San Antonio Spurs 102, New Jersey Nets 85 – There’s No I in Spurs


PRUDENTIAL CENTER — The San Antonio Spurs beat the New Jersey Nets handily last night by the score of 102-85. The Spurs created off the dribble, got to the line, set up a ton of open looks, dominated the boards and made New Jersey work for every basket.

Manu Ginobili led all scorers with 22 points, including two treys and eight free throws. Parker contributed 13 points and seven dimes. DeJuan Blair did his thing on the boards and Tim Duncan shot well while playing tremendous defense on Brooke Lopez and helping out with three blocks.

Every Spurs player finished with a positive +/- before garbage time. Just like their season, no one player dominated the headlines, but the Spurs were able to win every quarter and come away victorious. The win brings their record to an astounding 46-9. The amazing part is that, despite the record, there still doesn’t seem to be much buzz about this team.

It seems that the Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, Bulls and Nuggets all get more headlines. Even Blake Griffin and the Clippers frequent highlight films. Perhaps even the Thunder and the Jazz garner more press than the Spurs.

The players also don’t seem to get the respect a normal team chasing 65-70 wins would normally garner (I guess there is no such thing as a normal team with this record). Manu Ginobili is frequently tabbed as the Spurs’ best player, but is only a token entry on many MVP lists. 19 players received more All-Star votes than Manu.

Quite frankly, I would also find it very difficult to argue he should be considered at the very top of  MVP lists. (Ginobili greatly challenges our perceptions of player value. Everyone realizes he’s one of the best players in the league, but official recognition never measures up to the popular consensus.)

Despite a resurgence, Tony Parker is even further down on this list of All-Star voting, ranking 7th among western conference guards and 31st overall. He would have been a clear choice for All-Star in the East, but in the West he was an afterthought. I can’t really disagree too strongly with this assessment either.

As for Tim Duncan, he barely cracked the All-Star team and was perhaps the most controversial selection. I suspect he deserved the slot, but I can’t really say that with a lot of conviction either. Despite all these dissenters, few will argue that the Spurs have NOT been the best team this year.

The Spurs have no real MVP candidates and yet they own a record that would usually dictate two or three contenders for the award. Not to worry, Spurs players, there have been other championship teams with “no superstars” that have turned out fine in public perception. The Knicks of the early 70’s were considered a team with no elite players. Ironically, this team ended up with more Hall of Famers than any other in NBA history (depending on how you slice it).

If you count Phil Jackson’s election as a coach, the 1973 team consisted of seven Hall of Famers (Willis Reed, Dave DeBusschere, Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe, Bill Bradley and Jerry Lucas were the others). No one knew who to credit for that team, so in the end all were rewarded.

The Spurs don’t have the “benefit” of playing on a stage like New York City, but I don’t think Coach Pop minds. When questioned as to why the Spurs didn’t get the most attention, Pop himself suggested more recent champions such as LA and Boston deserved more attention. (He didn’t provide a clear explanation for the Heat’s popularity, but I think we all know.)

The Spurs this year have been all about team. They have several players who can create their own shots and many more who can rack up points from open treys. Their bigs hustle for offensive rebounds, set screens and look to work in the post when needed. All players graciously accept their role and each puts forth effort defensively.

San Antonio might not get the respect they deserve, but if their winning ways continue through June, the world will be forced to take notice. And, you know, I think they’re pretty exciting to watch too.

  • Titletown99030507

    Anybody catch Tim Legler on Sports Center last night wishing the Spurs a Happy Valentines. Yes we got lots of love from them yesterday. He mentioned how the Celtics, Lakers, Heat have been getting so much burn in the media and no one has paid attention to the Spurs and given them no love. Well he wished the Spurs a happy valentines saying ” We love you San Antonio Spurs for the way you move the ball, we love you for the way you get back on defense, and we love you because your right there competing every single year. Happy Valentines San Antonio Spurs” Wow! Awesome!

  • wen323

    I’ve been a spurs fan since D-Robs rookie season. I watched as year after year the spurs fell short of a championship, let alone a trip to the finals. So when we got Duncan i 97 i was excited, because i knew the type of player he could be( didn’t see him being best power forward ever though).It’s hard to believe that the spurs as an team to get the respect that other teams do, only 3 franchises have more championships. It’s okay if the media and non-spurs fans don’t take this team serious, because there are 29 head coaches in the NBA who do. So while the ME players collect their individual trophies and giving sporting networks the Highlights of the night, we’ll holding that Larry O’brien in June and collecting another ring. SPURS fan forever!

  • JTEX

    I’ve been a Spurs fan from when they walked into the Hemisfair Arena. So me and the IceMan are about the same age. All I can say is, if the Spurs didn’t have Pop as a coach and assitants and R.C as their GM, they would have never won one title. Pop’s philosophy is we win as a team and lose as a team. Fortunately in Pop’s tenure the Spurs have won 65% of there games, push it up to 80% so far this season. I believe the Spurs are still going to pull off a big aquisition, either before or after the allstar game(forget the deadline for trades), they just can’t afford not to get bigger(taller) and better as far as offensive rebounding. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Jefferson and Neal, Quinn being offered in a trade I’m sure they’re already shopping. The Spurs still haven’t won a thing yet and Pop knows this. Peter Holt will do within reason what Pop and R.C. wants. What ever they do, I bet they go from a strong contender to the absolute best team in the league with the possibilty of back to back championships, if they do make a trade. They can still aquire a quality player without giving anyone up but if they can better the team for a run at multiple championships, I believe they will pull the trigger big time. As far as what others think about the Spurs, doesn’t bother me a bit because they’re jealous, especially this year because NO ONE expected the Spurs to be this good with what they have. A real tribute to Coach Pop and his staff reinventing the Spur! Go Spurs Go!!

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  • idahospur

    On finding good articles on the Spurs I would like to say I appreciate it when others on this site post the links. It is very helpful.

  • bong p.

    @IT Guy

    You’re correct there, my friend, Jerry Lucas also had post moves, and yes, there was no three-point arc then. But had there been one, his outside heaves – with the below-the-shoulder release – would have been triples because that is where he shot most of them. Cheers.

  • Jacob


    No way they dump Jefferson unless they get a huge name in return, which isn’t happening. He has gone through too much learning with the team thus far to get the axe. Consider the damage that the chemistry would suffer at having to reboot with another SF this late in the year. No thank’ee. I could see them trading away Tiago and maybe Chris quinn or james Anderson because those guys ( as much we love them) haven’t been an integral part of the winning formula. If the spurs could stand to gain a solid shot blocker who didn’t absolutely suck on offense, or a super defensive wing, i could see them pulling the trigger on a tiago/JA/quinn deal, but RJ and Neal aren’t going anywhere, mark my words.

  • Firebrand

    Well ladies and gents im back.
    First off I have to say I was more than rihgt whenb sating ” I dont know why but I just cant believe in the rockets and blazers to be true west powers bc for “whatever reason they never can seem to overcome [ i’m paraphrasing “there injuries just check my post i foretold this} when supposed they where supposed to be great uhhhh…how can i properly convey this, unbiased and great reporters where telling how OUR SRURS where supposed to be low seed hopefulls at the best…I remember conveying ho the west at best stayed par with our spurs considering growth in the orginization. I was very generouse ib saying blakr griffin witrh the lake show and green with the jazz

  • Firebrand

    lateral progress ast best for there respective teams…blake being a stopgap of age and green well damn im a boozer fan so i was being generouse… what can i say i’m just sore bc i was dismissed as a fool for thinking OUR SPURS had a chance next season..this season and discounting our experts opinion

  • firebrand

    oh yeah who said manu demanded to be introduced last in our starting ineup this season ….has it happened….one other thing trade tp… really trade for who… for rondo or bust ….im out until we hit the playoffs peace and GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • andy

    honestly, you’d think we’re a bunch of emperors looking for people to tell us we have clothes.

    as some have said, who cares if people praise us? i have my reasons for liking the team. that’s enough for me. i like that we have had mostly high-character guys, robinson being the pinnacle. i like that we work together, subjugating individual stats for the good for the team. i like that they stick to their guns. i like that top to bottom, the system is integrated so that owner to ballboy, they are on the same page, and everyone seems to get respect.

    and on that note, you can’t tell me there’s a player in this league who doesn’t respect the spurs. it’s telling that we were the most voted team to play for by potential draftees last year. we take care of our own, and we take care of business.

    as for the fan/bandwagon business, again, who cares? is it annoying? sure, but we all have our reasons for being fans. maybe yours is the cult of personality, maybe it’s geography. most of us spurs fans have an appreciation for “pounding the rock” and the details of basketball, and good for us. let’s be happy with that, and not worry about bandwagoning.

    way to stir up the fanbase, scott.

  • Mano E Manu

    Yo SpursFan50:

    Shut your hole. What drives your commitment to the Spurs? If you love the way they’re coached and managed (as I do), then what happens when Buford and Pop move on?

    If you’re just a fan because you’re from the area, then you have no right calling out someone else for being a bandwagoner, because geographic fandom is the stupidest kind of fandom there is.

    Or perhaps you enjoy watching the team that’s been built around Duncan over the past decade plus. That’s what I love about the Spurs: this specific set of players and staff, starting with Duncan, Pop and Ginobili. When Manu and Timmy and Pop are gone, should I continue to root for the team? I don’t think so, because at that point, it won’t be the 2000-2011 Spurs that I’ve enjoyed so much. Maybe new guys will come in with the same low-key attitude and perfect execution that My Spurs had, but if not, then I certainly don’t owe my fandom to the team.

  • Mano E Manu

    Also to SpursFan50: You’re a douchebag. Nobody should care whether their fandom is good enough for you, because you’ve got nothing more to do with the Spurs than the rest of us.

    Similarly, nobody should be so upset that our team isn’t getting all the press, since the record still says they’re playing fantastic ball.


    As a Spur fan I’m so amazed, they are realy a special team, I like the fact that Duncan is very humble man, May God Bless Him and help him win his 5th ring. Go Spurs Go

  • Titletown99030507

    @ManuEManu, I like the Spurs because they’re winning. I’ve liked them for 12 years now. Let’s be honest if they were 2 games better then the Cavaliers I don’t think people would give a rats ass about the Spurs. Sad to say but winning makes fans with or without RC and Pop. But to answer your question about what would happen after Pop and Buford leave. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out so I won’t answer that one after all. My solution is to keep Pop and RC interested in the Spurs and pump them with a butt load of anti-oxidants to increase longevity or clone them.

  • drew

    Mano E Manu – stop trolling. SpursFan50 wasn’t calling him out for bandwagoning – but accusing others of bandwagoning and then later saying something that sounded rather “bandwagony”. Plus, it was all polite discourse til you showed up.

    I happen to agree with SpursFan50, in that if you are only a fan because of who is playing for that team, or for that matter who runs the organization, and you plan to change your fave team when they move on, then I would say you are bandwagoning. I mean… isn’t that kind of the definition? Fans – real honest to goodness fans – are lifelong fans.

  • andy

    yeesh, settle down mano e manu. no need to resort to insults.

    look, both sides are perfectly valid, if differently justified. i started liking the spurs as a teenager after finding out what an ass jordan is and what a great guy robinson is. my fandom has evolved other pillars from that. however, if holt sold the team to donald trump, who hired isiah thomas, and a bunch of miscreants were brought in to run an iso-heavy offense and no defense, i doubt i’d be happy cheering for the team and might consider another.

    i certainly have felt that way about the cowboys sometimes (god help me i’m still a fan though), and shifted part of my fandom towards the steelers because of what a class act rooney is (and i’ve always been a penguins fan). rothlisberger being a rapist certainly made me reevaluate that, but hey, fandom, and life, is a continuum, not a fixed point.

  • Tim in Surrey

    A couple of things:

    About the bandwagon business, my thoughts are the more the merrier. I was a pretty committed Spurs fan even during the Mo McHone days, so I’ve been there through thick & thin. But I’m happy to share the love with anyone. And I can’t criticize someone who starts out as a Tim Duncan fan and then sticks with his team because he loves watching them win.

    About the Knicks comparisons… I can see where you’re going with it, Scott, but I’m not so sure. The Knicks had a LOT of star power, more than any San Antonio team has ever had. That was especially true of the second title squad, with the backcourt of Frazier and Monroe. And, aside from Havlicek, was there ever a bench player with as high a profile as Bill Bradley? As for Lucas, he was a superstar at Ohio State, then toiled outside of the spotlight for a while, then played with the Knicks very late in his career when Willis Reed was their dominant rebounder. So a lot of people forget that he was one of the greatest rebounders of all time. An amazing guy.

    But to me the Spurs situation is rather different. They aren’t shunned by the media, they just don’t provide the media with what they need: stories that the public wants to see or read. John Hollinger has addressed this in a couple of his chats recently. From what he says, whenever he writes or talks about the Spurs, the public ignores what he says. When he writes or talks about the Heat, Lakers, Bulls, or Celtics, they pay rapt attention. There is a bit of a feedback loop here, but it’s clear that the Spurs simply don’t interest the majority of the fans. And of the minority who do care, most of them DISLIKE the way they play.

    That’s OK with me. I don’t want to force anybody to like what I like. (It’s the same in music. When I tell people that my favorite musician is Todd Rundgren, it doesn’t really bother me if they don’t know or care about him.) But I sure like the Spurs, and I’m having a great time this season, media frenzy or no.

    I will say, though, that things may change dramatically over the All-Star break. Everybody has been so focused on the Heat, Carmelo, the Lakers & Celtics, and Blake Griffin that I don’t think they’ve really appreciated that the Spurs are having one of the greatest seasons in the history of basketball. But with Pop, Tim, Manu, Mike, DeJuan, and Gary all participating in All-Star weekend and it being the traditional start of year-in-review season for the media, we could see the Spurs get a LOT of press very quickly.

    Oh, and don’t forget that they still haven’t played the Heat. That will focus a lot of attention on them, too.

  • Tim in Surrey

    P.S. – Nice article, Scott. I like your prose stuff, too. That title was always one of my least favorite cliches. But, although I’ve never particularly cared for Michael Jordan off the court, it was the source of one of my all-time favorite basketball comebacks:

    [Reporter]: There’s no “I” in team.

    [Jordan]: But there’s an “I” in win.

  • bong p.

    About the bandwagon thing: Truly, most of the guys here – including this graybeard – will tell you that when there was still neither band nor wagon, San Antonio was a team we admired and appreciate. And what the Spurs are having right now is truly something to relish. This – from the coaches, stars and bench – are cool, classy, humble, and get the job done.

  • French Dan

    I’d like to know how you feel about TP? He plays less minutes than most top PG because they don’t need him to. He doesn’t need to score 25 points per night though he probably could so he’s not considered a top 3 or even top 5 PG in the league (probably 6th or 7th). How good do you think he is and how much do you love him compared to TD and Manu?
    P.S. Can he take over games or is he a bit scared in the fourth quarter (he never seems to score much at the end of games)?

  • rob

    @ Tim in Surrey

    Excellent post. Agree 100%.

    As far as music…I can say I’m a fan of Classical, Big Band, Billie Holiday, Muddy Waters, ZZ Top, Waylon Jennings, Lynard Skynard, Temptations,…I “band”wagon all over the place. :)

  • JTEX

    It all comes down to having a basketball genius for a head coach, great assistants, GM and an owner(Peter Holt)who supports and pretty much lets his coaches and GM run the team w/o interference!
    I still believe if the Spurs never had Pop as a caoch they wouldn’t have a single title! Of course Pop’s mentors, Larry Brown and Don Nelson did help a lot!

    Question, has Don Nelson ever won a NBA title as a coach? I believe he was a Celtic’s player when they won some titles.
    Know Larry Brown did in with the Pistons and in the NCAA.

  • BigJ
  • DorieStreet

    @ BigJ

    Thanks for providing information by sports media outlets on Spurs coverage this season. However, all of them (except three) are from the internet. As for tv/radio, I am sure regional networks (i.e. Fox Sports SW) have given kudos to the team. NBA-TV is nationwide, but not every fan has it in their cable/satellite programming to get more talk and analysis of this outstanding Spurs year. ESPN is 24/7, home & away, in the store & restaurant/bar. They are a dog when it comes to San Antonio press, but they are the big dog- all tune in to them at one time or the other for its programming.

    @ The Hammer

    Don’t put the sparse recognition/respect all on the big vs. small market thing. Let the Detroit Lions or Jacksonville Jaguars start off 9-0 or 10-1; the sports networks would do weekly remotes from the cities; the gameday shows will be on site for home games. In past years the Mavs, Suns, etc got mad praise for similar starts–and the Hornets this year. There is a bias against the Spurs, basketball wise. A Texas team (not east/west coast) being champs pro hoops (“no–that can’t be”); beating the team from New York (Rucker Park, Madison Square Garden) in the finals; no prolific stats (25-30 ppg/ 10+ apg/ 12+ rpg) from our best players. And speaking of stars– don’t discount the fact that the Spurs’s stalwarts are foreign born (Tim wasn’t born and raised ‘stateside’.

    I like the vibe that half of us fans don’t give a rat’s *** that the team has gotten little praise from the sports media for this season’s work so far. The deserved comeuppance will be four months from now if there is another Riverwalk Parade with the 5th Larry O’Brien in hand.

  • SAJKinBigD

    @JTEX: Nellie has never won a title, though I think he has technically passed Lenny Wilkens as winningest Coach in the NBA; though I would dispute many of the wins he got in his last year or so. He didn’t do much and basically mailed ’em in and let his assistants do the work.
    Not a fan of Nellie in the end, though his basketball style was entertaining for a while.

  • jwalt

    bigj — thank you very much for your informative post.

    Bandwagoning? Geez, I live in So. Cal. and have been a huge Spur fan since Manu’s rookie season, and mainly because of Manu. But I do hurt when they lose, I like that definition a lot more of what constitutes true fandom. But when Duncan, Pop, Manu, etc., move on, will I still be one? Probably not. But don’t tell me I care any less, that’s not acceptable. Just ask all the Laker fans I’m surrounded by out here how I bleed the silver and black.
    Currently I start every morning by asking my fellow bb fans the same question. “Anyone know who has the best record in the NBA?”


    @ French Dan
    “I’d like to know how you feel about TP?…..
    He doesn’t need to score 25 points per night though he probably could so he’s not considered a top 3 or even top 5 PG in the league (probably 6th or 7th).”

    Ya he is in the top 10. His 2 main weaknesses are in assist and he doesn’t draw fouls enough.

    PG’s better than Parker in no particular order:
    Nash – mainly because of his assist
    Chris Paul – Same as above Assist
    Rondo – Assist
    Deron Williams – better shooter/draws more fouls
    Rose – Scorer – draws alot of fouls
    Russel Westbrook – just barely above because of scoring – draws more fouls

    Guys who are about even with Parker – They are better PG’s but TP is the better player(better scoring)
    Wall – assist
    Kidd – Assist/D/better shooter

    Slightly below TP – would be even if they could stay healthy
    Baron Davis – can score and make plays / can’t stay healthy
    Devin Harris – same as Baron

    “P.S. Can he take over games or is he a bit scared in the fourth quarter (he never seems to score much at the end of games)?”

    Same as above. It’s mostly the fact that he doesn’t get fouled alot. Like a Manu/Kobe when they go to the bucket.

  • JTEX

    Guys check this article out. Some of you may get Spurs Bleacher Reports emails, potential predictions of what choices are out there for the Spurs to move on as far as trades/aquisitions. Some interesting possibilties. What do you think the Spurs ownership would do for the potential future of back to back title seasons? Good article to read!…/606435-nba-trade-rumors-10-deadline-deals-to-guarantee-san-antonio-spurs-an-nba-title

  • Nima K.

    1. Please stop whining so much about lack of media attention. This is the way the spurs want it to be, don’t you people get it? Pop wants to have the LAST laugh while flying in stealth mode all season.

    2. ALL Spurs fans are welcome and part of the family, whether on the bandwagon or not. Please people, let’s focus on more pressing issues.

    3. At this point, I fear that a Mavericks team with a healthy Nowitzki is actually our BIGGEST threat. Please consider that they are the only title contenders at this point to actually beat both Miami and Boston twice. Am i right? Neither the Spurs, nor Lakers have beaten the Mavericks this season with a healthy Nowitzki. They seem like a stronger team than ’06. Portland, NOLA, and Lakers are secondary threats IMO.

  • SAJKinBigD

    The Mavs are an issue because of their defense, but their offense after Dirk is too suspect – I keep hearing folks around here (Dallas) saying they think they match up with us, but I think we’d come out on top of this matchup if our defense continues to tighten up in the dash to finish the season.
    After Dirk, their other scorers are streaky or unproven. We know how to handle Kidd and Terry, no one knows what Beaubois will do now that he’s about to play basketball for the first real game since last playoffs, and they don’t seem likely to do anything at the deadline. Have to reassess should they do something, but Cuban seems inclined to stand pat this year.

  • DorieStreet

    @ TD=Best EVER

    +10 re TP comparisons to the other top PGs. In addition to your stark observations, there is the ‘eye test’. Tony’s game seldom ventures into the ‘ “wow” factor’ range. Baseline to basline speed-still top 3; signature shot- tear drop-none can do it better; drives in the paint for spin/duck under layups-he still has it. But Nash-Paul-Rondo-Kidd come up with “Streetball”/”And 1” moves nearly every game. The first two can crank out a 12p/22a or 25p/15a a half dozen times a season, while the latter two will do a triple-double 3-4 times a year. Williams, Rose and Westbrook are acrobatic–they have games when they will shoot and score from any angle, any place, and on anyone. And they will flash down the lane and slam it home when it’s least expected. Alley-oops to teammates are a regularity for all six; one, maybe two, from TP (to TD) a year. Most of Tony’s assists are the straight drive-to-the-rim, pass back variety. To fans of the Spurs it is beautiful when it result in a deuce or trey; but others who watch mostly don’t think so. And TP work on defense is earnest, but he doesn’t hound opponents or play the passing lanes to rack up steals.

    But– he has helped his squad to 3 championships-as of now that’s 2 more than the seven PGs I compared him with have won combined.

  • DorieStreet

    @ Nima K.

    Very good point 3 (you are the first person I’ve read or heard from that pointed out the Mavs’ sweep of the Celtics/Heat). They are right behind the Spurs in consecutive 50+win seasons & playoff entries. But other than ’03 & ’06, they haven’t made it past the WC semis in their current 10-year run. (Mavs did it 1 other time–back in the day of Blackmon, Harper, and Aguirre.) Even though it is down to 1/3 of the season, the playoff setup is still unclear. Teams in spots 5 thru 10 –NO, Por, Den, Utah, Mem, Phx–all have 24-26 losses; Hornets have 33 wins & Suns have 27. The other five teams in between all have 31 victories. The positioning/race over the last two months will be just like ’09 & ’10–down to the wire.

  • Flavor

    February 16th, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Bravo sir. Couldn’t have said it better.

  • jwalt

    If Dallas and the Lakers play in the second round (and I sure hope so) then I will root for Dallas. Just because I can’t stand the thought of the Lakers winning another title. But my head says that Dallas will be even tougher than the Lakers for us to beat. We have no real answer for Dirk, he scares me more than Kobe. Chandler has been the difference maker. And Kidd does a good job of keeping Manu in front of him.

    And Dallas didn’t stand pat as someone suggested, they took on Peja’s contract and that’s a lot of dough. If he’s healthy he’s another reason to fear Dallas.

  • jwalt

    Interesting list of where to put Parker among the point guards. I have no argument with Rondo, Nash, Paul, Williams, and Rose. All our studs (and Nash is probably now the most underrated player in the league).

    I do think Westbrook is overrated, he’s a stat machine but his decision making is poor. He plays at 100 mph all the time and sometimes to the detriment of his team.

    Kidd I would put just below Parker, but I would take TP over Westbrook, Harris, Wall, and especially Baron Davis. I have a coaching friend who thinks Davis plays with less integrity than anyone in the league, and now having watched the Clips a few times this year I see his point.

    So I guess that makes TP 6th best in my mind. Just one opinion.


    LA will be more of an issue than Dallas for us.
    2 reasons – size – including Artest – we saw how big he is and we really have no one for him when he is motivated.

    Clutch Shooting – KOBE / FISHER – if the game is close are as clutch as anyone

    Mavs have great players too – just not as many as LA


    Since I’m bored in the worst class ever that is Cultural Anthropology with an awful lecturer I stumbled upon espn trade rumors and other related rumor sites to find that Jason Kapono and Rip Hamilton both might be bought out by their respective teams along with Troy Murphy.
    Any thought on the Spurs having a chance to pick up one of these guys or the possibility of it ever happening?

    There was some talk about Kapono during free agency and could back up Jefferson. Idk I thought it was a good idea at the time.

  • Ian

    Peja’s expiring contract was bought out by Toronto and Dallas signed him close to a minimum (<1 mil) contract… not that he's less of a threat with lower salary, of course.

  • jwalt

    Ian — I stand corrected, thanks. Now I wish SA had entered the Peja sweepstakes. He would have been a nice backup for RJ, especially with all that playoff experience.

  • SAJKinBigD

    My understanding of the Peja deal was it was sort of a wink-wink deal. He had no intention of signing anywhere else – though I don’t understand why not.
    Peja is scary, but he’s not exactly what he used to be, and as a role-player on the Mavs, I’m not sure he can get into one of those rhythms that’d be highlighted by flames on NBAJams easily enough. Like I said before, Cuban seems settled with the team they have and will most likely be standing pat at the trade deadline.
    Dirk scares me.
    Chandler’s tough and is imprinting some toughness on that team (something they’ve long missed).
    Peja can go off, but I don’t think he can do so consistently.
    Kidd’s playing 36+minutes/game and looking awful every now and then.
    Terry isn’t quite the “Jet” (his nickname) he has been in the past.
    I fear the Lakers more until they’re out of the playoffs. They’ve been there, done that before. I dunno if they can “flip the switch” or not, but as long as they’re in it, I worry about them and their length (if all are healthy).

  • Mark from Australia

    Bandwagon Supporter = A support who only follows a team when it is winning… its as simple as that.

    I’m a life long Spurs fan and always will be, i wasnt a fan of the Bulls in the 90’s i hated them because they always beat the Spurs, plus the fact that all my friends were Bulls fans, now? they dont really follow the NBA, funny that!

    Althought ive never seen a Spurs game in person (that will change on 9th of April when i finally live my dream and go to San Antonio to watch a game live) ive bleed silver and black, always will.

    I agree 100% with SpursFan50, if your a bandwagon support, us real Spurs fans dont want you to support “our” team, you go follow the Heat this season, and then go follow the Bulls when they get back up the top, we dont care. i will always be a Spurs fan good or bad, the 96-97 season comes to mind, although i live in Australia, that season i watched as many games as possible on TV (back in those days i probably only got 1 or 2 games on TV each season, because everyone was watching the Bulls and the internet was almost non-existant) so i go my results each week in the local news paper… but that season was tough, but it didnt stop me being a Spurs fan!


    @ DNITCH

    Troy Murphy
    Rip Hamilton
    Jason Kapono

    I will take all 3 if they were bought out ONLY. They make too much to trade for directly. And I would take them in this order.

    Murphy – our need for a big outweighs our need for backup 3
    Hamilton – Best player of the bunch – desperate to play for a winner again
    Kapono – Dead aim shooter – defensive liability

  • Hobson13

    February 16th, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    I like Hamilton, but he is a SG that really doesn’t have the strength to play backup to RJ. Kapono would be a good option to play backup SF, but he isn’t the defender that RJ is. Murphy, if he decided to play defense, would be the best player for us to pick up out of this group. Troy is a bigger, better version of Bonner who can rebound and score better than the Red Rocket. While Bonner is probably a better 3pt shooter, Murphy is a better all around scorer.

    February 16th, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    I’m not sure we missed out on too much by not picking up Peja. He is WAY past his prime and can’t stay healthy. How many times did he scorch the Spurs while playing for NO? Not very many times. He is a good shooter, but offers little else besides constant injuries. The Mavs are playing with fire by giving him so many minutes and sure as hell won’t be contenders with him starting.

  • Flavor

    I can’t believe i’m still hearing this talk about length being an issue.. really? being taller doesn’t make you better.


    @ Flavor
    “I can’t believe I’m still hearing this talk about length being an issue.. really? being taller doesn’t make you better.”

    You can’t coach Length – and those who have it have a slight advantage when scoring and rebounding the ball. Dice will never be able to Bynum in the Post on regular basis. Bynum simply id too long/big for him. Those extra 2-3 inches and 5-10 lbs TD has on him really are important.

  • DorieStreet

    I read the Bleacher Rep0rt articles on the proposed trades for the Spurs to solidify a solid, deep playoff run to the title. In no certain order Quinn, Splitter, Anderson, even Jefferson come up in a variety of combinations either alone with a draft pick, or 2-3 of them together with a draft pick for an astonishing number and type of players from all over the league, in every category, to improve the current Spurs squad. The opinion of a good number of fans seems that some sound move is needed to combat the size of the Lakers/Celtics or the depth of the Mavs. More rebounding & defense vs. more offensive options from 3 & 4 postions. The debate will really pick up after tomorrow night’s game at the Bulls.

  • jwalt

    Murphy might be a better all around scorer than Bonner, but Bonner scares other teams into spreading the floor. It allows the other Spurs to play 4 on 4, where it is a lot easier to penetrate, etc., against. I prefer Bonner, who always has one of the best +/- scores on the team and never gets any credit because of it.

    Some writer (maybe Bill Simmons?) started an article saying how bad he thinks Bonner looks but then when he (the writer) looked at how THE TEAM does when Bonner is on the floor came to the conclusion that Bonner was worth his weight in gold. That’s where I’m at.

    Yes, the Lakers length has always been their number one strength. But they really have slipped this year, I believe. I don’t think it’s a matter of turning it off and on or being bored or any of those things. As Jerry West said, the reason you can’t play defense anymore is because you can’t.

    So is a slightly declining Lakers or a definitely ascending Mavs more scary for our Spurs? Let’s hope they are both gone for the WCF.

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    Good to see that everyone is a least in agreement that these players would be great assets if picked up and NOT traded for. I know a couple of people don’t think that Murphy is the answer but I dont see how he could not help the ball club. even posted some articles on the Spurs showing interest but only if bought out. So its definitely a possibility. RIP and Kapono would just be nice solid contributers off the bench to back up. RIP more than Kapono.

    I think we’ve got the game against the Bulls if our players decide to show up. With Noah out and no one on their team to guard Manu we should be able to pull it out. What I hope for the most is that the Cavs beat the Lakers and their entire organization flips shit the entire weekend while they host the All- Star game.