Our friends at The Basketball Jones have figured out what to do during the NBA lockout. Instead of waiting patiently at home, monitoring their twitter streams in hopes good news will come along, they hit the road. The TBJ guys somehow convinced their bosses at The Score that they should go on a podcast tour to ten different NBA cities this month (actually, Skeets told me that it wasn’t that hard a job getting the tour approved). On Sunday, the Basketball Jones: No Season Required tour hit San Antonio.

Graydon and I, along with good friend Rob Mahoney, made the short trip down to San Antonio from Austin to sit in on the live podcast and a grab post-show drink. At each of these live shows, TBJ lined up a good guests to talk ball and anything else with. In San Antonio, there was a surprise guest scheduled to appear, who even the TBJ guys weren’t aware of. Turns out, Brent Barry showed up to join them.

As someone who listened to all of the previous No Season Required podcasts, I feel qualified to announce that Brent Barry was the best guest so far of the tour. And that’s saying something when they’ve had guys like Dorell Wright and Bill Wennington appear. Not only was Barry his funny and playful self, he was also brutally honest and genuine. There were no canned answers from him.

The Spurs media relations folks were also kind enough to give the Jones guys a tour of the practice facility and allowed them to shoot some videos there, which should be posted soon. We’ll be sure to have them here when they’re up. For now, though, take some time and enjoy the No Season Required show in San Antonio.

  • Anonymous

    We have a season 😀

  • David Guarnero

    Best black friday ever!

  • DorieStreet

    Anyone doubting RJ’s salary is the one to be removed from the cap under the amnesty clause?

  • Anonymous

    Finally… The lockout is over, although there are still some things to be resolved. Anyway, I can’t wait Christmas and first NBA games of this season. 
    The sooner we forget this lockout, the better. 

  • Hobson13

    I haven’t heard there is going to be an amnesty clause (not saying there won’t be) but I would say there is a 90% chance RJ has played his last game in SA.  Leonard followed by Anderson should be given HUGE minutes this year when RJ is let go.  I appreciate the FO’s aggressiveness in trading for RJ, but it was a gamble that just didn’t work out.  You win some and lose some…

  • DorieStreet
  • Titletown99030507d

    A great 6’11” or 7 footer would be even better for Christmas. How bout it Santa?

  • Titletown99030507d

    Are those real games that count on the 25th of Dec? No preseason? And oh yeah back to the trade machine!!!

  • Titletown99030507d

    Does Holt and Company want flush close to 18 mil down the toilet and send RJ smiling all the way to the bank without any of his services? This would be a first for this FO of this degree. One thing is certain if they do it then it really tells us they really want to give it one last shot for Timmy.

  • Hobson13

    Or a top 3 pick in the 2012 draft!

  • Tim in Surrey

    Not too many available as free agents that we could afford. Maybe Kris Humphries or AK-47 at PF (unless David West is interested in a very expensive shot at a ring). There are some good centers, but they’re going to be too much as well. Maybe we could get Sam Dalembert, although he’s a bit insane… Our best bet for a big might be to seriously front-load an offer to either Greg Oden or DeAndre Jordan and hope that either a) Portland’s unwilling to amnesty Brandon Roy or b) Sterling is still as cheap as ever.

  • Mac

    Holt pushed for a defered option for the Amnesty Clause,which was widely supported among owners and players… this pretty much assures that RJ will be retained for at least one more season. They’ll get to test-drive Leonard, Anderson, et al, sufficiently before they clear out RJ’s cap-space (and financing his move to a rival ballclub).  Unless they think they can sign, say, Nene (doubtful), there is little incentive to Amnesty RJ right away.

    Related to that, I expect to see Portland retain B-Roy for the coming shortened season to see what role he can play for them before they pay him to leave. Next year has a stronger free agent class than this one.

  • Bry

    True, they’ll likely hold on to RJ for this season, still looking for trades. This year his salary is not as big, and he’ll still be in his prime (and they are still very thin and inexperienced at the SF position). If he’s still not working out at the end of this season they amnesty him at the same time that Timmy and Dice’s contracts expire, which should actually give them plenty of space to make a big signing this coming summer. Another possibility would be to somehow grab Shane Battier; which I would love (and then you have to figure they would dump RJ immediately).

  • Tyler

    Jeff Foster? He’s a rugged, blue collar guy that would fit well. Makes sense price wise. Also doesn’t hurt he’s from SA…..

  • Tyler

    Saw this via Truehoop this morning – http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/28/sports/basketball/each-nba-team-can-waive-one-bad-contract.html?_r=2&ref=basketball

    Looks like there will be an amnesty provision that doesn’t have to be used immediately. If that’s the case, I see RJ coming back this year.