The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 23: Evaluating things with Wayne Vore



Another week, another 4-Down Podcast. For Episode 23, we had Wayne Vore from Spurs Planet, and formerly of Pounding the Rock, on to talk about his new site and how San Antonio looks at mid-season.

Other topics include asking Gregg Popovich questions (slowly becoming a favorite topic to discuss on the podcast), Matt Bonner not getting paid when he played overseas, and sports blogging in general.

Have a listen.

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  • Greyberger

    Very entertaining and highly recommended.

    Few things:

    We’ve been bad about turning the ball over in January. Overall we’ve been great at avoiding turnovers – fourth in the league.

    I can’t think of a front court player that definitely improves our team and we could get for Splitter or Blair, Dice and some sweetener. That’s the only kind of trade that makes sense for me – a two-for one frontcourt trade where we end up with a starting center.

    I can’t find anybody who’s contract is small enough, who is available enough but also good enough to put us over the top and make up for the potential we’re giving away with one of our young bigs.