Da’Sean Butler was waived



Da'Sean Butler turns out to not be what the silver & black can use (Photo credit: starryeyedmind)

In unfortunate news Tuesday afternoon, the Spurs announced that the team waived Da’Sean Butler.

Let’s be honest, Butler was a long shot to be a major contributor on the Spurs, but that doesn’t change my disappointment with this development. I haven’t been to training camp yet, nor have I watched a practice, so I have no clue what Butler looked like in comparison to the rest of the team. I just really wanted him to make the team.

First, I wanted him to overcome that horrible knee injury from his last year in college. That’s a tear-jerker if I’ve ever seen one. I also wanted to think that the Spurs front office pulled another fast one on the rest of the league, signing Butler at the end of last year for next to nothing when, if it hadn’t been for that knee injury, he would’ve been a lottery pick in the 2010 draft.

In the end, it appears Butler is either still not ready for the NBA or never will be. Danny Green may have a good hold on the third string small forward spot and a good chance to make the team. Though James Anderson could steal some minutes there too. And everybody moves on.

  • grego

    From what I read on PTR from Tim C, he didn’t look good in the Europe: “He played one Eurocup game a couple weeks ago, and looked terrible for two minutes before getting yanked.”

  • spurINhouston

    Dang, and here I was thinking the Spurs had a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ up their sleeve to unleash.

  • grego

    Don’t sleep on Anderson, Green, Leonard. Still a lot of young wings that no one really has noticed yet. 

  • GMT

    We simply had too many at the wing, and we had a full roster at 15 with TJ Ford. Someone had to go, so the FO obviously favor Green. Now we can sign a vet big.

  • Biznessfamily

    the spurs need to improve the BIGS lets ge marc gasol while he is still available

  • Biznessfamily

    YEs marc gasol

  • DorieStreet
  • Hobson13

    Marc Gasol is WWAAY out of our league in term of $$$.  Max we could have offered him was the MLE and he will go for MUCH more than that.

  • Dr. McCoy

    WOW!!! De’Sean gone… WOW!!! I really was rooting for this guy to get a second chance at playing basketball, but this time in the big league. I really hoped that he would come out & bring his A-game to the Spurs & really prove himself to others that he could play on the big stage. Ho-hum. On another note. There may be a shot at some possible prospects that MAY fit in the Spurs system & wallet as well. I’ll start with least expensive to most expensive & least likely the FO would persue. They are: (1) Leon Powe, PF. (2) Joel Pryzbilla, C. (3) Kris Humphries, PF. & (4) Samuel Dalembert, C. My wish list would be to get Dalembert first, if not, then work my way backwards on this list. But the bottom line is this… we need to get at least ONE of these guys on this list to add on as a BIG. ANY one of these guys SHOULD make a BIG difference to the dynamics of the game. MAKE IT SO NUMBER ONE!!!!

  • http://radsci.uthscsa.edu/index.php/User:Nima Nima K.

    Looking at this list, it seems the best FA BIGS left out there are Samuel Dalembert and Nenad Krstic. All others are mediocre at best.


  • Tyler

    A lottery pick in the 2010 draft?? Hmm. That might be a stretch. I’m thinking late first round most likely. 

    Probably a good move though. I thought Danny Green played well in limited minutes last year. He’s a good insurance policy to have.

  • Anonymous

    Sad news, we were all rooting for D Butler’s comeback.

    In other news, I think Holt’s dirty secret is that he just wants a (lucrative) playoff team. At this point, nobody from Tony Parker on up, can believe this team still has a championship window. They want to win in the regular season (riding MG too much) in order to get mentioned and sell tix, and hopefully make it to second (maybe) or third (unlikely) round.

    The only possibly of a gettable player to help them go deeper, still doesn’t likely put them over, and is a gamble for SA, would be Blair, Bonner, a pick, and Dice for Ty Thomas. Since Cats have that defensive rookie to develop, I thought they could part with him, for Rebounding (Blair), a stretch big, an extra pick, and some leadership. But with K Brown in GState, he’s theirs to keep.

  • Kphi07

    Whats going on with the big guy from europe they drafted 2 years ago, Ryan Richards. I knew he was hanging around the team last year. I thought they would bring him at least to training camp this year.

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    He’s playing in Europe right now. I think because of the lockout he signed a deal for the season. Most of these guys can’t get away from their teams mid-season to make it over for training camp. Normally NBA training camp is before players report to European teams. That’s why you’re seeing so many D-Leaguers in camps this year.