t win the gold medal and everyone starts freaking out…..

  • Jon Richey

    New favorite Olympic sport: Water Polo. That might be the roughest sport I have ever seen. Of course, like I said, I won’t pay attention to it for 4 years, but still, It is an interesting sport.


    Probably the sport with some of the most versatile and physically enduring participants playing a game.

  • Tim in Surrey

    I have to say that’s really sad, Andrew. There was so much amazing competition in so many different areas. Of course, it was different for me because I was in the middle of it. But still… Frankly, Bolt’s participation was awesome but not nearly as dramatic as some of the other events. Most people think of distance running as boring, but check out the reaction of the BBC’s broadcast crew (including ex-Baylor great Michael Johnson) to Mo Farah’s victory in the 10,000 meter final:
    I’m sorry, but I don’t recall a single moment in the entire NBA playoffs that was so dramatic.

  • Tim in Surrey

    Whoops! The IOC blocked it. Let me try again:

    Oh, and while we’re at it–Even the blowouts were pretty amazing. I was in the house for the women’s gold medal game (USA vs. France) and it wasn’t even remotely close. But it was a great game nonetheless. And the medal ceremony was very emotional. Really everybody, take it from me: Start saving up for Rio in 2016 now. I’ve been to the Final Four, I’ve been to NFL and MLB playoff games, and I’ve even seen the Spurs win in the NBA finals. The Olympics are on an entirely different level.

  • Uncle Buzz

    The elder tadpole and I played Team Handball way back in the 70’s. I always keep an eye out for it. It’s an interesting cross between basketball and soccer.

  • DorieStreet

    The USA won the gold medal in women’s competition. But the constant noise from the official’s whistles gets annoying. Imagine how it must sound inside the natatorium during a match.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Followed Manu, Tony, and Tiago and never watched the US team. Can’t stand any of those on that team. I was hoping spain would pull the big upset. Who cares?