Tim Duncan’s outlet passes just wanna love you


When the Spurs transitioned from being a defense-first, grind it out team to a more up tempo one that scored at a higher rate, Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich got most of the credit for that shift. It’s true that San Antonio’s transformation couldn’t happen without the talents of Parker, but also correct that Tim Duncan played a key role as well.

One of the things Coach Pop asked to happen was for Duncan to get the ball up the floor farther when going from defense to offense. Duncan’s outlet passing became very important in making the Spurs into a better offensive team. Unfortunately, outlet passes are like the vegetables of basketball. Supremely important but nothing special. It takes a lot to make outlet passes exciting.

Tim Duncan just happens to be one of the best in the game at making outlet passes, so we here at 48MoH thought we needed to do something to add some sexiness back to the outlet pass and put together this little mix tape.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TonyLe76 Tony Le

    What an idea, and wow…what an interesting track to set it to. Kind of ironic that Keith Sweat is a Patrick Ewing doppelgänger, no?

  • SAJKinBigD

    BRILLIANT! Timmeh’s like an arena league quarterback!

  • http://twitter.com/sstewart1617 Sam Stewart

    I never really noticed how many of those rebounds he never brings down before he outlets. Pretty much (at least on this clip) if he catches the rebounds over his head, he immediately passes from that position.

  • joe

    great passes, but stop throwing down court to Danny Green!! Love the guy, but the man has terrible ball handling skills.

  • Crystakke

    Yeah, they wanna love you. Except sometimes they also wanna kill you :)). I remember he almost took out Manu while he was running.

  • http://twitter.com/therealgraydon Graydon Gordian

    I was a strong advocate for setting this to Keith Sweat. I think my exact words to Andrew were, “don’t sleep on Keith.”

  • Ali

    two suggestions:
    1. make the clips shorter, this is about his outlet passes not about how the offense is ran(especially since half the clips ends in either a missed fg or a turnover). so each clip should get cut after the receiver catches and has position, unless its a quick score.
    2. delete the clips where he threw the ball away

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=173600134 Ryan McShane

    You should do those things in your next mixtape

  • Last Spur Standing


  • este

    Valentines Day Checklist:
    1. Champagne
    2. Roses
    3 Tim Duncan Outlet Pass Video

    Thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/dromjohn John M. Perkins

    Not Wes Unseld good, but still very good,

  • http://profiles.google.com/lordxar Ray Briggs II

    OK, now someone make a mixtape video of the Patty Mills Towel Wave.

  • merkin

    So true! Not only that but he has trouble finishing around the rim. I don’t know how many easy lay-ups and even dunks he’s missed.

  • assistman

    too bad they couldn’t sign timmy d for a 7 years last summer, it sure is nice having a all-time top 10 hall-of-famer on the squad.

  • Guest

    Helps if you’re insanely tall.

  • mivanov

    those “little” details make him the Big Fundamental


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