Video: Gordian and Strauss talk Spurs-Warriors on TrueHoop TV


48MoH Editor Emeritus Graydon Gordian stopped by TrueHoop TV again on Thursday, along with friend of the site Ethan Sherwood Strauss, to talk to Henry Abbott about the first two games of the Spurs-Warriors series and where things go from here.

I will say, I agree with Graydon’s assessment that the Spurs need to try and push the pace more offensively. Some of their better looks in Game 2’s second half were in transition, and the smallball lineup employed during that time could’ve been a reason for that.


    Simple. When a team shoots 29% from three and only 39% total….you lose games. Spurs defense has not been the issue. Spurs offense the problem. Parker has statistically had problems playing well against tall, athletic guards. Ginobili IS NOT the same as Manu of 5 years ago. The role players have not (can not?) up their game in a playoff situation.

    We’ll see. But a familiar situation is rising once again in this series as it presented last year. Young, athletic teams pose a problem. If Spurs make it past the Warriors…they have the same to deal with as the playoffs continue in athletic, young teams to get by.


  • Graham

    Shots not falling isn’t a systemic issue of being over-matched by a young athletic team. A few of those 3’s fall and we could very well be up 2-0. We got some problems to solve, but we have the tools to solve them this time around. Tomorrow could very well be make or break, though all we really need to do is split back. I’d like it to be Game 3 though, just to make sure this Golden State team doesn’t build up more momentum.

    Here’s to hoping overconfidence sets in and we can take advantage.

  • neverthehero

    why are the Spurs/Warriors the only teams that play every other day?

  • Len

    Spurs need to play sharper and smarter, not just make a few more shots. It’s not about the system, it’s about the energy or lack there of. Spurs gotta bring the juice in Oakland or they’re coming home 1-3.


    You are correct. A couple more shots fall combined with a couple that don’t for GSW and Spurs are up 2-0. Perhaps the “common thread” of not playing well against young, athletic teams is not the reason…but none the less…these “shooting” issues seem to elevate when playing against a younger, athletic team.

    Can only hope the team break that commonality and prove that suspicion wrong.

  • Dan Willars

    We have big time matchup problems. I suggest we sub Manu as starting PG and bring Tony off the bench. Let Kawhi check Curry and Green check Thompson. Our best defense vs. their best offense and see who comes out on top.

  • Andrew G

    Stern doesn’t know how to market the Spurs, and punishes them year after year because of it. Sec, here comes another 250K fine for not playing the lineup he wanted.

  • Graham

    I’d argue it’s just a unique case of facing off against a blisteringly hot duo right now. We’re keyed to preventing penetration and running spot up shooters off the arc. However having to adjust to guys who can consitently hit iso 3 balls or transition 3s is breaking the system down. Tweaks to the system are needed, but on the whole we’re still in ok shape. We’ll definitely see tonight.

  • Len

    I’ve been saying that for a few days now. I think it’s worth a shot. Tony and Manu will be there at the end of the game. It’ll just get Tony max court time with Jack.

  • idahospur

    Thinking about the first two games, Spurs looked to have about 20 minutes of really good basketball total, and they could have been 2-0 in the series. After tonight’s Game 3 win, I can say that the better team is clearly the Spurs and the better coach is Mr. Popovich. Warriors will find ways to win on extremely talented shooting, but they will regress to the mean and have games like tonight where they were not hot.

    The series can go either way, but the better team will win. Spurs to the WCF.

  • TheFG21

    One thing for sure we can use at our advantage is that Curry sprained his left ankle. Doesnt seems to be that bad since he remained in the Game, but his quickness and movement could be compromised for Game 4 on Sunday.

  • Graham

    Guess it’s safe to say those Adjustments I said were in the pipe worked pretty well. Glad we got this game to take back Home Court. Now we can be greedy and get Game 4.