What’s the Story: Warriors drop Spurs in overtime


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  • http://www.facebook.com/apaladino77 Andrew Paladino


    In reference to the Facebook headline ya’ll sent out, please refrain from using Spur-negative nicknames for another teams player. A.K.A. let the other writers name Jarett Jack “the Spur-Killer”. And even if they do, don’t repeat it. **AIN NOBODY AFRAID OF JARrETT JACK!! LOL** It was just bad team defense down the stretch & a hekkuva struggle on our 8th road game in a row.

    1 more game then its WELCOME BACK HOME BOYS!!!

    JustSayin – Don’t make it seem like we worry about GS **AT ALL**… We see them ***in GS*** for our 2nd to last game of the regular season, and even then we might be resting people. Mark my words tho ~*~Jarrett Jack will have *none* of this for us in the playoffs!!!~*~ And speaking of playoffs, it is now time to have a ‘lil playoff-style warmup, getting a competitive Phoenix team 2 games in a row (1 road, 1 home). Lets see if the Spurs can tackle this like they go up 2-0 so easily on teams in a 7 game series… its also time to lock up 50 wins in the regular season FOR THE 15th time in the last 16 years! **GO SPURS**

  • The Truth Fairy

    Dude, what?

    Are you concerned that the Spurs read this and are now completely terrified of Jack?

    Or can you just not stand to hear anything negative about the team?

    Also, Phoenix is the worst team in the west. They’re not ‘competitive’, they’re garbage. The Dubs game was a playoff style warmup, the Phoenix games should be a star-resting romp.


  • http://www.facebook.com/apaladino77 Andrew Paladino

    lol… calm down Fairy. You are reading a bit too deep into my post…

    I think the Spurs ARE concerned with Jarrett Jack, and I am fine with that. Im sure Popp will have a defensive scheme in case we ever see the Warriors in the playoffs. I am not fine with the guys that cover MY TEAM naming a player a “Spur Killer” after 1 or 2 games. Would you name someone “The Duncan Stopper” as a TRUE Spurs fan?? Thought not. Even though there are certain players that have a tendency to play Tim VERY well… none of them deserve the name “STOPPER.”

    Yes I can hear negative things about my team. But if I was one of the guys covering the team, I’d be constrictive. I realize only bad things come from naming a guy your team’s “Killer.” Trust me, the Spurs know who “KILLED” them that night. The guy who did it doesn’t need to read it from the guys covering the team he just lit up. Its simply counter productive.

    Now ur right about Phoenix being a dump of a team. I just figure that any team that says to its fans “Folks, you can have your money back if you don’t think we tried hard,” is at a bare minimum, competitive. And at this point every game still counts, cuz I’d like home court advantage THROUGHOUT THE PLAYOFFS. Wouldn’t you agree?

    ~*~& IF YOoOOoOo dont LIKE my 4MaTs… DEAL WITH IT!!!!!~*~