Spurs sign Ginobili as cap space grows thin


There was never a question whether or not Manu Ginobili would finish his career as a member of the San Antonio Spurs. It was always just a matter of when that time would come. But, once Manu wrote of his intentions to stay, the questions were about “how much?”

Ginobili reached a 2-year, $14 million agreement today to stay in San Antonio, a deal that will likely span the remainder of his NBA career. The countdown has officially begun on the Big 3: two more years, at most, is probably all they have left.

The Manu situation has been a polarizing one in recent weeks and months, and his value to this team has been in serious question. While the $14.1 million he made last season was a gross overpay for his production, it was a fairly typical final-year-of-the-contract type of situation. According to an in-depth and performance-specific statistical analysis (I can’t link to it or refer to it here in a public forum, I’m sorry), Ginobili’s play over the past year was worth roughly $8.5 million. So, while a $7-million salary might seem a bit much for a guy who struggled as a 35-year-old, and for a team that had a real chance to make some significant moves under the cap, it does make things a little more clear in San Antonio.

With this agreement, it seems the Spurs are looking to stay over the salary-cap line, especially after yesterday’s events surrounding Tiago Splitter and his new 4-year, $36-million deal. By doing this, it means they’ll have access to the full Mid-Level exception of ~$5 million. We’ve outlined the possibilities before of using the amnesty provision on Bonner, but that seems unlikely at this point, when using the MLE after exceeding the cap would basically give the Spurs the most financial flexibility. Amnestying Bonner and letting Neal walk would essentially provide this team with less cap space, and definitely less depth, than they’d have with a full crew returning and an available MLE.

The Spurs have been methodical about this, and I’d imagine they’ll continue to be so. But it seems at this point they’ll be looking at around $5 million to spend on one (maybe two) more player(s) in the very near future. The Spurs used most of their Bi-Annual exception to sign Nando De Colo last season, so that’s basically a moot point now.

Whether the Spurs want to divvy up that $5 million between more than one player remains to be seen. But if they’d like to bring in a significant contributor, they might need to spend every penny of that on one person.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Shut the hell up! Asik cant screen worth a shit compared to Splitter. Yeah that matters. Who else is going to give nice wide open looks to the rim? Those screens producing points aren’t in the box score. Sorry Tiago does more than your tiny brain thinks it does. And I’d like to see Tiny milsap guard Dwight or Gasol in the post. Get lost ! 4 more years! Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

  • Titletown99030507d

    I don’t care pick one.

  • Titletown99030507d

    So he can chuck up 8 of 20 again.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Obviously pop knows more than you or your friend TBBE. At 6-8 who the hell is he going to guard Howard? Gasol? You are a joke. Oh I’m sure he’s a team player setting screens for the whole team. And I’m sure he can post up against those guys as well.NBA2K13 is for kids. Put your headsets on. BAHAHAHAHAH! I have to laugh you are so funny.

  • TD BestEVER

    Nope sorry the days of POP getting off easy are over….. he doesn’t know better than the rest of us…… Not after game 6…… He now has to PROVE again that he is the BEST coach in the NBA because NO OTHER COACH(Not named Vogel) would ave made that choice in the 4th of game 6……

    Also setting screens isn’t hard and Asik sets them for Harden and Li from Houston I’m sure he could set them here…….Plus TD still sets alot of picks and Diaw/Bonner will still have to get some minutes…. So Splitter is basucally Richard Jefferson……RJ didn’t fit well but was talented, Tiago has little talent but fits well…..neither player should ever get 9million in those situations…..

  • TD BestEVER

    Ya and we haven’t won since we started this crazy paying to keep out AVERAGE at best players…… Bonner/Tiago etc…… just stupid, we let go of much better players because they were offered a little more money and now we cripple ourselves with this Albatross of a contract……

    Also Tiago doesn’t guard this guys EXTREMELY well….. he does an AVERAGE JOB AT BEST……SO why do we care if someone else comes in and does a little worse but really produces on the other end or on the boards….. something we need a lot more

  • Melbourne Spur

    Teaching an athletic, offensively talented big man who can rebound and block shots how to set screens effectively is a much easier task than trying to make Tiago suddenly athletic, offensively talented, teach him to rebound and block shots. Just saying.

  • d. iyer

    Thanks for looking up those numbers. It confirms that we overpaid for Tiago. I am not saying that he is a bad player. I think he is good for our system and has certain skills that fit well. The point is $9 million is way too high for a 28 year old player who probably peaked. I would have taken any of those guys over Tiago. Imagine getting Lopez and Scola for nearly the same price.

    I still think Spurs have the best FO but has gotten lucky in the past by drafting two legends in the past two decades. The FO and Pop are the best, but not perfect. I hope they prove me wrong.


    “I say package Blair and a guard”
    I say you stop saying stupid stuff. This is straight out of stupid stuff fans says 101. Fans: “that guy is good, my guy stinks. Why doesn’t my GM trade my guy who stinks for that guy thats good. Give the other team these 3 parts that also stink. Why aren’t they doing this. My GM sucks.”

    Have you in your infinite wisdom thought, why team in earth would make that trade?


    Milsap is not a center. He can’t fill Splitter’s role. Apples….meet oranges.

  • idahospur

    I can’t blame Tiago for losing the title. His play was designed to help us get past Memphis or OKC or Lakers and he did his job. We also won two games in the Finals with him in the starting lineup. The Spurs could have let him walk but I really don’t think we could have had someone better, at least not for a low price.

    Manu may have taken a few nickels more than his current worth, but no fan or member of the Spurs organization could have tolerated seeing him in anything other than silver and black next year. Manu will tell himself he should’ve been better this postseason and will prepare himself to do better the next chance he gets.
    I’m optimistic about Belinelli. I think he’s an upgrade over Neal who played too many minutes this postseason. I get the plantar fasciitis bit (been there, done that, no fun) but it was time to find someone new. Best wishes to Neal and I hope his career develops elsewhere. For Belinelli, Tony was getting harassed by LeBron which prevented our offense from getting started. Belinelli dribbles the ball well enough to make up for this deficiency, plays better defense than Neal, but sacrifices some points off the shot.

    As for Pendergross (I’ve got a year to learn how to spell), I think he can be a solid backup to Leonard and can pick up some slack at the 4 against smaller lineups. He doesn’t need to do much, just be a Spur.

    Wish Blair could’ve played more, but he’s just not a proper fit in today’s NBA. I hope another team gives him a chance and he makes the most of it.

    I think Bonner has done what he’s going to do for this team. I gave him many passes because he fills a small role, but we needed a bit more from him in the Finals. Write him a check and send him along with the best of luck.

    If Greg Oden comes to SA for cheap then great. If not, don’t let him go to Miami. I remain confident that the Spurs can beat any team in this league best of 7, but I don’t want to see Miami get any more potential advantages. I want Miami next June, with Tim Duncan holding the trophy this time.
    The last thoughts, Pop needs to design some plays for Green and Leonard this year. They are ready to show their greatness and allowing them a few moments can be the deciding factor next year.
    GO SPURS GO!!!!

  • TD BestEVER

    Splitter role as the TRUE CENTER on the floor is very limited…… And when playing with TD he played PF as much as he did Center so ye Milsap can handle that just fine….If you don’t remember Against Memphis Tiago guarded Randolph as much as he did Gasol……. watch more games before you speak…..

  • ka-wow be ballin

    we should have tried to sign hickson. im giving the FO a c for this offseason.

  • Mile Mile

    The Spurs has to realize that the real reason that they lost to the Heat is the lack of athleticism. Resigning a back up point guard in Manu, and a role player like Tiago does not solve the problem. The Spus offense often times get stopped because of lack of creation when Tony is tired and slow or for whatever reason not functioning 100%, which was exactly what happened in the finals. What they really need is somebody at 2 or 3 who can create his own shot by himself even at the end of the game, i.e., someone with Manu’s handle and Kwahi’s size and athletic abilities, and can penetrate even when LBJ or KD is on him. In my mind, I would trade Tiago, pay less to Manu, and make a push for Josh Smith. As a plan B, I would like to have Paul Millsap, at least he has energy and can stay late in the game and fight for the board.

  • d. iyer

    I understand most teams wouldn’t do that trade but at least you start negotiating and and another piece to the trade. It would take a stupid GM to give in but it happens. Heck, our FO, the best in the business overpaid two players this offseason.

  • http://www.nba.com/spurs/?tmd=1 TheRealDirtyP1

    I like your post, but in regards to Dejuan you were about half right and you know that. I think the points you were referring to were this year, not when he was a full time starter. It coudl be said when he was that other teams had problems with the Spurs going smaller. He’s a small ball player BUT he doesn’t have an outside game or can guard a 3. He can play against a 4 and sometimes a 5, but any quality 4 or 5(Gasols, ZBo, Love, etc.) will make him a liability. Dejuan reminds me of Malik, with the exception that Malik got a good contract.

  • http://www.nba.com/spurs/?tmd=1 TheRealDirtyP1

    I like your point, especially about SG. I’m really hoping Danny improves his overall game. We know he can shoot the 3, but if he can put the ball on the floor and create, it will open up more things for the offense. I don’t blame Green for that, he fully bought in to playing his role with this team, staying outside, creating space.

  • http://www.nba.com/spurs/?tmd=1 TheRealDirtyP1

    The NBA and MLB are not like the NFL. In the NFL, you sign a big contract and don’t perform, well the money isn’t guaranteed. It’s easy to say someone isn’t making what they should or when you get a lot out of someone that you got luck you didn’t have to pay that much for them, but that’s the way it goes. Does Kawhi play above his pay? Absolutely. Did Manu? Absolutely not. But there were years when Manu produced well above what he was getting paid.

    Stop the crazy talk about Pop. He’s a hall of famer, you live by the sword, you die by it. I think every one of those players are still asking themselves what they could have done(Manu and Kawhi hitting one more free throw) to change things but it’s over. All of his other moves worked that got them there, if you’re just going to point to a “mistake” that the players themselves could have overcome, then I think you have something you don’t like about him that goes deeper.

  • TD BestEVER

    I have ZERO issues with POP in general….I just HATE the way people bow down to him……. saying he NEVER makes a mistake when he clearly did…. When TD struggles. everyone jumps on him but no one ever gets near POP….why…… But the fact of the matter is even with all the players mistakes we had two chances to win that game with a board and TD should have been out there and POP won’t admit his mistake when the players own theirs after every bad game……

    And Manu didn’t deserve the FINAL year of his contract but did most of the others years…. Tiago WILL NEVER BE WORTH 9 Million…… NEVER and that’s why this is a bad contract

  • Adam Rendon

    Manu you should retire. If not—- go find Timmy’s fountain of youth. …Because if you play like you did last season, this is Spurs money waisted.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Your crazy dumb. Don’t even mention RJ and Tiago in the same sentence. Tiago has done more at his position than RJ ever did at his. At least Tiago tries to go to the rim. I didn’t see RJ defend DH, PG, or MG last time I checked. You know I don’t agree with some of the things Pop does either but one thing I do know he knows more than you and me put together when it comes to coaching. It’s not Pop’s fault Kawhi missed a Championship free throw or Timmy missed a Championship put back. He wasn’t on the court for that. Face it in crunch time if you want to be a champion you have to come through and nail those situations. Sometimes you get them and sometimes you don’t. That’s just like the way things happen in yours and everybody’s life.
    Sorry Diaw and Bonner have no business on the court they each have their weaknesses but at least Tiago is a tall defender. That’s what seperates him from those two. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

  • Titletown99030507d

    And he did a damn good job against both of them. And I did see those games.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Where you been? That’s a moot point now. And Tiago will keep doing what he does best to initiate open shots for his team mates, good FT% and go to the line more, improve his rebounding and post moves. Money motivates people and understand the obligation so he will be even better this coming season. Throw him under the bus then later kiss his ass. Typical fair weathered fan.

  • Titletown99030507d

    This won’t happen he has more pride tan you think and he knows he has to play better these last two years to save face with his fans and the spurs family..

  • Titletown99030507d

    He’s Blair with not only an outside shot but a 3 point threat as well.If this kid makes his shots and rebounds and plays Pop ball he will be on the roster or at worst Toros. Like to see him and Richards at least make it to the Toros. In regards to Richards the guy grew he’s at 7- 7’1″ and has put on some pounds. And we all know he can shoot from anywhere on the floor. This summer will be his true measuring stick as to either making the Toros or saying goodbye. Hope he sticks.

  • TD BestEVER

    Being tall isn’t worth 9million and Tiago numbers aren’t better than RJ’s number on any year……But you got your wish……And now the Spurs will suffer for it…… GOING DOWN IN FLAMES……

  • oilpainting

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  • John

    Does anyone write for 48MoH anymore?!

  • Dr. Who

    Big wingspan, I don’t see him as Blair but a much better option. I was about to write, he’s got ACL’s! But the guy was pretty banged up and I think it was his knee. He’s athletic and that’s good, plus the large wingspan. It’ll be interesting to see hat he’s got to offer.

  • Dr. Who

    TO EVERYONE THAT THINKS OUR FO IS STUPID…. When all the Interwebs GMs start looking at the trade machine, matching salaries and say we shoulda got (insert awesome player here) for (insert our scrubs here); keep in mind you have a different job and other players (and other teams) may not want to deal with SA. Woj just wrote an article statIng that the Spurs have been working hard on a S&T for AK47 and it’s finally over with no deal. Flip Saunders has killed it. He isn’t budging even though the spurs presented attractive offers that appealed to the TWolves. FO was trying to make an incredible move, but AK mustah really po’d Saunders. It’s not as easy as saying the FO is stoopid and shoulda got that guy. “That guy” needs to want to be here and his team needs to want what we have to offer. Dang… Woulda loved to have AK here. Woulda been a great fit.

  • Dr. Who

    Interesting though, it’s the 10th and the Spurs haven’t inked any deals as of yet. Nice sign that the FO is working still. We should have published the FA deals by now if we were done.
    Keeping hope alive!

  • Dr. Who

    Well, it’s well past working hours central time and the Spurs, Bucks and T-Wolves haven’t announced squat! Minny made some big things happen, they were going to hold a press conference to announce the Martin signing. That got put on hold. Peko is supposed to be resigned, they have a deal with Brewer lots of moves but not a peep. The spurs have Tiago, Gino, Beli, Pender and not a peep. The Bucks are silent as well. All 3 of those teams have some ties. Bucks with Neal, Minny with AK… There may be a ray of hope. Cavs were interested in AK but have a deal with Bynum now so they’re out for AK. That leaves pretty much only MLE offers for AK. Plus the Spurs always announce their deals on signing day. Curiouser and curiouser…..

  • Dr. Who

    The Rockettes already said Asik was off the table. Besides that, why would on earth would they trade a legit 7 footer to a division rival? Morey isn’t stupid, he went to MIT; he’s isn’t David Kahn. Any trade with us would probably give them Splitter and a floor spacer. They already have D12, you really want to make them better? Zero chance for an Asik deal.

  • Dr. Who

    Dispelling the “Overpaid” Myth

    Disclaimer – I’m bored and 48MOH haven’t written anything in a while so here comes a wall of text; read if you like and ignore if it’s too long. I hate long posts so I understand.

    While I appreciate TDBE’s passion (stirring the pot at least to make things interesting), I think the numbers here are a bit misleading. You can take Scola and Lopez off the above list. We wouldn’t give up Splitter for those guys… C’mon let’s be realistic. Now if we were going to add them with Splitter then OK. But not to replace our 5. We need to save the wear and tear on Tim by letting a big body bang with 5’s for the year and playoffs; sans Miami small ball of course. OK so aside from Millsap’s salary, those contracts you quoted are already in place. They are not new contracts that reflect the current market. I had already stated in a previous thread that I expected Tiago to get between 8MM to 10MM. I’m not some soothsayer genius, most every NBA Analyst was saying the same thing. Even the writers here at 48MOH said as much and I’m sure they watch plenty of basketball. :)

    Asik basically set the market with his contract last year. Let’s look at that contract… From a money standpoint it’s more than Tiago’s yearly average. While the cap hit is about 8.3MM… he’s still got ~20MM on his contract for the final 2 years. Morey signed him with a poison pill contract, back loaded at 15MM in the final year. So we’d have to pay him 1MM more a year than Tiago. And while he’s a defensive stalwart, his offensive game is a bad one. I watch too many Rockettes games here in Houston. Asik is a defensive big and a good one at that. So where is the scoring going to come from that we needed against Miami? It isn’t as easy as saying the salaries match, the Rockettes need to WANT to send him here. They give their I-10 division rival a defensive anchor to go along with TD that they get to see pound on D12? Morey is a bit too smart for that, he went to MIT. He’s wicked smart…

    Players have to want to play in SA too. We have no idea if the FO even approached Milsap or not. Mislap declined a long term deal from the Jazz earlier this year that was just a shade under what he is going to get paid with the Hawks. Did he even want to play in SA? Look, I’d have loved to have an offensively gifted guy like Milsap here WITH Tiago. But Millsap is a 6’8” four that is athletic and quick enough to cover 3’s. He’s not a perennial 7’ center post up defender. The Spurs value defensive over offense from the 5 because they need someone to take the load of banging big bodies away from TD. You can’t just give away a defensive 7 footer with decent feet for an undersized yet gifted scoring 4. Tiago’s cap hit will probably be 8.5-9MM next year. Milsap will average half a million more for the 2 years of his contract. We’d end up paying more money for a scorer that may or may not fit in the system and is only 6’8”.

    Gortat is actually booked to make closer to 8MM next year at 7.7MM not 7.2MM. But the contract is expiring. If you swap Tiago for Gortat, you’ll be back to negotiating and paying for another center in 2014. Expect him to want more money per year and just look at the contracts that have been signed for 7 footers recently. Plus we’d risk losing him next year. He’s currently under contract, Phoenix is rebuilding and just drafted what they think is a franchise center; why would they want Tiago or our scrubs? It isn’t as simple as saying, we shoulda got Gortat! Phoenix has to WANT to ship him here. Plus there’s no guarantee he stays and he will most likely demand a higher contract next year. Oddly enough,what Phoenix fans say about Gortat is that he’s soft and overpaid; pretty much what the local haters say about Splitter. Phoenix wouldn’t do the deal anyway, what’s in it for them? Those Gortat rumors died a quick death when the guy who “broke” the story hours later “broke” the story that the Spurs wer no longer insterested in Gortat becuase now they were focusing on Oden.

    How about Verijao? So he’s still under contract and an improving player. His contract is 9.1MM next year and 9.8MM the year after. He’s also got a 5% trade kicker so you need to tack on 5% on top of his current salary. If you adjust Tiago’s numbers to the 36 minutes that Verijao plays, his numbers are very similar. So again why do the Spurs and Cleveland do this deal? Why does Cleveland want Tiago? They just landed Bynum and Verijao has a trade kicker. Why do the Spurs want to pay a HIGHER salary plus the 5% for a new player that will give you similar numbers as Tiago? Keep in mind both players do things for their respective teams that don’t show up on the stat sheet as well. The Spurs already know how Tiago fits with the team, how would Verijao fit? His salary is clearly higher than Tiago’s to boot.

    So let’s look at the market for the other 7 foot bigs that signed. Josh Smith, average of 13.5MM/year. Al Jefferson, average of 13.5MM/year. So were the Spurs ever in the running for these guys? No… That’s too much money to pay for offensive minded bigs. Could they have helped the Spurs? Sure, offense never hurts (especially against Miami). Could they have hurt the Spurs defensively or in the locker room (Smith)? Sure, we’ll never know… No telling how they would have fit in defensively or with the team otherwise. When you were that close to a championship, the FO is not looking to gamble away the last years of TD’s career with a “maybe” he fits in defensively, but instead bet on the devil you know (at less money).

    Almost forgot, Minny has reported a deal in the works for Pekovich at 12.5MM/yr. Do you see the pattern here? As the offseason article stated, if you are 7ft and can put one foot in front of the other you get paid in the NBA. It doesn’t look like the Spurs overpaid for Splitter and no NBA analysts have blasted the Spurs FO for signing him at 9MM/year. The only people blasting the Spurs are a very small handful of internet bloggers and internet GM’s; not actual NBA analysts. Even the writers at 48MOH stated it was a “market value” contract Funny though… most all centers of note that brokered new multi-year deals after Tiago, signed for more than 9MM/year. Tiago’s contract is a good one since 7 footers are overpaid. He’s tradeable if need be as well.

    The FO doesn’t get an A this offseason. I’d give them a B- to a C not the F that many cliff jumpers are giving them here. An average grade for keeping the core and not losing any key pieces. Maybe some extra credit for landing Beli. They obviously have been working for AK47, but unless a miracle happens only a S&T is left since the Spurs announced Beli, Pender and Gino signing. We can’t use cap space to sign him anymore. There is only a minute chance of a S&T now. Sad day indeed… But as long as MInny hasn’t renounced his rights, in my best Lloyd Christmas voice, “So you’re saying there’s a chance!”

  • Dr. Who

    Damn… Kirilenko is signing with the Nets. Sad… Funny how this comes out after we published that our signing were official. FO was wokring but couldn’t get a deal done. Flip Saunders sucks!

  • mile mile

    Yes money motivates people. But he already got the money, so there goes the motif.
    Whatever his value is, it is in the first 45 minutes. But what gives you championships is the last 3 minutes. That is why he does not worth it.

  • mile mile

    AK was a fast player that is no longer fast. doesn’t worth it. Plus, he is too prone to injuries.

  • Titletown99030507d
  • Titletown99030507d

    AK47 2 yrs 6 mil. So he’s gone too bad. What’s worse 25 yr old 6′-9″ SF Casspi signs for 2 yrs 2 mil. And the Rockets at that. I don’t get it – going after an old AK who really isn’t what he used to be and ignoring a young player who can shoot the crap out of the ball and play defense. What was the FO thinking. Now he’s with the rockets who is stock piling talent. Oh man and he was cheap.

  • TD BestEVER

    I agree I wrote we should have tried to get Caspi back when he was with The Kings and was on the trading block….He is like 6-8 or something….We need to get someone to play back up SF – because Bellineli isn’t big or tough enough for that spot and Green needs as much time on 2guards as possible……

  • TP5207

    Is there any money to sign Brandan Wfight? We need an athletic big with long arms off the bench.

  • TP5207

    That’s Brandan Wright. Thumbs too big for the keyboard…

  • John

    I repeat, does anyone write for 48MoH anymore?!

  • Dr. Who

    We do! It’s the offseason cut em some slack…
    Not much to report aside from summer league.

    Nando looked terrible, Deshaun showed his scoring translates to the next level (or at least summer league).

    Turns out Portland submitted a 9MM offer for Tiago. Spurs matched quickly, thus the 9MM wasn’t the Spurs number but Portland’s.

    Nuther summer league game today. Hopefully they actually post Baynes this game. He didn’t do much last game. CoJo looked solid hitting a game winning 3.

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