Stein: Mason-to-Heat Proposal Declined


Via TrueHoop:

The Spurs were hoping to tempt Miami into absorbing Mason’s $3.8 million expiring contract into a $4.3 million trade exception that would have enabled the teams to complete a deal without San Antonio needing to take back another player. A future second-round pick from the Heat would have completed the transaction.

But the Heat, dealing with their own luxury-tax issues like San Antonio and reluctant to add to their payroll, ultimately declined.

Other than the Spurs willingness to move Mason for practically nothing but tax relief, this report doesn’t provide us with much insight as the trade season’s penultimate day comes to a close.

Miami’s trade exception expired Monday at midnight, so this particular deal cannot be revived. Although there is no reason to believe the Heat have soured on Mason, and a different looking deal with Miami could get done by tomorrow’s deadline, I’m a bit skeptical. Both teams seem set on the same goal- limiting their exposure to the luxury tax- and most easily conceivable deals would achieve that outcome for only one franchise.

N.B. This rumor has been around for a couple of days but it’s worth mentioning that Memphis may have some interest in Mason as well.

  • rangerjohn

    thoughts on this proposal,
    mason to griz for conley.

    griz have interest in roger, they want to ship mike, and the salaries match. griz want to either get picks or expiring contracts which mason fits that desire as well.

    spurs need a back up PG, so hill can stick to his more natural 2 guard spot. conley has as good or better D, and is shooting a better % in all locations.

  • Texxus_Boi

    I like the trade for Conley as well but the Bucks are moving closer to trading for Tyrus Thomas and John Salmons as we speak for expiring contracts so the spurs should jump in and make something happen now!!!!!!!!!

  • Tydus

    Sticking with the Griz, they could ask for Sam Young. An athletic 3/2 that can actually play D. And a plus is that he played for two years with Blair, so inserting him into that second unit gives more punch and some form of ready-made chemistry.

  • Tydus

    Where’d you hear that?

  • Texxus_Boi

  • Sauce

    why would the grizz trade their only pg beside Tinsley for a 3-point shooter?…not gonna happen. i really want the spurs to go for tyrus thomas. if we aren’t competing this year, we need, scratch that, HAVE to position ourselves to compete next year.

  • Miggy

    The deal for Sam Young would be a big pickup in my opinion but I doubt that Memphis would give up Young as a rookie not knowing what they have yet. I think Young would be a great pickup and was looking at the Spurs picking him up in the draft but Memphis scooped him up earlier. I just don’t think it will happen.

  • zainn

    mason for marc gasol. if we throw in splitter’s rights and a pick or two, we can probably get a legit center out of this

  • Hobson13;_ylt=AhDhqgqxKBUkTpWV485ujqe8vLYF?slug=ys-kingstrade021710&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    Rockets trade Tmac and Landry for Kevin Martin and change. BAD trade for the Rockets.