The Margin: San Antonio Spurs 107, Phoenix Suns 100


Ed. Note: Rob Mahoney, my spirit animal and proprietor of the TrueHoop Network’s Two Man Game, has a unique style of game recap. He takes the margin of the final score and posts a note for every point. I’m going to being shamelessly doing a half-hearted version of his idea with some regularity.

It hasn’t even been 12 hours since the game ended and already it’s fading from my memory. But let’s see if I can whip a few notes together nonetheless.

  • The Suns are a shadow of their former selves, but after years of slugging it out with Phoenix, I still get excited for games against them.
  • Diaw is adding an interesting new dimension to the offense. (And I’m not referring to his waistline.) He sees the floor differently than any of our other big men and it’s leading to interesting new improvised plays and passing opportunities. Everyone should know to be on the move, and more specifically headed towards the rim, when Diaw’s got the ball, because he’ll find you.
  • Whenever there’s a Parker-to-Diaw assist (or vice versa), we’re referring to it as the French Connection. So it is written, so shall it be. (H/T Beckley Mason, who came up with the moniker.)
  • Alvin Gentry and Steve Nash deserve tremendous credit for leading that collection of players to a .500 record in the Western Conference.
  • Going forward, you can just assume one of these bullets will be about how much I love Kawhi Leonard. This is that bullet.
  • One of Manu Ginobili’s most underrated abilities is his rebounding. Between his nose for the ball, his bursts of energy and his underrated leap, he’s an excellent rebounder for his position. There were a number of instances last night in which that ability was on display.
  • Speaking of Ginobili, is it just me or is Manu starting to look more like Manu again?

In other news, my rec league basketball team won last night to improve to a gaudy 2-0. Further rec league updates to come as the season progresses.

  • Ryan McShane

    When the Spurs win by 20, you can give two bullets to Kawhi. He is the future.

  • Bob

    That playoff sweep to the Suns still leaves a bitter memory.

  • Deeds130

    I also love Kawhi Leonard.

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  • grego

    It does not compute with me how anyone cannot love Leonard. Well, unless you aren’t a Spurs fan. 

  • DorieStreet

    ’10 2nd round ouster pales next to 1st round exit last year–being No. 1 conference falling to an 8th seed.

  • lil dirk



    Shameful plug Graydon…just shameful…your rec league is only two games in? :)

    Love the attention given to Diaw’s passing ability and players possibly benefiting attacking the basket when he’s on the court. (Another development of Spurs offense going into the playoffs!!) Gotta admit also…he’s not playing bad defense either compared to what some may have feared when he first came to the Spurs.

    As pointed out by grego… and Deeds130…who can’t help but love Kawhi.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Me too. He’s not waiting for the season to end to be called a veteran. He’s got game and smarts as such already. He may be Ninja 2.0 for his stealing the ball and sneaking in rebounds prowess.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Andrew how many pts/rebs/minutes?