What’s the Story: Spurs winning streak snapped in OKC


  • fkj74

    Good game, some missed chances, next game keep Danny on Jackson. Go Spurs!

  • Graham

    Figured we had a good shot at dropping this one. Played extremely well for the most part and held up against some unreal performances by the Thunder Bench. If we don’t miss those gimmes toward the end outcome could be completely different. Few things:

    Good to know Kawhi’s every bit as capable of harassing Durant into Mediocrity when needed.

    May be necessary to keep Green on Jackson when he’s on the court.

    Biggest reason for the loss is we were cold all over the floor tonight. Let’s hope our rhythm at home is better. Good intensity on D for the most part and the energy was good at least.

    Due for a loss, learn from it and come back strong the next time we play these guys.

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