What’s The Story: Sorta Spurs swept by Rockets


  • Brandon

    F. Would have been nice to pull out a win with our second team. Now all anyone is going to talk about is the 4-0 season series. Double F.

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  • Titletown99030507d

    What’s the story? Hey pop did you forget Splitter was on the team. Hmm? Old man Timmy huge minutes, Trash time wonder Ayres, foul prone Baynes, and college sensation wana be a star someday Daye? Why did you spend all that money just to pull the plug on someone that was proving his worth. I dont get you and I bet Splitter doesnt either. The blair syndrome strikes again. Nice one pop just build em up just to break them down. Ok so Buford picked him. Get over it already. He would have better off at Portland. Ok so he shares time with Lopez but not behind 3 other trash time wonders. Now I know how Blair feels. Sorry Tiago the man who didnt have you or Timmy in the last crucial moments in game 6 on the floor to get a measly rebound to secure our fifth trophy knows better. Thats the story.

  • Graham

    What part of DNP-Rest don’t you get? It looks like every spur crucial to the postseason run that wasn’t a hall of famer got the night off save for Diaw. I’m sure the big 3 get the Laker game off as well as anyone else needing rest.


  • Graham

    Since when do we care about Media Narratives? Weren’t the Grizzlies supposed to grit n grind us into dust last year? Playing those last games against potential playoff foes close to the vest is a pretty damn good idea when we have the 1 locked up.

  • wannabe_fake_tough_guy

    Hey, I remember you…the “FIRE POP, TRADE TONY” guy. Thorazine resistance is a terrible thing…

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