The kind of basketball team you can bring home to mom


ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap recently caught up with the Spurs and did a feature on the team’s continued success over the years and why they aren’t talked about more. There are a lot of things we’ve heard over the years about how they like it that way, they just go to work and then go home, and how small of a market San Antonio is.

Nonetheless, it’s the type of piece that confirms a lot of the reasons you’re already rooting for this team.

  • Matt

    I love him but I’m not so sure how happy id be with my daughter bringing tony parker home

  • DorieStreet

    I thought Jeremy Schaap had left the behemoth – Tom Renaldi seemed to be doing nearly all of the introspective commentaries/stories the last year or two.
    As Andrew pointed out, much of the piece Spurs fans can recite in their sleep. But it is nice that the sports network that at times, shortchanges the team in NBA coverage (opinion of many people/fans who don’t follow/root for the Silver & Black), took time out to give face and voice time to team members about their long-established, yet understated, success.

  • Brian Shlosberg

    i love bonner’s sense of humor 2:45 in.

  • Graham

    He’s your best friend that you keep far far away from your sister.


    We better start winning these late in the season games though. Id really like to play Utah or LA in the 1st round.

  • Daniel

    This team blows and is proving its paper tiger status.

  • Graham

    Losing a shorthanded game to Memphis on the road on the second night of a back to back on a last second shot?! Cool off man, I think it was a great performance for something I’d penciled in as a ‘schedule loss’ a while ago.

    Lets not go jumping off the cliff at the first sign of trouble. What are we? Thunder Fans?

  • Graham

    That certainly would be nice….but if we fall to the two, who knows? Maybe the thunder get stuck with the winner of a Denver Memphis series, while we get the Clips Warriors winner.

  • Len

    It’s a bit funny how this video overlooks how perilously close Timmy was to going to Orlando to play with Grant Hill and T-Mac. But it’s a feel good video and it made me feel good to watch.

  • True Spurs Fan

    Got to ask you to watch that language. Do you know what “blows” is short for? Not the wind my friend.

  • Brandon Bridger

    They really need to practice short clock situations, and plays where they need to eat the whole clock. Come up with 12 second plays and start halfway through the clock. They aren’t creating decent shots late in games.