48MoH TV Postgame Show: Thunder even series with Spurs


The Spurs again fell in Oklahoma City to the Thunder. According to the old cliche, this series has yet to start.

Join us as we talk about what went wrong in Game 4. We’ll mention a little about what went right, but mostly what went wrong.

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  • Adam Brunell

    To sum up what you guys said,
    less Bonner (not shooting confidently or well),
    less Green (defensively, does not have a good match up to guard anybody on D, also can’t hit 3’s),
    less Splitter (can’t hit FT’s, can’t punish a small defender when the Thunder switch),
    slightly less Neal (defensive liability, couldn’t even hide him on Fisher, slows game down on offense, yet has important play making skills on offense so needs some time).

    More Blair, Diaw, Jackson, Kawhi to eat up those minutes. Also more Manu and Tony together, as Thabo can only guard one of them. Similarly, more Tony and Blair together, their chemistry on the pick and roll is better than Manu’s and Blair’s is.

    Seems like Pop has to rethink rotations, hope he actually will. In other news, Duncan should post up the right block so he can spin back to his right hand. Worked twice that game.

    Question: do they defend Ibaka the same way? he shoots 46% on those jumpers, which this series is better than Westbrook, Fisher, Perkins, etc. Of course he will regress to the mean, but there is usually another Thunder player on the floor I’d rather see shooting than Ibaka. Also, the Spurs gave up an insane number of dunks and layups. That needs to change because with Thabo on Tony, the Spurs can’t generate enough offense to offset the easy points given away on dunks.

  • Jim

    1) I want to see Manu play 30+ minutes
    2) I don’t want Bonner on the floor
    3) I’ve been asking for Duncan to post up more, but he clearly can’t do it effectively for some reason
    4) Neal should start and guard Thabo. Green is not a good matchup
    5) We need to force Westbrook, let him try beat you 1-1, don’t allow him to pass
    6) Play like a man Tony. Are you going to play closer once in your life? Manu always has to bail him out

  • Adam Brunell

    1) yes, but he has to limit his live ball TO’s.
    2) agreed
    3)Duncan needs to get back to shooting over his right shoulder. Ibaka and Perkins can block or challenge the shot.
    4) I agree, if Neal can hide on a limited offensive player, he is more valuable than Green
    5) The more stupid Westbrook-y things that happen the better.
    6) Thabo is guarding him, and if he gets past Thabo there’s Ibaka. That’s hard to score against. Also Tony was huge in the overtime game against Memphis last year, and that was against a great defender (Conley I think).