Silver, Black and White Daily Update: January 16


  • Caui sounds better than kawhi

    Kawhi is going to become the offensive player we’re expecting. He’s developing his game slowly but surely, and he’s getting good at the things that take the longer to develop or simply get ignored. He has the 3, a mid-range jumper, a post up game and he’s getting the hang of passing in tight situations. The way i see it, all this will probably just keep improving out of repetitions and experience. With all these on his arsenal don’t you think that the lanes are going to open up? He needs a bit more control of his body and finishing at the rim.
    He’s probably been built the other way around most players do. He’s been molded to the needs of the system and every year more, and more a complete player. Also, he’s doing all this while in the NBA, with 21 years and going to the finals. I have faith.
    All the best, guys, i love this site!

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    All good points. Thanks for the love.