The Draft & Stash Free Agency


A thought occurred to me while I was going over the Nando De Colo news in my head. It’s okay, I survived. I know there’s a part of the Spurs fan population that doesn’t like the draft-and-stash approach the Spurs take to their selections, especially those later in the draft. Some people want the Spurs to select the best available player who can contribute immediately. No waiting two or three seasons while they develop in Europe. TIM DUNCAN NEEDS HELP NOW, DAMMIT.

I can see this point of view. While I largely disagree with it, I understand where those people are coming from. But what the Spurs have done with the year-after-year, draft-and-stash approach is create their own version of free agency, which no other team in the NBA can play except them.

San Antonio is not a free agent destination. We’ve been over this before. In the past, free agents came to San Antonio because of Tim Duncan and the chance to win a championship. But even when that formula worked, it never brought in marquee free agents, it simply allowed the Spurs to keep their pieces and bring in veterans looking for a ring. Now the draw is the Spurs franchise, system and Gregg Popovich. We’re not far enough along at this point to see how much pull those three things have. Though judging by last offseason’s swings and misses (Caron Butler, Josh Howard), we’re not off to a great start.

With the several years of draft-and-stash in the rearview, the Spurs have created their own free agency period where the Spurs’ only competition is the European clubs who may be able to offer a little more money and playing time than San Antonio. Those franchises can’t offer the chance at glory in the NBA, though. The Spurs are the only team who can offer that. By controlling the rights of these players, the Spurs can sign them to a contract or they can go back abroad to play.

Adam Hanga, Davis Bertans and Nando De Colo have all been in San Antonio recently to check up with Spurs staff. San Antonio can bring these guys in and run them through drills, physical tests and see how they’re developing. If San Antonio wants to offer any of these players a contract, it can. The Spurs can fill holes in the roster (sadly, no defensive bigs being stashed away currently) with those guys or promote someone who’s simply NBA ready, assuming they can agree to terms. If they can’t, he goes back to Europe without real threat of him playing for another NBA team anytime soon.

By playing this game, the Spurs also prevent themselves from overpaying. Landry Fields agreed to a deal with the Raptors today for $20 million over three years. LANDRY FIELDS! By being the only NBA team who can offer De Colo and company NBA contracts, the Spurs can set the market for those players and leave it at that. The Spurs can’t afford to get in a bidding war with anybody, and this is a good way around.

Considering the Spurs’ limited options in bringing in players every year due to draft position, salary cap constraints and free agency appeal, they’ve created (intentionally or not) a market to bring in new players which addresses many of the limitations they face.


    Great write up. Lends credence to the approach though it has not YET provided the outcome as mentioned. Maybe this year it could.

    Possibility that some could be part of a sign and trade scenario to land the type of player we all know the team needs?

    How many 1/2 or 2/3 perimeter players will the roster hold? The log jam would have to be thinned.

  • Tyler

    I’d disagree that it hasn’t provided the desired outcome. The strategy has yielded Manu and Splitter and now De Colo and Lorbek. All are, at worst, decent role players while also on pretty good contracts (I assume De Colo and Lorbek will make a combined $5-6M)

  • frankcab3

    No defensive bigs stashed away? What about Erazem Lorbek and Ryan Richards? Maybe they’re not defensive monsters, but they provide a much needed size and presence for the one area the Spurs struggle with.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    Sure, they’re big and have probably played defense at some point in their careers, but they’re not “defensive bigs” in the same sense as a guy like Jonas Valanciunas.


    Sure. Manu. But Splitter is not Manu in terms of all around and De Colo and Lorbek are yet to prove. And Scola…we know what happened.

    But what I was thinking was more in the line that now having a gluten of these players just might help land a top player via trade.

  • grego

    Most players in their careers will never come to Manu or Tony. Foreign talent is just like American talent. There are a few standouts, but most will never be that good. Heck, getting a special role player like Robert Horry or Bruce Bowen is very difficult too. In a sense, they are almost like a star player, but in another form of the definition, because those guys are super special.

  • Andrew

    While in many ways, its the same scenario every year, last season was a little different. As disappointing as some of the playoff performances by the likes of Danny Green, Gary Neal, and DeJuan Blair were, the Spurs didn’t pay a whole lot for them. And so, RC and Pop have seemingly tapped a new market, at least for the Spurs, to go along with the Euro draft and stash bunch.

    Aside from Manu and Tiago, however….and uh, Scola, how many of them have become stars? TP came straight over and was a 1st rounder but Pop molded him over all these years into what he is.

    I’m hopeful they can catch lightning in a bottle with at least one of these guys amongst the current crop. Until summer league and training camp, we wont know though….we just have ourselves replaying the Ryan Richards youtube highlight video over and over.

  • DorieStreet

    Can’t count De Colo and Lorbek yet until you see them in Silver and Black in October.

  • Cesc

    I think it’s time for the Spurs’ top brass to reassess their strategy. The “draft & stash” only worked because they had Tim Duncan, arguably the best player of his generation. As long as he played at a high level, the Spurs were able to compete. But when he stopped being the best player in every playoff series, the Spurs stopped winning championships. Now that he is on his last legs, it’s time to surround him with marquee free agents. Given how “the others” basically choked in the disappointing playoff exit, it should be apparent that the team needs to add semi-stars, not serviceable role players. They’ve tried the latter road and it yielded 0 championships in the last 5 years. The goal is to win titles, not merely have good playoff runs. Again, it’s tied to the fact that even Timmy has to go up against Father TIme.

    Even if we talk about the future, you can’t rebuild with the draft & stash. When Timmy and Manu retire in 2 years’ time, you can’t expect to make the playoffs with all those Euro draft picks. The Spurs would need another transcendental player. And unless they’re willing to suffer several years of losing seasons in the hopes of landing another Tim Duncan or a Kevin Durant, the best way to go is free agency. Take this year’s free agent crop, for example. Former lotto picks Beasley and Mayo are available, and both are barely 23. I’m not saying the Spurs should pick up either, but I just want to highlight the available young talent in the FA market.

  • DorieStreet

    @ Andrew A. McNeill: I understand the organization’s methodolgy. But as you stated so eloquently some fans’ retort (I among them) “TIM DUNCAN NEEDS HELP NOW, DAMMIT.”– the Spurs were in serious championship winning mode, and the d&s resulted in them falling back following 2007-08, when a declining frontcourt (sans Duncan) needed some youthful & talented infusion. But a change in team/game philosophy got the Spurs back to a deep postseason run. Can the d&s players we think will come over for 2012-13 help finish the comeback?
    Despite the new CBA, the current NBA salary structure/framework is a joke (Landry Fields is not worth 7 mil per). Most of the league GMs are clueless–they perpetuate the cycle of great pay for subpar performance. (Hey, it’s all about potential/upside.)
    As you stated in your last paragraph, the circumstances dictate this is the best way to go. As long as the front office stays sharp and strikes when an opportunity presents itself (Kawhi Leonard), I as a fan have to accept it.
    It will be interesting to see how the Spurs system fares going forward the next 5 seasons, as the Core 3 complete their basketball playing careers.

  • spursfan123

    yes i agree, tim needs help now down in the post, he can not handle it alone, a goo sized small forward who is willing to do the hard work is much needed by the team than stacking it with small sized guards. too many of them now and a couple of bigs can heelp in the next year.

  • spursfan123

    makes sense to take a gamble with beasley and mayo, useful than those who are benched anyway

  • Tim in Surrey

    Well said. :

  • JustinFL

    Our main issue in FA has been that we haven’t had any “real” money to throw at players. That’s what it’s all about for 98% of them. I don’t blame them, I understand totally, I’d be about the same way if I played. Couple that with the player’s perceptions that we’re old and our championship window has closed, and it becomes real difficult to sign talent. But again it’s mainly money.
    Now I see people posting about signing Beasley and Mayo. How?
    One cool thing about drafting foreign players is it kind of has globalized the Spurs franchise. Fans of those players follow the Spurs after they join the team. That could pay dividends in the future. Today’s young talent growing up overseas desiring to play for the same team their basketball heroes played for.
    IMO though, the MO of signing high character, family oriented, high BBall IQ guys, is one of the best underrated attributes this FO has in signing players. Well, that and our strong emphasis on player development.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    Fun fact: The Spurs (and to a much lesser extent, 48MoH) are huge in the Philippines because SA asst. coach Chip Engelland played pro ball over there when he was younger.

  • JustinFL

    Cool. Maybe we can start tapping into the Asian market since it’s getting tougher to pull out of the European one. As long as the Spurs keep investing heavily in player development, I feel pretty confident going into the future.

  • DorieStreet
  • lvmainman

    Agree with the Spurs needing to reassess their strategy. They need to be like the Pistons, Heat, and Mavericks that have had quality role players. Not specialized role players. Tayshaun Prince could play D, post up, and make a three. Same with Battier, make a 3 and guard a power forward like Bass or Ibaka, Marion could post up, make a 3, and guard a Lebron. Those were the 4th best players on a championship team.
    The Spurs should have tried to trade Parker to get 2 or 3 good players before the draft. Point guard is the easiest position to fill in the NBA. The last 3 starting point guards have been, Mario Chalmers, a 38 yr old Jason Kidd, and Derek Fisher. Not world beaters.
    If Parker had been traded for Ariza and #10 pick(I’d have drafted Royce White), or the #6 and #11 picks (I’d have drafted Harrison Barnes and Royce White). (I, personally, believe Royce White as a power forward that could run the pick and roll from the top of the key. Unlike just about any player in the NBA, not a Blair/Bonner or even Diaw can.) Then the Spurs would have had 5-9 million to shop for a point guard. Goran Dragic, Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash, Andre Miller(he signed for 3yr-$9 mil) would have been interested in starting for the Spurs.
    This bargain bin shopping for unathletic, adequate isn’t cutting it. Now Spurs are looking at Lorbek=Bonner 2.0, Rashard Lewis=past his prime, Camby=Ratliff 2.0. The only bargain bin player I’d be interested in is Grant Hill. He can play D on a 2/3, dribble, make a jumper, run the floor. I want him instead of a Danny Green to start at the 2.

  • Kev

    I read through all of the comments and re-read the post made by respected writer, Andrew (Eat em up, Bobcats!), and I feel no one has really, -honestly-, addressed an important issue here: Are European players as good as American players? And in my humble opinion, I don’t feel they are. I truly believe, having witnessed and assessed numerous talents, that European players still rely too heavily on a finesse game, therefore will never really be defensively tuned to match up with the Dwight Howards, Andrew Bynums. I mean, even with the inclusion of Nowitzki, the last 7 foot Euro to arrive in the NBA who was a consistent interior presence who could play within the paint was Vlade Divac (Nowitzki has zero interior game, and is hardly a defensive presence at the 4/5). And these are just deficiencies for bigs. If the Spurs remain vigilant in their approach regarding the draft & stash, why aren’t they looking at home? They can always stash them in their Austin D-League. The moxie for them to pull the trigger on the Leonard trade (by sending a fan and community favorite in Hill to Indiana) was what I thought would be the catalyst for their understanding that “American” athleticism and familiarity with aggressive interior game (rebounding and defense) was a huge necessity for them. And I fear they may have fallen back into the mentality that they can throw away picks (the Denmon pick was, in all objective rationale, a waste considering both Green and Neal REMAIN on the roster) is an okay thing as long as they make it to the WCFs with Duncan/Parker/Ginobili core. If its money that will trump the lack of FA paradise for which San Antonio represents, they need to feel compelled to overpay (just like Toronto did for Fields) for players who can step up and make contributions immediately. Just my two cents.

  • jechalker74

    I can understand the calls for changes in strategy, however I disagree… The examples given of the Heat, Mavs and Pistons are not what a small market team should model themselves on.

    After all the success the Spurs have had in the past 13 years is based suits a small market that does not get much opportunity for big names.

    In reviewing the teams mentioned above they all shared their shares of high and low points. The names that they have managed to get are not names they would attract in San Antonio.

    Have a look at OKC’s structure… They are set-up for consistent runs over a long period of time. They are also set to fine tune each year rather than rebuilding every 3 or 4.

    Even with Tim declining the opportunities are still present, albeit declining. The strategy has managed to get far more talent than what is currently available.

    Keep in mind that Luis Scola and Leandro Barbosa have also managed to be part of the Spurs draft history. Are we in line for another draft pick like Tim in the near future? Probably not… But with that said the Spurs were not the league doormats when they won the lottery. Keep the faith! Go Spurs!

  • Tyler

    I’m fairly certain both Lorbek and De Colo will be fine simply based on the #’s they put up in Europe. Those #’s were against the best competition outside the NBA (much better than the D-League). They’ll be solid.

  • Tyler

    I don’t see how the draft and stash philosophy has anything to do with trying to go after certain FA’s. If anything, the draft and stash has saved the franchise $, enabling it to have the flexibility to go after FA’s.

    The draft and stash is simply a cheap way to develop talent. Generally speaking, those used with this philosophy are late 1st/2nd rounders, guys who aren’t generally NBA caliber players (no matter if you’re talking about Americans or foreign players) and have little to no shot at the NBA level.



    “Bucher adds in the same tweet that the Mavs, Pacers, Spurs, Kings, and Jazz are in the running for Chris Kaman.”

  • Nudity J. Fandango

    I don’t think a lot of people commenting regarding draft and stash understand the bare faced facts.

    We don’t have other options.

    Defensive bigs are hard to come by and you don’t get the top end do it all Centres for anything other than an absolute super star PG. The bare facts are that we don’t have the draw of L.A or NY or Miami, we have to draft and stash, work harder at finding talent in the small spaces and run our systems better than anyone else.

    As Dorie Said, as long as when the opportunity arises the front office hits it as hard as possible theres not much else we can do.

    TP got shopped not long ago and no one came to the party. Frustration is all well and good but the spurs farm system is better than any other team in the league. We utilise the Toros, Europe and the back end of the draft like crazy.

    Look at the young Defensive bigs and look at their contracts. At what point have we had the opportunity to throw 25 million at an Omer Asik type? Noah / Deandre Jordan / Roy Hibberts getting the max for gods sake…Nearly every time a front office tries to overpay to lure a big guy away from his franchise the franchise matchs even when it seems like financial suicide.

    Deandre Jordan got 12 mill a year and was a role player on the clippers when we swept them this season.

    The spurs are out there turning over stones and working as hard as possible to find that guy to put next to Timmy. Thats how we got Tiago, Just a serviceable big who can fill in as first guy off the bench at C is hard enough to find.

  • John

    Most late first-rounders and second-rounders end up playing like 5 games for the NBA anyway. However, with the draft-and-stash approach, the Spurs have gotten several players that played several seasons already

  • manuMagico

    The only certain thing is that Kawhi is going to be our star next year. That’s for sure! Expect our team to be built around him over the years.

  • Rey

    True, true. :-) Although it’s more of a two-team country: it’s either the Spurs OR the Lakers. We have fond memories of Chip and Bruce Bowen but we’re also gaga over Kobe Bryant. Recently though, there have been an upsurge of Miami Heat fans because of Coach Spo, who is half-Filipino. As for the Asian market, yeah I do think there are good Filipino players too, although I’m not sure if they’re NBA-ready. There’s this Japeth Aguilar guy who used to play in the NCAA, I think, but he’s too short to be a forward, as well as the captain of the Philippine team in the last FIBA Asian Championship, Chris Tiu. I think one of the best ways to figure out is through invitations in camps, or better yet, a real secret scouting trip especially it’s the championship season here now.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Love to have Dragic in a Spurs uni.

  • Titletown99030507d

    I agree and most people now want to trade Tiago and get what?

  • Titletown99030507d

    Some European players at pos 1, 2, and 3 IMO are as good as american players not for their athleticism but for their BBIQ and the fundamental aspect of their game as well as the discipline and attitude towards the game. As far as pos 4 and 5 they come once in a great while.


    Truth spoken here. What Spurs fans need to cope with is the reality of ebb and flow. We all want the glory to continue. But unless there is a resurgence of top talent in the youth department…we have to deal with the latter phase that all teams of greatness face. It’s inevitable decline.

    But….Go Spurs Go!!!

  • Travis Christal

    I wish Spurs could have signed Landry Fields to 3 years $20 mil. Window is Duncan’s career to compete for a title.

  • Jonas Chang

    How realistic do you think Elton Brand is? I can see him being a solid contributor on both ends of the floor, something like Antonio McDyess-esque.

  • Jonas Chang

    Pending the final turnout of DeJuan Blair and Tiago Splitter, I would argue that the Spurs historically have had significantly greater success developing wing players over big-men. Most of our impact big men (save maybe Matt Bonner) have pretty much come with a fairly defined skill set and role: i.e. Robert Horry, Nazr Mohammed, Antonio McDyess, Kurt Thomas, Boris Diaw, etc…

  • DorieStreet

    Several? After Manu (10 seasons) who are you counting? Ian Mahinmi: in his 3 seasons with the Spurs he appeared in 32 games. Tiago Splitter: just completed his 2nd season. All other draft and stash players either never suited up for the Spurs or have yet to come over and play.

  • DorieStreet

    Yeah, I am looking forward to see him improve and standout again next season.

  • smh

    The last Euro 7-footer being an interior presence in the NBA that you can remember is Vlade Divac? Maybe you think Marc Gasol is Canadian or something. How about Joakim Noah? And, for god’s sake, PEKOVIC IN THE PAINT! Valanciunas is coming too. Hey, Sabonis came in the NBA after Vlade Divac. Enes Kanter’s a bulky center. A tad below talent-wise, some Euro bangers in the paint: frenchmen Ronny Turiaf, Ian Mahinmi and Kevin Seraphin. Etc.
    Anyway, only two players in the NBA have had some success defending Dwight Howard one-on-one: Kendrick Perkins and Jason Collins. Doesn’t mean you should trade Dirk Nowitzki and his “Euro finesse” game for Jason Collins. But maybe you would.
    And what do you call Kawhi’s “American” athleticism? TP is Euro and very athletic and always tries to go into the paint
    (hope you got the memo). Jimmer and Gary Neal are American and -relatively- unathletic, but they’re shooters. Nic Batum and Pietrus both are rather athletic defenders on the wing AND shooters, and they’re french. Paul Pierce is a HOFamer and is strong, but he relies more on his footwork than his hops, and operates from mid-range as do some great players, American or not.
    “American” athleticism and agressive interior game you say? Maybe you want to call passive and soft play “unamerican”. I just call it passive and soft play, and sometimes just plain bad play. The long and athletic Wesley Johnson earned like 35 free-throws starting 60 games for the Wolves, while shooting 30% from 3 and playing intermittent defense. Meanwhile the supposedly slow-footed Euro Ricky Rubio had the best defensive differential on the team. For all his bustitude, Darko Milicic was defending the post, and Pekovic, obviously, was a bully down there on the offensive end. And the quick and jumpy threesome of Beasley, Derrick Williams and Anthony Randolph, in addition to Wes Johnson, jacked bad jumpers.


    To this I would agree. The Spurs have never “developed” a post player on this team. Roles were always defined in what they were expected and eventually provided. But that was in the days when Duncan WAS the most dominant post player in the league.

    Spurs are now heading in a direction that doesn’t correspond to those days. But it is a WELL known fact the Spurs must accommodate a declining Duncan with another somewhat talented post player when Duncan is not on the court to keep the “new” plan of action with perimeter talent honest so as not to re-live the moments of the past two seasons of having the best “regular” season record only to not win a championship.

    It’s become their mantra. It’s become the story. It’s inevitable they need to be “balanced” instead of “overloaded” in any area of the court.

  • Kev

    I don’t mean to sound like an ass but, dude, really? First of all, Marc Gasol is -not-, I repeat, NOT a great player. He’s serviceable, just like the other 70% of the centers in the league. And, with your assessment of talent, you sound 16… Because Divac was twice the player BOTH Gasols are, and he wasn’t even that dominant against other 7-footers so that’s saying something. Joakim Noah? Really? Someone who went to Florida, and played American ball? And, lets just put that out there as well — Noah is a great hustle player, but he is not elite — meaning, not worth 6-10 million per you’d pay a star center. Turiaf? Mahinmi? Seraphin? Guys who were vying for jobs during the summer? Did you just throw them in to prove my point for me, because I feel you’re being a little overzealous. Are you from Europe, possibly? Dude, a lot of the guys you listed have nothing to do with my post. I was referring to the draft and stash mentality of the Spurs (regarding Euro bigs i.e. Look at their recent drafts). For a guy like Tiago Splitter who had unbelievable success (MVP; Champonship in Spanish league as a big), comes to the NBA and gets demolished to the point where he’s fighting to play 15-20 minutes a game. Must I continue? Your comparisons between players is astoundingly disturbing — Wes Johnson and Rubio? And then you threw in the GREATEST BUST OF ALL TIME — Darko, and tried to defend him? Are you freaking kidding me? You lost all credibility the minute you did that… Sorry.

  • TDzilla!

    Lorbek is out of the Spurs radar after he re-signed with Barcelona.

  • DorieStreet

    PATFO did not see Duncan as declining those 3 years after the ’07-08 championship.That oversight is why the Spurs are not polishing a 5th (maybe 6th) trophy. Even without the injuries to Manu in ’08 playoffs and Tony in the ’10 season, the frontcourt could not handle the Lakers/Cetlics those first 3 post seasons (I think we could have beaten Mavs and Heat in ’11). I have seen a few post by fans alluding to the fact that the team is on point because they were only 2 wins away from the Finals. But no one has followed up with the obvious–the Spurs had 5 – five — chances to win 2 games to close out the WCF but lost 4 games straight- inlcuding one at home. That lets you know some roster changes have to be made somehow (Blair & Bonner) so the pattern of the last 2 seasons is not repeated in 2012-13.

  • DorieStreet

    There will likely be a couple of seasons of winning but not making the playoffs once Tim and Manu depart—unless the front office comes up with a frontcourt gem or two along the lines of Kawhi.

  • DorieStreet

    As I stated in a previous post –you cannot count on a draft & stash guy as an asset to our team until he is running out of the Spurs lockeroom of the AT&T Center for the opening night tipoff.


    To this is the only reason I would think the “draft-n-stash” method has failed. It has not produced a player of caliber that has helped the Spurs win number 5. But I do see the reasoning for the team drafting a euro in the late rounds being statistics prove that late rounders don’t even make an nba team and with the euro picks at least there is more of a chance these players might develop into future nba caliber players.

    But as you pointed out…that doesn’t or hasn’t done the Spurs any favor in not being able to land a legitimate post player capable of dispelling Duncan during a playoff series when Duncan needs to rest. Agreed…and it’s what’s the most disturbing as a Spur fan…that if only the team had one, other than another declining, late in their career post player to serve as in the least as a “dependable” relief when Duncan needs to be off the court…this team probably would have it’s 5th (possibly 6th) championship.

    It is why I am hopeful that maybe…just maybe…with the draft n stash accumulation of players the Spurs have now at their disposal along with a couple of players from their current roster the Spurs possibly have a chance to landing via trade or sign and trade that caliber of post player? Lord knows they have more than enough perimeter players that would be excellent compliments on another team needing perimeter players who may be over loaded with more than just “servicable” post players.

    Which is a topic for another time…what the heck is meant by “servicable” if they can’t be counted on to help protect a lead or be on the court at the same time as Duncan to possibly help make a come back. That word term “servicable” is the most overrated under achieving descriptive word in describing a player’s assets to a team.

  • TDzilla!

    Chip is a naturalized Filipino, so there’s really that following.


    Well nothing else to do but play.

    Kings are rumored to seriously wanting to keep Jason Thompson. But with Thompson, Cousins and now draft pick Robinson…the Kings are overloaded in the post.
    This trade allows Cousins to start anew with a retooling team in Hawks and give Ferry more financial flexibility yet keep a dominant duo in the post. Kings were next to last last year in 3 point production. (Enter Gary Neal). Regarding rebounding and points in the paint…Thomas Robinson who has been compared to Al Horford in that regard…should help Sacramento still remain relevant in that category along with Blair coming off the bench. That plus Blair and Neal both being contract friendly for Sacramento’s rebuilding process.

    Great deal for at least two of the teams…would the Kings see it as advantageous for them?

  • Daniel T

    From the comments, I’m not sure that people don’t appreciate that the draft & stash has not been used on anything higher than about a 28th pick. The Spurs have also used the alternative of drafting an American College player that was the best available at that pick, and wound up with: Jack McClinton, James Gist. Romain Sato, Randy Holcolmb, Bryan Bracey, etc. Either alternative is not likely to offer much at such a low pick.

    “Draft & Stash” does not prevent the Spurs from signing other free agents, as they have in the past with McDyess, T.J. Ford, Diaw, Ratliff, Bogans, etc. If the Spurs haven’t signed bigger names, it is partly due to the salary cap rules and partly due to the fact that “free agents” are free to sign elsewhere and often choose to do so.

  • DorieStreet

    Holford is the one Hawks player I think Ferry will keep in his makeover. Josh Smith, however….

  • Titletown99030507d

    Tiago is on the wrong team. For one if they are going to use his strengths on offense then they need to use his strengths on offense not some shity 10 minutes a game where he doesn’t even see the court until the end of the 1st quarter or until the 2nd then again at the end of the 3rd. What the hell is that! And when he is in the game toss him the frikin ball on the roll uh Gary Neal and Danny Green. I tell you if Steve Nash was on this team Tiago would be getting 30 points a game alone in buckets let alone the butt load of free trips to the line (and I don’t mean hack a Splitters). TARGET PRACTICE! Some of these guards don’t know when to give the ball up. Saw it all season long. Isn’t it funny when Tiago would get big minutes and double figure scoring they were actually giving him the ball. Go figure. But in the playoffs Timmy is the big that see’s all that action and unfortunately he started cold in three of those OKC games. Hate to say it but Tiago is better at the PNR than Timmy is. Maybe not PNPop but then again Timmy wasn’t popping too much in those three games mentioned earlier.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Do away with Bonner and Blair already and bring in Kaman because that’s all that’s left for us to go after and maybe Randolph add Timmy and Splitter to that mix and you have a 4 big front court that is light years better right off the bat than last year. Now we wouldn’t have to worry about who’s on the court with who they would all be interchangeable. That in itself would benefit Tiago and you would see more his game flourish. It’s a little harder for the opposition to deal with two real bigs that are good on the court at the same time.