Sticking it to the man


Tony Parker's photo Practice with Tim Duncan and two new rookies !!!

OMG! BFFs forever.

You can lock them out of the practice facility, but it looks like they’ll find somewhere to play. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan appear to be leading some informal Spurs practices, according to TP’s Twitter feed. This is good. Very good. Hopefully Manu is nowhere to be seen, resting.

Set your stun guns to “excited,” folks.


Thumbnail photo on home page courtesy of The Brit_2
  • Anonymous

    One can only hope that all this lockout garbage will lead to the same result as last time:  a Spurs title.  😀

  • AS

    Manu is training with Estudiantes de Bahia Blanca. The team is being run by his close friend and former Sixers Juan Ignacio Sanchez.

  • SAm

    Maybe Timmy and Manu will join TP in France…  

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  • The Vessel

    is that Kawhi Leonard in the background?

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    Yup, he was there. Cory Joseph too.

  • DorieStreet

    Great info about the players getting together. I mentioned back on one of the articles in August–that Spurs players would conduct workouts on their own during the normal training camp/preseason times (even those who signed to play overseas, if their seasons had not started yet),

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