The Matt Bonner Challenge


Over at TrueHoop today, I published a piece on a fun little shooting competition that’s taken hold of the Spurs, The Bonner Challenge.

The Bonner Challenge, as it has come to be known, tests the ability of these Spurs to knock down a series of shots without missing, and have a little friendly competition while doing so.

“The first rule of Bonner Challenge is you don’t talk about Bonner Challenge,” says Matt Bonner, the game’s patron saint.

To complete the Bonner Challenge a player must hit a: right-handed layup, left-handed layup, free throw, jumper from the top of the key, two 3-pointers from the top of the arc, another jump shot from the top of the key, a second free throw, another left-handed layup and one last right-handed layup. All without missing. All in a row.

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