The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 55: Dan Devine of Ball Don’t Lie



So trill. (Photo from Fat Joe’s Instagram feed)

While the Spurs get the rap of a “boring” team (the new gray jerseys might not help with that), those in the know realize full well the humor and personality that resonates on this team. In other words, they employ Stephen Jackson.

And while I am fully in favor of trading Stephen Jackson if it means a better overall rotation for San Antonio, I do have a torrid love of everything Jack brings to Los Spurs. And considering those bonafides, along with the hip-hop careers of both Tony Parker and DeJuan Blair, shouldn’t the Spurs have more street cred?

We break it down on the 4-Down Podcast this week with Dan Devine of Yahoo! Sports’ Ball Don’t Lie blog. Dan chats with us about the Captain Jack, Parker’s Olympic goggles and the future of Blair with the Spurs.

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  • rj

    uggh graydon has no idea what he is talking about.

    jack is too expensive and at this point with our team, we are better off having the a physical presence down low to take on la and dallas than having jacks moxie.

    what is the word on fesenko? he was scheduled to work out with the spurs this week.

    can we start bringing tim varner or jesse blanchard to the podcasts?

  • Graham

    There’s not much out there that can do better than SJax for us. He is the most physical guy on the team and it seems odd to trade him when the clamor is for us to get ‘tougher’ and more ‘physical’ on D. I still remember the first game he was back with us when he took on Dirk and actually did very well against him. No, unless it’s a clear upgrade over Kawhi or that elusive and mythical big with D that’s out there we are better off keeping him.


    That’s just it. The Spurs getting what (who) they want (post player in the line of Josh Smith) for Jack’s expiring OR if the Spurs don’t get who they “want” he remains on the team with his toughness and experience.

    It’s a win/win either way IMO. Get who you really want now or wait and have the expiring to use yourself.

  • andy

    exactly. kawhi is young and needs to be fed “the royal jelly” of minutes. love jax, but he’s at most a 25min/g player for us, and i don’t buy that we need his intensity. if he can be dealt for someone like jsmith or varejao, by all means. a mobile pf with defensive awareness and isn’t an offensive black hole suits me just fine. hold the cards until you’re ready, as the fo almost always does.

  • Graham

    I argue we won’t find a more effective backup SF than Jax right now, and we’ll be awful thin back there once he leaves. Those trades make sense, especially Varejao, but the odds of actually getting those players are far from certain. I almost rather would keep him and make his contract into our expiring, so it gives our reboot more flexibility down the line.

    Still, I’m not going to question any decision the FO makes, they’ve been right far too much for me to doubt them at this point.

  • Bry

    There’s no reason for them to waive Blair. He’s a rotation player and only makes 1 million. It would be foolish to dump him for such a small salary. And, I doubt they get much in return for a trade because the salaries have to match. So, they may as well hold onto him and see what the market bears next summer.

  • Graham

    I think it’d be more of a favor to him rather than a need for us. Let him find a place where he can crack the rotation and grow rather than be stuck in a system where he has a limited role.

  • Titletown99030507d

    They shouldn’t wave Blair they need to package him in a trade some time early on in the season if anything. Crazy just to let him go out the front door for nothing.

  • ryan

    I’m shocked how many card carrying “street” nba players yall forgot. First and foremost, The Artest formerly known as Ron. He’s been a bit defanged now, but he certainly brought the ‘bridge to Harden last year. Also slightly neutered, but still crazy, Gilbert Arenas. In fact, he’s currently a member of what I consider to be the second coming of the Jailblazers: The Grizz. Z-Bo and Tony Allen are definitely gritty guys in touch with a past era of physicality. I don’t know if the league fears them, but as a Spurs fan, I do.

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