Summer League


The Vegas Summer League starts today, and we’ll be following all the action.

The NBA is broadcasting summer league here. The package comes at a small price, but you get all the games. We think it’s worth it.

In addition to our viewing notes, we’re sure the Express News, Pounding the Rock and the rest of the Spurs community will do their due diligence. We’re especially looking forward to PtR’s coverage. Wayne Vore (AusTechSpur) is in Vegas and promises to turn every stone. As you might expect, we have our way of turning stones too.

  • D-Max

    I just got word that Channing Frye has signed with us. This has been one amazing, crazy off season.

  • TDzilla

    Channing Frye will sign with the Suns.

  • D-Max

    Yeah, you’re right, i misread the print. my bad.

  • SAJKinBigD

    Channing Frye = SOFT as toilet paper.
    Don’t want him here. He’ll fit great in PHX.

  • Jason

    Although it looks like Frye is signing for the BAE, which we still have to offer, but from what I hear his biggest concern right now is getting playing time, he thinks the trip to Portland’s bench stunted his growth, so he’s going to Phoenix to be a starter.

    But the good news is that if that’s the price to pay for Frye, perhaps the Spurs can also afford to scrape some talent up from the bottom of the barrel for the same price

  • grade21

    Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the guys behind this website (who you are, I have no idea), on a job well done on covering the Spurs from top to bottom. Often, you all post updates quicker than, and your website is a lot, lot faster! Keep up the great work, and again, thanks!

  • Timothy Varner


    Thanks. We try.

  • SAJKinBigD

    TV: Y’all don’t try — YOU DO! Great job! I’ve only found y’all since the FA market opened, but you’ve become a daily (about every couple hours, even) stop for me! Thanks!

  • mattmo28


    I’ll be at Summer League for the last 3 days. I’ll send you anything interesting of course.

  • ChillFAN

    Tim, Navin, Graydon and those running other sites that post here…..We don’t say this enough, but its obvious when the comments balloon from 8 to 82 in 24 hours……For the thinking Spurs fan, 48MoH is far ahead of what is available on the mainstream. Thanks for hosting it.

  • Rye

    Focusing on just the prospects who are already on or have a chance to make the Spurs.

    George Hill – easily the best player on either team, showed more true PG skills, particularly when running the pick and roll, including once splitting the trap, and cutting inside for a thunderous one handed dunk. He looked poised, solid and in control.

    DeJaun Blair – an absolute beast down low. This guy looks like a rotation player right off the bat, simply because of his rebounding and ferocity around the rim. He has a nice turn and face up jumper from about 10-12 feet.

    Malik Hairston – maybe it was a one day aberration, but he looks to have improved his catch and shoot jump shoot significantly. If that’s the case, he’s highly likely to make the roster, as that was thought to be the one are holding him back last season. Was on fire from downtown.

    Ian Mahinmi – the good news is he’s grown and bulked up and now looks to be a legit 6’11 250, which means he’s more of a 5/4 than a 4/5, something the Spurs need. The bad news is he looked timid and didn’t assert himself, two longtime problems with him. Has got to show a proclivity to block/alter shots and rebound more, or he won’t play much next season.

    James Gist – like Mahinmi, mostly floated, in his case along the perimeter. Didn’t do much in any one area, and needs to be more assertive in order to carve out a niche as an athletic combo forward/energy type player.

    Jack McClinton – struggled when his dribble was pressured, showed little to no playmaking ability, worked hard on defense, but was a non factor on offense. I know the Spurs said they’re not trying to turn him into a PG, but realistically long term for him to stick he has to show some type of ability at that position, because of his lack of size and the Spurs lack of a 3rd PG.

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