Advanced Scouting: San Antonio Spurs at Cleveland Cavaliers


San Antonio Spurs at Cleveland Cavaliers 6:00 CST March 2, 2011

Tonight the Spurs try to pick themselves up after a 109-93 loss to the Grizzlies as they take on the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers. Since losing 26 straight, Cleveland has gone 3-3 and acquired Baron Davis. Their last 4 games include wins over the New York and the LA Lakers to go with competitive losses to Philadelphia and Houston. The Spurs, meanwhile are still trying to adjust to Parker’s injury after a last night’s loss.

In the first meeting in San Antonio, the Spurs beat the Cavs by the score of 116-92 on November 20. Mo Williams, who was traded to the Clippers, led all scorers with 21, but was no match for the Spurs balanced attack.

The Spurs top 6 players in minutes all had offensive ratings of at least 128. (Duncan struggled in only 17 minutes). The Spurs made 12 of 25 threes, 31 of 56 from 2 point range and 18 of 22 from the line. Parker and Ginobili were excellent facilitators, combining to set up 10 layups or dunks. In total, 13 of 18 close shots and 11 of their 12 treys were assisted. The Spurs set up 50 easy possessions (spot ups, cuts or pick and rollman) leading to 70 points. The Cavs only manufactured 35 of these plays resulting in 37 points.

Baron Davis is listed as doubtful for tonight’s game, but eventually he figures to make the Cavs much better. (Antwan Jamison will also not play after suffering a season ending injury.) With Davis likely out, this next piece seems less meaningful for tonight’s game, but since I already wrote it up I may as well include it.

I suspect that Baron Davis is not considered a significant upgrade from Mo Williams, but historical results indicate otherwise. (I don’t mean to discount Moon, who could be a significant defensive contributor.) Although Davis hasn’t made an all star game in seven years, his team has missed him in every season. The following table compares represents the improvement in +/- per 48 minutes when a player is in the game (not accounting for teammates, so Mo Williams benefitted when playing with Lebron more often than teammates).

Plus Minus On Court - Plus Minus Off Court (per 48 minutes)


Although Baron Davis only had an offensive rating exceeding 110 one time in his career and doesn’t have a notable defensive reputation, he creates value in many other ways. (Williams had offensive ratings of 115 and 112 the past two seasons.) Davis gets to the rim nearly twice as frequently, is capable of drawing fouls and creating his own jumper.

Merely 20% of William’s three’s were created on his own in 2008/09 and 2009/10, whereas Davis creates about 50% of his treys. Overall, Baron Davis creates 75% of his own shots, whereas Mo Williams created merely half of his shots the past two seasons (66% this year). Most directly, the ability to create your own shot limits the requirement of a risky pass to set you up. Somewhat predictably, Mo Williams ORTG has dropped to 96 this year. His 3P% has plummeted to 27% (from 43%). Although playing for a lesser team should make Davis’ looks more difficult, his style should result in a much smaller drop than Williams experienced. Additionally, his extra valuable passing and ability to create steals and draw charges contribute to his value beyond the box score.

Key Statistics (effective 2/28)

SRS ranks:

Cleveland: -9.5 (30th)
San Antonio: 6.85 (1st)

Player summary statistics from and

Cavaliers Player Ratings

Antawn Jamison5632.925.81041120.0591.23
Anderson Varejao3132.113.21131090.0987.32
Anthony Parker5029.6151051140.0380.77
Mo Williams3629.625.9961140.013-5.35
Baron Davis4329.523.51041100.0782.49
Daniel Gibson472920.21071150.048-1.44
J.J. Hickson5726.825.3941100.003-7.69
Ramon Sessions5826.322.81121140.105-0.2
Christian Eyenga232517.6891110.023N/A
Alonzo Gee1720.812.2991110.028N/A
Jamario Moon4019.112.41011110.035-3.36
Manny Harris3718.419.3991130.016N/A
Jawad Williams261517811150.075-8.22
Samardo Samuels2314.419.8951130.007N/A
Ryan Hollins4813.614.41101140.059-8.09

Spurs Player Ratings

Tony Parker5932.424.81141060.169-1.18
Manu Ginobili5931.226.51161030.2054.83
Richard Jefferson5931.215.91161070.126-1.01
Tim Duncan5928.923.1109990.176.53
George Hill5328.117.41181060.153-1.53
DeJuan Blair5922.120.2104990.134-0.09
Matt Bonner4322.112.61311060.1654.05
Gary Neal5719.9201091070.106-0.24
Antonio McDyess5417.914.71031010.1062.86
James Anderson1212.616.71091080.091N/A
Tiago Splitter4111.217.71101020.139N/A
Chris Quinn375.915.71021080.062N/A
Steve Novak65.713.31421060.205N/A

Player trends, based on Efficiency per 48 minutes:

Cavaliers Player Trends

PlayerSeasonLast 10Increase
Ramon Sessions26.234.78.5
J.J. Hickson23.230.16.9
Jamario Moon17.2246.8
Anthony Parker16.221.14.9
Alonzo Gee14.918.53.6
Manny Harris18.320.92.6
Mo Williams21.123.42.3
Samardo Samuels17.719.51.8
Baron Davis23.624.81.2
Christian Eyenga15.216.31.1
Antawn Jamison23.924.40.5
Jawad Williams18.318.30
Ryan Hollins17.912.8-5.1
Daniel Gibson18.412.7-5.7

Spurs Player Trends

PlayerSeasonLast 10Increase
Gary Neal18.421.43
DeJuan Blair27.930.32.4
Antonio McDyess23.125.42.3
Tim Duncan32.734.92.2
Steve Novak19.619.60
Matt Bonner19.919.3-0.6
George Hill23.421.9-1.5
Manu Ginobili28.426.1-2.3
Richard Jefferson18.114.2-3.9
Chris Quinn13.65.1-8.5

Lineup data

Most valuable/utilized lineups:


Williams, Gibson, Parker, Jamison, Varejao +11 in 233 minutes (+0.7 per 100 possessions)
Sessions, Eyenga, Parker, Jamison, Hickson -9 in 155 minutes (-2.3 per 100)
Sessions, Gibson, Williams, Jamison, Hollins +22 in 65 minutes (+16.8 per 100)
Sessions, Harris, Gee, Hickson, Samuels -10 in 22 minutes (-25 per 100)

No other Cavs unit of current healthy players has played more than 7 minutes together.


Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, Blair, Duncan +139 in 648 minutes (+10.2 per 100)
Hill, Neal, Ginobili, Bonner, McDyess +65 in 94 minutes (+36.4 per 100)

The Spurs have actually played better without Parker this season (at least prior to last night).

The Pick


The Cavs have played better as of late and should benefit from the home crowd, whereas the Spurs are coming off a blowout loss to the Grizzlies and will once again be without Tony Parker on the second night of a back to back. That said, the Cavs missing pieces (Varejao and recently Jamison, Mo Williams and Moon) are significant and they probably won’t have Baron Davis to offset these losses. This game should decisively favor the Spurs.

  • rob

    “Parker and Ginobili were excellent facilitators, combining to set up 10 layups or dunks.”

    Hill is not. Perhaps another line up change would be in order and allow Neal to try his hand at facilitating. I know it sounds crazy but Neal has done a decent job at finding open people in the last few games he’s played.

    I think another game like Memphis shouldn’t be expected…but lets not take the chance on the same outcome by playing Hill in a position he’s not suited to play. Also, it would be nice if the team’s bigs would do the things bigs are suppose to do like rebound and defend the rim. At least many of the players are well rested being they saw limited action the night before.

    I know it’s going to be tough without Tony, but these are the moments that can define a team for the rest of the season. Find a way. Pull it off. Go Spurs Go!

    Spurs by 6 after finding their inner strength and cohesion as a team without Parker.

  • Jacques


    I see your point, but the reality is Hill is going to start no matter what. Whether Tony is out for one game or one month, Hill is going to be (at least listed as) the starting PG.

    That said, the Manu and Hill are going to share the ball and both of them will have to work to get the offense going. I think we are fortunate to face the Cavs tonight b/c it puts off a lot of pressure off and see which plays work out. Hopefully George can reduce turnovers, or at least give the ball to Timmy if there are no other ways.

    Go Spurs

  • Pittsburgh Spurs Fan

    There will be at least 2 Spurs fans in attendance tonight. (well at least 1 super fan and his wife who is a fan by default. ha. Tix to tonights game were my Christmas present from her!). Leaving work early to make the trip up for my one chance to watch the boys live this year (and my 2nd time ever in my 20+ years of fandom).

    Hoping Pop gets them fired up after last night’s stink bomb and they come out strong and break Cleveland’s will from the get-go.

    I don’t see Dallas doing 5 games better than us during this Parker-less stretch. As long as we can stick around 500 or 600 we should be able to maintain our HCA lead over them.

    Does anyone else see this as a possible beneficial time as Pop gives out some minutes to some other guys who need to get back in shape? (Anderson?! Let’s go!)

    Still feeling great about our chances this post-season and enjoying the ride. I’ll try to represent for everyone tonight. Keep up the great work on this blog.


  • TheRealKman

    I haven’t heard anything on the Brewer / Thornton front this morning but the Timberwolves bought out Eddie Curry yesterday. Should the Spurs give him a shot? Maybe with Pop’s guidance he could jump-start his career in San Antonio.

  • Alix Babaie

    This game has got to be a bounce back win for the S&B tonight.

    I was so pissed at the horrible play – they had more turnovers than the Pillsbury Doughboy – that I desperately looked for things to be optimistic about.

    Well, Tiago got some burn, Anderson scored a little and Novak hit a nice three but other than that I was completely disgusted.

    They looked completely out of sync (no doubt due to the head of the snake being chopped off) but they really helped in making the Grizz look better by giving the damn ball away so much.

    When Gasol was booted I thought we were going to whip their ass and then the exact opposite happens.

    Oh well, we need to rebound tonight and win this game to hit the big five-oh!

  • Timothy Varner

    Pittsburgh Spurs Fan,

    I’m covering the game. Give a shout if I’m within distance.

  • Captain Late

    A few things:

    1. Captain Late – remember? That’s James Silas’ nickname. He always showed up in the 4th quarter of games, after Gervin and Mike Mitchell cooled off. I started watching the Spurs as a 5yr old at the old Hemisfair Arena in 1979…Had the Ice Man poster on my bedroom wall as a kid.

    2. I’m a spurs fan, but love two things more than the Spurs: a) having a little fun with ultra-sensitive people in chat rooms and b) reality.

    3. Look, I loved watching the Spurs through the course of the season, but something never felt right as we ripped off a franchise record for wins and flirted with the magic 70 win level…probably our horrific defense and heavy reliance on three point shooting…I knew we were one injury away from a bad, bad slide…My hope was that the serious injury would happen to someone like Bonner, but not Tony…he is the most underrated player in the history of the NBA…he’s a FINALS MVP against LeBron for crying out loud…

    4. I thought we would lose by 15, we lost by 16…I believe it will be a close game tonight against the Cavs but result in an L…As the Knicks and Lakers know, Cleveland is much better than their NBA worst record…

    5. Very concerned about the Mavs…5 back and we have a really challenging schedule and no “Captain” on the floor…i.e. no one that run the point like TP

    6. I like Pop, but honestly I have been disappointed in his inability to get our team to really lock down defensively (see the losses to Orlando, Philadelphia, Portland and Chicago as prime examples)

    7. We sat still at the trade deadline, and as much as RC Buford & Co do a great job, we had to get a quality defender and rebounder…other contenders made key moves and we sat still…unacceptable as we have glaring weaknesses

    8. Apologies for getting everyone so upset (I was astounded at the sensitivity of my fellow S&B) but it was all in good fun.

    9. I HATE THE LAKERS. If the Spurs cannot right the ship, and I fear they won’t, then at least I will enjoy watching the Lakers fail to threepeat.

    Pound the Rock!

  • Dave M

    Captain Late –
    #9, I’m a Lakers fan and feel so badly that you guys actually lost a game last night, haha.
    #7, you should sign Curry. Please, sign Curry.
    #2, Not being sensitive, or a fan of reality, please feel free to visit my entirely factual look at Craig Sager,

  • TD21

    Captain Late

    It’s hard to believe a team’s fan not being behind his team, let alone a team on a franchise record run. I thought the handle was familiar but I couldn’t remember where I read your comments. Until #9. Please don’t profess to be a Spurs fan when you’re really not. Your team is still leading the East, there’s no shame in that.

  • rob

    @ TheRealKman

    Thorton to sign with Warriors.

  • DorieStreet

    Even though Gibson, Hickson, Parker, Sessions, etc., have been together awhile during this abysmal season, I feel the recent changes will be too much (especially Jamison) and will succumb to a team that should come to the court with an individual and collective pride to put forth a bonafide professional effort tonight.

    Besides, the Spurs have much at stake in getting this win than the Cavs do.

  • Captain Late

    TD21 –

    I am Spurs fan. My son even has an Obi Won Ginobli T-Shirt.

    This season will be Pop’s greatest test….huge expectations from the fan base given the hot start…plus scary downside if the Spurs fall flat on their face the remainder of the reg season / playoffs…and the fact that Duncan’s window is closing…

    Here is the key if we want to hold HCA and make a strong run in the playoffs: TP must return close to healthy and ginobli has to be more consistent…

  • jwalt

    My only true concern going forward is that Blair continues to start, and continues to put the team in a hole. He’s at best the 4th best big on the team. McDyess should start, Bonner should play the exact role he’s playing now, and Blair should come in when the other team’s subs are in. Then his quickness and strength will work. But his lack of defensive fundamentals just get us killed against the best of our opponents.

    I’m sorry, Tiago just can’t do it. He can be effective in certain situations, but more likely he’s going to get torched.

    Hill, play better! And RJ, take on some damn responsibility!!

    Okay, I know, it’s crazy to break up a starting rotation that is 49-11. I know.

  • rob

    @ jwalt

    “Okay, I know, it’s crazy to break up a starting rotation that is 49-11. I know.”

    Not crazy if the team isn’t getting 49-11 results in the last games of the season. If anything…a change may do some good to break up the “monotony” if such a thing exists with teams or outcomes don’t match the first 60 games just to infuse some excitement about actually playing.

    That plus it would give Pop a better idea of what might/might not work in rotational patterns once playoffs begin. If anything, he can always go back to the tried and true line up that amounted to getting the team to this point prior to Parker’s absense.

  • rob

    Once Parker resumes play.

  • TD = Best EVER

    OK last night was an extremely tough game to watch. Hill was “Captain give it away man”, Bonner/RJ were only there in Spirit and we got crushed again on the glass. I know the final tallies make it seem close but if you watched the game you would know that it wasn’t. At one point in the 3rd they had like 6 straight put backs. That’s just god awful. I know we miss TP, but TP goingdown has nothing to do with us not being able to rebound, guard Tony Allen/Darrel Arthur.

    WE need Brewer/Powe badly.

    Tonight we need to just dump it in to TD and let him/Manu run the show. SO POP has to make that adjustment and stop all this high octane offense garbage……. Defense wins championships.
    And can we please run a play for RJ. And pub Blair back on the bench.

  • ITGuy

    @Captain Late
    your Spurs “fan” card has been removed, your services are no longer needed/wanted.

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ Scott or anyone with the time

    Can you find out what is TD FG% this year when posting up. It just seems like he missed so many jumpers that his FG% always looks bad, but does seem to make 50% of his post shots.

  • rob


    “WE need Brewer/Powe badly.”

    Agreed. Brewer (though light in weight) could actually be used effectively because of his athletic ability to help on weak side D in the post.

    Unfortunately it appears Dallas may be the leading team simply because they have their full mle to offer Brewer. San Antonio only has 1.2 to 1.5 and are only 1 mil shy of being over the cap. Also two other teams have jumped into the “Brewer sweepstakes”…Charlotte and New Orleans.

    At this point what would seemed to have been a logical choice may be fading fast in this race of acquisition.

  • Alix Babaie

    Captain Late
    March 2nd, 2011 at 8:00 am TD21 –

    I am Spurs fan. My son even has an Obi Won Ginobli T-Shirt.

    This season will be Pop’s greatest test….huge expectations from the fan base given the hot start…plus scary downside if the Spurs fall flat on their face the remainder of the reg season / playoffs…and the fact that Duncan’s window is closing…

    Here is the key if we want to hold HCA and make a strong run in the playoffs: TP must return close to healthy and ginobli has to be more consistent…

    It appears to me that a true fan would know how to spell GINOBILI!!!!

  • Bentley


    “And can we please run a play for RJ”

    Absolutely agreed. This is a guy who has been a 2o point scorer for a good amount of his career. He has only gotten like two or three shots a game, and they are all just open three pointers. Put the ball in his hands, run him off screens, throw him more lobs, post him up, the guy is a proven scorer. I wish he was much more involved on the offensive end then he currently is

  • jwalt

    Run a play for RJ? The last guy who wants that is RJ. He was wide open twice on the 3-point line, fumbled the perfect pass to him, and by the time he gathered the ball the shot was lost. He needs to want the ball and take on some responsibility, right now he’s running away from both.

  • DBAGuy

    Is it me or after last night’s performance and the great comments from Pop stating that Brewer would prob not find a lot of playing time may really scare Brewer away from the Spurs?

    Whats the deadline for Brewer signing with a team?

  • Obi Won Ginobili

    Does anyone think we should look at Arroyo? Might be a good insurance policy if TP is out longer than we expected.

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ DBAGuy –

    Brewer can be claimed off waivers today or tomorrow and then he has until the last regular season game to be added for the playoffs. But more often than not he will join a team by Friday at the latest.

    @ jwalt

    We have basically turned RJ into a Bruce Bowen/Michael Finley Clone on Offense. All he does is sit around and wait for an open 3…… him getting only 6-7 shots a game is criminal and POP and our FO need to man up and admit they should have never signed him or find away to showcase his talents better. Because at this point we are not getting our $ worth from him, and I’m not sure if RJ being more aggressive is the answer. He is a role player now, playing the role that POP and others coached him to play over the summer.

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ Obi Won Ginobili

    Yes we need an actual ball handler on out team. Quinn just doesn’t have the talent, and Hill is a mess when he tries to do to much. I would rather look into Temple, but Arroyo will fit in fine. He is better than Quinn is now……..

  • rob

    Regarding PG’s

    I think this analogy whether liked or not is what will prevail.

    Personally I’m in favor of Neal running some point. He knows the system better than any new member could learn in the brief period they would play until Parker gets back.

  • jwalt

    TD Best — I just feel it’s a 2 way street regarding RJ. I agree that is what he has become, but I think part of that is on him. Some athletes just don’t want the responsibility of winning on their shoulders, I think Jefferson is firmly in that camp.

    As poorly as Hill played last night, to his credit he never shies away from responsibility.

    And a big ‘NO’ to Neal playing the point. Just not a good enough ball handler. Teams would pressure the crap out of him, just like they did when Pop experimented with Mason as a point guard. Neal has been wonderful, let’s not ask too much of him. He’s probably never been a point guard his entire life. The NBA is a tough place to start (just ask Hill).

  • rob

    @ jwalt

    “Neal has been wonderful, let’s not ask too much of him. He’s probably never been a point guard his entire life. The NBA is a tough place to start (just ask Hill).”

    I can see your point. However, I don’t think playing Neal at point a few minutes in the right situation would jeopardize his confidence in what he does now. This kid is showing to be a tough minded individual and ready for the nba.

    I think the article is just referring to using Manu and Neal as options more so than what transpired last night when Hill was asked to handle more than he could.

    I also agree with the article that just getting a pg via waiver for replacement in a few games is not the answer either. It takes a lot of learning this system to be efficient at pg with this team.

  • Pittsburgh Spurs Fan

    I’m not sure what you look like, but I think we have pretty decent seats so we shouldn’t be too far from the court (in one of the 100’s sections). We’ll both be rockin grey Spurs T’s. The plus side of LeBron leaving Cleveland (as much as I disliked “the decision”) is that it is really easy to get decent seats now. Hitting the road soon. Go Spurs!

  • Ruel

    They will be fine. G.I Hill will start in the Point Guard position and I think he can get the job done? He done it before. They just need to work with it. They will be fine tonight against Cleveland and ready for the next big two games coming ahead. Get will soon Tony. Stay Healthy San Antonio Spurs and give them the 48 minutes of Team Hell Defense…Defense…Defense…!!!

  • Titletown99030507

    Uh people Splitter’s first game back from a freak injury that was initiated by Manu by accident uh last time I checked when we got him he wasn’t going to be Timmy and score 50 points a game. He’s had 6 20 minute games in 60 games. Riiight. And you expect him to be your savoir? Blame Pop for not getting him conditioned and experienced enough to help this team all the while a healthy 7 footer sat collecting DNPs. Just to play an undersized center who for some deem it sexy, the whole way and now its result is manifesting into the ugly reality. Regardless of how many points Splitter can or cannot score his time on the court now is crucial to get his body in sync to utilize his bigger body for the greater purpose. People it was his first game back and playing with the other B teamers. Back away from the Splitter bashing, and oh yeah by the way Sexy don’t feed the bulldog.

  • Titletown99030507

    Actually Quinn isn’t too bad at handling the ball and running the floor as long he doesn’t try to be TP and go into the lane for some action. That’s what point guards are supposed to do right? Everybody would complain when TP went into the lane too much and forgot to feed his teammates, now they wish he was on the court hogging the ball. Fickle fans.

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ jwalt

    Not to argue, but RJ was way more aggressive last year remember. When TD got more touches in the post, RJ would cut through the lane alot back then. Now that we are a pick and roll team and POP wants him spotted up in the corner for spacing purposes, he doesn’t cut through the lane at all. So i think POP needs to go back to the same sets that made him aggressive last year, and RJ needs to then make those same cuts and look to boost his offensive productivity….

    @ Titletown99030507

    “And you expect him to be your savoir? Blame Pop for not getting him conditioned and experienced enough to help this team all the while a healthy 7 footer sat collecting DNPs.”

    Sorry dude its not Pops fault that this guy is soft and brittle. And no we were not expecting a 2nd coming of TD. But 10-6 in 20-25 min a game shouldn’t have been too much to ask. He just doesn’t have the GAME to get it done. His all around game just isn’t enough to get minutes over Blair’s rebounding and good finishing at the rim. Or Bonner’s shooting. Dice is just BETTER in all categories. So the fact that Splitter can’t prove that he is a better player than Bonner is pretty sad.

    “Everybody would complain when TP went into the lane too much and forgot to feed his teammates, now they wish he was on the court hogging the ball. Fickle fans.”

    And no I don’t want TP back and hogging the ball. I want Hill to do what he did last year. Dribble the ball across half-court, hand or pass off to the wing, go screen away, and spot up in the corner. That’s not hard.

  • jwalt

    titletown — not to nitpick, but I didn’t know that Duncan was an undersized center (and he is their center).

    I agree with TD Best last post completely. I will add that this is the first year that Parker hasn’t been a ball hog. Signing him was the single smartest move the Spurs made this season, otherwise he would have been playing for a contract and looking for his own numbers. And the 2nd best move Pop made was starting Manu. It’s was nonsense not starting him. Look at the records of the seasons he started vs. those he didn’t.

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  • Hobson13

    Looks like the Spurs struck out yet again. Brewer is reportedly signing with the Mavs.

  • SAJKinBigD

    Am I hearing right? Brewer’s going to the Mavs? Huh? Why?

  • SAJKinBigD

    Guess I should’ve refreshed before I posted, huh, Hobson? Ugh. Guess he wants the cash after all. I am really, really starting to loathe the Mavs. Thought the Chandler injury was Karma, but now…

    Now what do we do?

  • judd;_ylt=AsXHyxVpPJiK9VlwP9DChwa8vLYF?slug=aw-brewermavericks030211

    brewer’s a mav because they could, and did, offer more $.

    and hill isn’t a traditional passing pg, but let’s not forget that he played great for us at the 1 last year. i swear the same spurs fans that wanted tony to be traded are now saying hill shouldn’t run the point. it’s one game. it was a horrible, disgusting game and hill couldn’t have played worse. he looked lost and scared, but… it was one game. let’s calm down and see how he responds tonight.

  • Alix Babaie

    It sucks that the Spurs won’t be getting Brewer, I wonder if they will even consider Carlos Arroyo?

    Count me among those who is not a big Quinn fan.

  • Alix Babaie

    I don’t agree with all of what TD = BE posts but I think taking a flyer on Leon Powe would be alright.

    The guy can D up and has some height….he was nails for the Celtics when they won their last NBA title.

  • Hobson13

    March 2nd, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    At this point, there really aren’t any great options with regards to free agent pickups. We might as well admit that the Spurs are the ugly ducklings of the league. The press virtually ignores our great start. Instead they focus on Boston, LA, Miami, and NY. And now the decent free agents are going to all the contenders (Boston, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and who knows where else) but San Antonio. Well at least we’ve been able to enjoy the good season while it lasted.

  • jwalt

    Corey Brewer is not the answer for anyone’s problems. Stoyakovic’s signing is a hundred times worse for the Spurs than is Brewer. Carlisle will give him 2 or 3 chances and then wonder why the hell they bothered signing him.


    Mark Cuban and the Mavs are just a bunch of greedy bastards constantly bringing in the next free agent. On a team with 3 SGs and 3SFs, where is this dude even going to get playing time?
    The fact that they can put Jason Kidd, Corey Brewer, Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler out there on defense at once is just scary. Especially since their team was already a really good defensive ball club letting up under 96 a game.

    We just need to be healthy, that is all. Pop said they had a list of players they were looking at bringing in… curious to see what they actually do now after this recent swing and miss.

  • Jacques

    Well the upside to Brewer’s signing is that somebody is gonna have to sit in the bench whether that is Peja, Marion, Stevenson, Brewer etc..

  • SAJKinBigD

    I know Brewer’s not THE answer, but he could’ve been a nice piece for us. For the Mavs, he’s just a guy; a guy that’s not playing for the Spurs.

    @Hobson: You’re ugly duckling analogy is apt. Why is it that when players are asked for whom they want to play and Pop or the Spurs is one of the top answers (I know this is a yearly poll someone does), when it comes time to put paper to pen, our guys are shut out?

    I want the Silver and Black to win this year more than any other – and STICK it hard to the major market darlings while doing it. Let’s not go into woe-is-me mode, y’all! Let’s take it as a challenge to our team and root them on all the harder!

  • DBAGuy

    Well, I blame Brewer not signing with us on Pop and last night’s performance. Why the heck would he sign with us for less money when we got whooped badly and Pop mentioned that any player they acquire would not make it into the rotation at all.

    So more money, maybe playing time and a team thats playing great ball, its a simple choice really..

  • DBAGuy

    Well, I can’t* blame Brewer…

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ DBAGuy

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    Our FO doesn’t pursue FA’s hard enough……If you notice Boston/Dallas are linked to everybody. I’m sure they are calling folks as soon as they are available. But anyway if we don’t win it all this year it our FO to blame. We have been in need of Defense in the paint and on the perimeter all year long and haven’t made a move.