The San Antonio Spurs sign Danny Green, again


For those of you hoping to snag a 10-day job interview with the San Antonio Spurs, the position appears to have been filled.

The Spurs confirmed they have signed wing Danny Green for the remainder of the season. Green, as you may recall, was the first of many 10-day wing players the Spurs brought in over the course of the season. Though it’s hard to imagine Green stepping in and playing over anyone currently on the roster, it’s just another move that makes the Spurs the Spurs as our own Timothy Varner pointed out in an e-mail exchange:

Now, essentially, they meet roster requirements (13 players) stay under the tax threshold, and lock up Green for summer league and training camp.

It’s amazing how patient the Spurs are. They’re committed to eventually finding a diamond in the rough. But at the rate they “interview” players with 10 days, you can tell they’re okay going through 30 players, if it takes 30 players, to find one guy that can make a meaningful impact on their rotation.

  • ITGuy

    To people posting comments here; we don’t need to write/read any more posts where you’re asking for a ‘big’ on a trade. No more posts asking for playing time for Tiago, no more posts bashing any member of the Spurs team (Bonner/Blair) or the FO, no more posts about how other team’s bigs are better then the Spurs’ bigs and please be civil, civility is not a sign of weakness.

    Also, the team is well aware that the defense is not great right now so keep that to yourselves please.

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • betsyduncan

    Thanks, ITGuy. That needed to be said.
    GO SPURS GO!!!!!

  • McShane

    Didn’t they already meet the 13-man requirement when they signed Steve Novak?

    He’s their 14th man.

    Are they saying, “James Anderson and Steve Novak, your jobs next year are in jeopardy?” Although… JA is 2/3 and SN is a 3/4…

  • DorieStreet

    Hopefully the players’ day off gave them a chance to get away from the grind (if that’s possible in that world). Come Friday, the Spurs will have 8 games during the last 2 weeks of March. They basically will play every other day except for of a BTB start and a BTB for the 6th & 7th games.

    The first opponent is again a team that needs the victory more than the Spurs, but this is the league rival–‘the boorish neighbor ‘– going up there committed, or still in “coast/cruise”?

  • Greyberger

    Every little bit helps. Even if it’s just injury insurance or a practice squad player or a teammate that was liked.

    This is a strange time to be a Spurs fan. We have five games worth of homecourt advantage on everybody; that part of the season is all but over. These games leading up to the postseason matter for San Antonio, just not as much as the playoffs matter or as much as it matters to teams still fighting for seeding.

    Everything up to this point has been prologue. Thank Jah the players and Pop know that.

  • duaneofly

    It sucks that we’ve taken a bit of a stumble lately, but so has Dallas, and Boston.
    LA and Chicago have really turned it up though.

  • Rafa

    The problem is that Boston and Dallas have taken “a bit of a stumle”, while we’ve taken a MASSIVE stumble.
    LA playing lights out and like the 2 time defending champs that they are doesn’t help either.

    I’m seriously starting to doubt whether this team wants the title bad enough.
    We’re 54-13…. But somehow that’s not enough.

  • Titletown99030507


    Are you the censorship? I can say what I want. Don’t read it or respond to it if it pains you.
    GO SPURS GO! 54-12

  • Titletown99030507

    At 54-13 with a 5 game lead overall and closing in on HCA it would be smart to let Bonner play as much as Pop can stand it so that his stroke will be there in time for the playoffs so he spread the floor like some people deem crucial. And oh yeah throw a little Splitter in there for the ITguy.

  • texasj

    of the top four teams in the west la, dallas, sa, and okc i dont think any of them are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. with that being said i sort of agree with itguy, but i also enjoy reading the combative banter on this blog because i think 90% of the posts are made with relatively good intentions. makes for an entertaining albeit sometimes annoying read none the less.

  • Bruno

    I think Splitter deserve more playing time, will be good he and Blair coming of the bench… Bonner and Blair are horribles together

  • ITGuy

    No, I’m not the censorship and I agree, you can write whatever you want.

    However, there is no way for me to respond to your question without actually reading it and writing a reply to you otherwise I wouldn’t bother doing it.

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • Mr. International

    They got whooped by two of the best teams in the league (after whooping one of said teams and twice beating the other). And won a couple of close tough games on the road and at home. Where’s the MASSIVE stumble? It’s not gonna be easy, they’re not gonna blow out every team and there is, of course, room for improvement. I guess it’s just the size of the stumble I’d argue about. And yeah, I’m an optimist, it keeps my blood pressure down.

    By the way, I love this blog. Recent squabbles aside, and that’s what a 30 point drubbing will do to folks, it’s always to the point, matter of fact and rather classy…like the Spurs! I’m sure it’ll stay that way.

    Go Spurs Go!

  • duaneofly

    Boston has lost to NJ, Philly, Clippers, in three of their last four.
    Dallas has lost to Portland, Lakers, NO, and Memphis in four of their last six.

    I’m not saying that the Spurs are good to go, because we sure aren’t, but Dallas and Boston are having more than just a little stumble themselves.

    It’s bound to happen to every team, sometime during the season.

  • manufan

    Since when is wrong to have diferent opinion? At the end we all root for the Spurs.
    Personally, I don’t believe that Bonner is gonna help us in the playoffs, he never did. You see, there are the players with swagger and there are players without it. Bonner is the guy that is gonna fold come playoffs, once again. And I like the guy, he is a great person. I hope he proves me wrong and if I am wrong I will apologize right here.

  • manufan

    And the same goes for Richard Jefferson.

  • Mr. International

    Yo man, Bonner’s got crazy swag. In his own red headed, slightly akward way. Ha!

  • grego

    Spurs should get a pass to have at least one more slump. They’ve only had one 2-game losing streak.

    I think Spurs are little tired and that is why they are coasting a little bit more.

    Lakers went into the playoffs poorly (and played their first series rather poor). Boston limped into playoffs last year. Both met up in the finals and Boston almost won.

    Going in strong is important, but keeping a balance in both physical and emotional health is important.

    Now that Spurs are 14 deep, Pop can really move a lot of guys in and out of the game if it’s a blow out (win or lose).

    This is a good move. I don’t think Anderson has fully recovered into game shape and he’s definitely feeling the pressure.

    More options for Pop for multiple reasons and thinking about next season.

    Spurs have gotten smart about focusing on the youth to keep themselves competitive.

  • DorieStreet


    That’s why HCA all the way through is important to the Spurs. Despite TNT’S Barkley’s Riverwalk jabs & pro-Mavs stance this season, he is on point in saying expect role players to step up & shine on the home court, but may shrink in away games.
    But IMO Bonner should bring it every game come mid-April. He’s been here the longest (besides the Core 3) and was on the last championship squad–this is his 8th year as a pro–and 5th as a Spur; and he was signed to contract that states “you are in it with us; bring your A game when we need it.”

  • DorieStreet

    @ grego

    I will remember your post if it turns out ugly Friday night. :)

  • Titletown99030507


    Then your original post is moot. Now that we got that out of the way who’s going to deal with Dirk and Tyson after Timmy and Dyess sit? Will they be effective?

  • SpurINhouston

    So does anybody understand why Richard Jefferson’s performance has quietly regressed to last season?? All the hype during early season was how he was “RJ 2.0″/Pop’s Summer Project/the Big 3’s number 4/Changed for life….now all I see is same ‘ol RJ 1.0 from last season. Has the team’s dynamic changed so much that he is no longer needed to be aggressive? Last I checked we needed all the penetration we could get. I sure hope all the reassurance from the early season has got him back in his old comfort zone.

  • knecht

    I know by sure that Pops is more than capable to hide some surprises to PlayOf time. Just every one think that We are done because the age caught us so later on this long season. At the end, maybe Tiago show better skills, remember, He is a proven champion and finals MVP.

  • TD = Best EVER

    “Though it’s hard to imagine Green stepping in and playing over anyone currently on the roster, it’s just another move that makes the Spurs the Spurs……..”

    But this is something that I just don’t get…….. We add another 6-6 shooter who can’t play the 3, and isn’t known for Defense. He might be the purest shooter on the team, but is offense really a problem for us…….As much as we have disagreed in the past, I think we can all agree that Offense is the least of our problems if a problem at all………..Unless RJ goes to the bench I don’t like this move…….

    So yes ITGuy I think we should have gotten a Big instead, and I like Green a lot. But adding a player who will not help us this year is crazy unless the Spurs are planning on letting go of RJ/Bonner or something….. Trying to cut salary to get some more help to the team. But even with that, why not get a big to help out this year…….

    To me it just seems like POP is resigned to take these big’s into the playoffs and gamble the best season in SPURS history on an under performing Front line……I’m just not sure what he can say or do to make Bonner/Blair better on D…….

  • Titletown99030507


    I concur, Some of the boys seem tired at this point like Manu and Timmy. As soon as HCA is wrapped up and hopefully there’s a few games to give they should just sit. Also I believe if they continue the offensive minded style of game first defense second Tony will be key here. He needs to get off quickly and attack the lane and share the wealth as well. This set everything in place. If this happens with lots of energy the defense will follow. In their minds the defense seems to come easier when the offense is in high rpms. Hopefully with the rest that will happen.

  • Titletown99030507


    I think its because Dyess is getting more minutes now and Pop is using him for the outside pop at the rim. He will be taking more perimeter shots. It could have a bearing on how much RJ handles the ball. Add limited shot opportunity with bad looks could be the reason he hasn’t been productive lately.If this is the case he’ll have to attack the rim. No choice. That’s my assessment. What do you think?

  • TD = Best EVER

    And keep in mind our Team D is about as good as it gets. If you notice we make the right reads and rotations 95% or the time easy…….. It’s our defensive talent and individual D that are the issue here……. Bonner can make the rotations, but can’t stop the layup attempt most times. And Blair still reaches instead of moving his feet…… These things along their poor One v One D will lead to issues…..

    I think that POP is asking too much of TD, who I think can get it done, but will have to be perfect……He is gonna have to start chasing down more rebounds instead of just trying to block out his man and allow someone else to get them…….As our top rebounders, he Dice will have to get around 20 or more every game. He and Dice will also need to protect the rim and block a few shots w/o getting into any foul trouble. Just seems like an awful lot to me….

  • TD = Best EVER

    March 16th, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    I’m glad others are really starting to catch on that RJ is really struggling……. I have been monitoring this for the past 2 months…… He is getting fewer and fewer Field Goal Attempts……. He is not making ANY cuts to the basket when TD is posting up like he used to…..I think POP really has only a couple options here…..

    1 – run some actual plays for him……. Especially early in the game like we used to do for Finely. This will hopefully get him going on offense and that will spark better D……

    2 – Allow him to come off the bench where he could be the number 1 guy again. Taking some pressure off Hill/Neal and we can get similar offensive production from Novak and Anderson……

    What do you think Tittle??

  • DorieStreet

    @ TD/Title

    Could the struggles of Jefferson be related to the ‘personal business’ issue he recently missed a game for? And–I recall at the end of the first half last Monday night- he missed that 3pt shot; he seemed distraught over it–Duncan came to up to console him as they went to the locker room.

  • Flavor

    To me at least, it doesn’t seem to be that Jefferson is “struggling,” it seems to be he doesn’t really get the ball much…

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ DorieStreet

    Flavor hit it right on the head……. He is only getting 5 FGA’s per game this month…… and is shooting 51% from the field and 44% from 3…… SO he is shooting at a high percentage but just isn’t getting the looks……

  • luk

    It’s interesting how pop/fo will be balancing several variables these last weeks. such variables include the pursuit of
    -getting tp, td, manu rested
    -being ready to bring their A-game when the playoffs arrive
    -using their HC Advantage cushion to get other guys more experience and practice against real opposition
    -when will pop start to practice/apply some concealed gameplans in real games (nothing new would surprise me. i got faith in pop’s b-ball wisdom)

  • Tyler


    This move has no bearing on this year. It’s all to get a better look at Green for next year and beyond. No one is expecting him to play any significant minutes this year. This deal basically assures both parties that Green will be in camp.

    Also, if I remember reading the scouting report the first time we signed Green, defense was one of his strengths. I could be wrong though. I do remember him being a solid defender and all around player in college.

    Also, this doesn’t prevent the FO from going out and signing a big. However, I believe the cutoff date for FA’s to be included on playoff rosters is fast approaching.

  • fkj74

    I like Green’s game and think he can help the D. I do wonder why Splitter doen’s play more. Go Spurs

  • Daniel T

    The NBA draft is June 30th, about 99 days away. You can only trade a player if you have him under contract for at least 90 days. While that might not be the complete reason for signing Green at this point, they might have some other plans for him, his contract would become eligible for including in a trade in which they are trying to match up salaries by trading multiple players for a player with a higher salary. There were many trade proposals made here in which they wanted only to give up someone like Quinn (usually prior to meeting the 90 day rule) for someone with over twice the salary. Around draft day you’d be able to package Quinn and Green with the Spurs’ draft choice for a player making $2M or so.

  • Titletown99030507

    @TD, Flavor,

    Yeah I noticed that too when he missed that 3. He was beside himself. But really as I and Flavor pointed out RJ just isn’t getting much of an opportunity to take shots because of the increase of touches Dyess is getting. You have Tony, Manu, and Timmy taking shots then RJ as the fourth option now its Dyess. If he’s going to have an opportunity take shots its going to have to be with one of those two bigs sitting. Either that like I said if he gets a touch just cut to the rim and hope to draw fouls. Which really he needs to start doing again like he used to earlier in the season in order to disrupt the number of minutes the opposing interior defense see on the court. You would think Manu and Timmy are keys to a successful playoffs, but Tony and RJ seem to be the x-factors. Tony to run like a mad dog to set the pace then RJ to disrupt any intentions of the defense to harass our long shooters like Neal and Bonner. This will help those guys.

  • Titletown99030507


    Sorry Dorie my bad, You did point out the missed 3 by RJ. There after Timmy went over to him to calm him down. I hope he’s not taking it too hard to the point that he’s putting pressure on himself the next time he shoots. You know like cold feet. He’s better than that, I don’t think he’s going to make a mountain out of it. I hope not.

  • Titletown99030507

    @Daniel T,

    If this is the case Pop and the FO has been known to surprise us. The Green signing was a surprise. Maybe will get a big. What ever FA is out there right now is it worth jeopardizing Splitter’s future as a Spur? In case the thought of trading Splitter and Green creeps through their minds?I hope not. I’ll take Splitter’s services next year as a Spur. Or do you think he did it because Hill was starting to slide a little. Pop will play him if GH’s game starts to dwindle in the Playoffs in my opinion even over JA. If that weren’t the case he would have not signed him. He does has more pro experience than JA.

  • Beiste

    wow….too much playing NBA2k11 games i think. are you guys fans or losers?? give it a rest. FO,Pop,Players know what to do. Just wait & see come playoff time. Just believe in them coz they absolutely need our faith. GSG!!!

  • Rafael

    @Titletown99030507 really strange sign with another guard…We have Manu, TP, Neal, Hill, all good-great.I think Spurs sign Green to replace Quinn. Maybe they will fire Quinn

  • TD = Best EVER

    For all those saying that POP and our FO knows what they are doing……Answer this question for me…… When is the last time POP has had a team ranked this high in Offense and this low in Defense……

    The last time our Offense and Defense looked like this was 1995-1996 season. Ya, that long ago……..Offense – 103.4ppg or 6th in the league and Defense – 97.1ppg or 11th in the league. When POP was still GM and RC was the head scout…….. SO they in their current positions have never done this before and neither has the current ownership group…….So the idea that we should just trust POP and this new Offensive experiment just drives me nuts….. It’s like going up to Tiago Splitter or DJB and asking for shooting tips on improving your 3 point shot…… ya they are pro basketball players, which means they probably know more about basketball in general than the common person, but that doesn’t mean they know more about shooting 3-pointers than anyone else.

    O ya and if you are wondering how did that season end…… Lost in the 2nd round to Utah(4-2)

  • RUDE

    FWIW, on the Jefferson missed 3 @ the half: my take on the situation (after replaying it a few times) is that he was embarrassed he didn’t get back on the play as he should have. Duncan hustled to the frontcourt anticipating what eventually happened: Manu drove the lane on the break & kicked it back to Duncan; Duncan, meanwhile, was screening a defender & expected Jefferson to be trailing & in position for an in-rhythm 3 attempt at the top of the arc. Jefferson was hanging back instead, & when Duncan received the pass from Manu & flipped it back to him, he was in a poor shooting position for the buzzer-beater. You can even see Duncan waving @ Jefferson to hustle to the frontcourt as Manu was leading the break. As they were leaving the court, Jefferson realized his mistake & was sheepishly begging forgiveness.

  • Bry

    @ Dorie street and TD=BE Why do you guys think that Bonner is highly paid? You keep talking about his contract as if it is exhorbitant or something. The guy has earned his money and then some this year. I don’t care if he gets lit up by Chris Bosh (who lights up a lot of people). He more than earns his contract. As long as he’s not gaurding a small or an All-star, or pushed into the starting line-up or heavy minutes, I think he’ll be fine.
    For the rest of the season the Spurs have little to no reason to care too much about any single game; including Friday’s. That’s because they have such a big lead for HCA with only 15 games remaining. The rest of their road games look tough on paper, but they will be the favorite for every single home game left, including against Boston. Barring injury, there is just no chance anybody in the West will catch them. (And how the East finishes has little comparitive importance). So, expect them to take the conservative and careful route and not put too much importance into these games.
    Every important player will have his minutes go up for the play-offs, so they have no interest in playing heavy minutes now for games that are likely to be meaningless in the long run. Miami can afford to play their stars for 40+ minutes in blow-out games. The Spurs don’t, and shouldn’t. Think of these last 15 games as just scrimmaging getting ready to beat down all the teams that failed secure homecourt against an experience team that has only lost three total games at home this season.

  • Tim in Surrey

    Just a couple of quick points: About the Green signing, this is just for the regular season. If I recall correctly, the deadline has already passed for adding players to the roster in order for them to be eligible. (Is that right, 48MoH staff?) If so, then it doesn’t matter whom we add because we’ve already sewn up HCA through the finals (effectively) and no further additions can be on our playoff roster. Besides, it’s not like there are any big men available who could help us (other than maybe Oberto).

    And again, TD=BE, points per game are meaningless. We’re playing a faster pace, so the other team gets more possessions–as do we. That’s not to say that you’re wrong about our defense slipping, just that it’s not as bad as ppg make it look. I think we’re still 7th in efficiency, which is better but still not as good as in any of our championship seasons.

    Also, for those watching the NCAAs tonight, keep your eyes out for future Spurs. As a Vanderbilt alum, I’m hoping Jeff Taylor will drop to the Spurs, so they can groom him to be Bruce Bowen 2.0, but then I’m biased. In that same game, Justin Harper of Richmond is worth a look as well. They may go head to head a bit, so it should be interesting.

  • rob

    I can’t begin to speculate the reason for this signing (good or bad). But I wouldn’t say it’s just to fill a roster spot.

    There is some upside to Green. Being taken under the wing of Spurs management and training staff the remote chance of him becoming better than just an end of the bench player is possible.

    No harm in my opinion. Perhaps he can improve throughout the summer to being a useful asset for the Spurs next season and/or component to future trade.

  • Bankshot21

    I remember many of you saying Jeffers was a perfect fit after his 1st appearance. I don’t recall him playing another minute after that debacle. Green was the best 10 day call up we have had thus far. Very pleased with the pick up. Can’t wait to see if this guy can earn his keep during summer league play.

    I am anti censorship. If things are profane, then by all means it needs to be censored. Outside of that people should have the free will to state their opinions on here. If they want to chime in on every blog about a big we are not getting then by all means they have that right.

  • waynes

    can’t believe they were not going after a big?how can they handle dirk defensively?we desperatly need another defensive big.and why is splitter in the doghouse?we really need a 7 footer to compete for championship.why not mahinmi(the dallas reserve center)?

  • DorieStreet

    @Tim in Surrey
    Yeah–March Madness; will probably won’t come back here until preview of Mavs game tomorrow (you just knew the Warriors were going to keep jacking 3’s & play sorry D to give the game back to Dallas. That potential loss together with a Spurs victory would have all but sealed them to 3rd seed (LA ain’t losing on this homestand). As I stated before–Spurs need to go 6-2 or better for March; go 11-4 or 10-5 to seal up #1 HCA.

  • SpurINhouston


    Yup, that’s what it looks like. Regardless, RJ should be used to penetrate to the rim a la Tony AND for some high alley-oop passing like we saw at the early start of the season. Seems like he’s stuck at the perimeter in his usual spots as last season (which has been good for the “occasional” three). You can tell the Spurs are drastically lacking penetration to the rim on account of our lack of free throw attempts (i.e. stats against Miami or LA). Which means that leaves our team all the more predictable with Tony as the only real penetrator. Manu is good when he’s good, but TP is most consistent at getting FTAs.

  • DorieStreet

    @ Bry

    RE –Bonner’s salary

    Talking $$ in sports, particularly salaries, is not my thing. My post (I’ve done it twice before,when he signed the contract last summer & earlier this season) is that the FO paid him enough so no one else would beat the offer (if his services was being sought by another team-I don’t recall). It was in combination with him being the only holdover (besides Core3) from the last title plus the majority of his pro career is in a Spur uniform–‘your production/best effort his needed all the time–on the road & in the playoffs. Don’t disappear come mid-April.’