Infographic: Spurs struggles with the league’s top teams


By now, I’m sure you’re well aware of the Spurs’ struggles with the top teams in the NBA. But just to cap things off, Chandler Goodman put together a handy infographic to provide you the good, bad and ugly of the Spurs’ record.

Spurs schedule infographic

  • DG

    who’s willie green?

  • Francesco Grigori Di Bene


  • spurs10

    Yes, it’s is alarming how we cannot win a game against a good team. Obviously, having four of the top six guys in our rotation out doesn’t help. I can only hope that we are, unintentionally perhaps, playing possum and poising ourselves for a great run in the playoffs. On the other hand, I don’t like seeing the wrong guys getting rest right now. At least TP and Tim get a couple of days rest before Saturday. Will Pop rest them? Can’t really afford another loss.
    Willie Green was playing minutes for Chris Paul in our only win against an ‘elite’ team. Questioning the validity of the win. I’ll take it!!!

  • AHeights

    People who cite the injuries have blocked out the fact that during at least half those shellackings by elite teams, we had our entire roster available and tried REALLY HARD to win but couldn’t come close to taking over any of those games. Other superstar teams can assert their will against us, but we can never return the favor. “It’s just January” sounds like a great excuse, but I get tired of hearing it after all the “It’s just November” and “It’s just December” talk. Before you know it we’ll be saying “It’s just May” while getting spanked in the second round of the playoffs.

  • spurs10

    Yes, we lost some games before the injuries to four of our top six players went down. However, if you’re going to lose may as well lose to good teams. We are likely to start losing to some mediocre teams with this many people out. Last night being a case in point. We can only hope we get the team back to our earlier season good health. The injuries are huge, no matter how you slice it.

  • AHeights

    Yep, injuries are huge — which is why I was really hoping we could beat OKC without Westbrook or Houston without Harden. Oh, well, I’ll just be prepared for the next month or so to be filled with ugly losses.

  • spurs10

    Believe me those two losses were especially demoralizing for me. I’d like to think we’d won both those games with Tiago, Green, and Kawhi in our rotation.

  • I need more cowbell

    Yeah people made fun of me for saying we should tank but we have no future this season.
    #truth #heartbroken

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