Tiago Splitter: Getting used to Texas


Tiago Splitter filming a commercial for Northside FordTiago Splitter filming a commercial for Northside Ford in San Antonio.

Via SpursTalk

  • metalandganja

    i’m a lifelong texan and i still can’t stand texas truck commercials.

    that being said, one starring said tiago splitter would fast become my favorite. =)

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  • rj

    ……..is anyone going to be able to understand him? the pizza hut one is funny because he doesn’t say anything.

  • DorieStreet

    Looks as if he is enjoying himself. There will be a lot more commericials in Splitter’s future if he can contribute significantly this season to get the Spurs a 5th title.

    (This past fall, head football coaches in the SEC appeared in Ford commericals that were shown in the southeastern U.S.)

  • ITGuy

    He looks like he’s ready for the rodeo trip.
    Go get’em Tiago!!

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • Bruno

    Good lucky to Splitter. Somebody saw Mr. Anderson in D-league??
    He score in first game 12 points(4-6 FG) in 11 minutes.
    In second game score 17 points(6-12 FG/ 3-7 of 3FG) in 16 minutes.
    I think he is ready to play…

  • DBAGuy

    Hey Andrew, Congrats on getting “Special Thanks” on the latest episode of “Spurs Insider”…

  • Jacques

    Did anyone realize in the pizza hut commercial they presented George Hill as “Spurs Forward”?

  • Khoa

    Anyone know how to contact someone that can activate my account on SpursTalk. Been a month in a half now =/

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    @ DBAGuy

    Thanks, not really sure why I was given a special thanks for that episode. But I did appear in the Full Court Press segment in the episode before (around the 17:00 mark).


  • ITGuy

    I noticed that also, congrats Andrew!

  • DBAGuy

    hey @ITGuy
    Sorry for stealing with creativity with the username :)

  • DBAGuy

    hey @ITGuy
    Sorry for stealing your creativity with the username :)

  • DBAGuy

    Ha, that was pretty cool Andrew. I must have missed that episode. You’re a lucky guy!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  • agutierrez

    I trust they at least had Tiago step in some cow shit before stepping onto the set. Well, he’s certainly no less authentic Texas cowboy as W.

  • mybloodissilverandblack

    At first, I thought I was in a local paper website here in Calgary reporting about the upcoming Stampede. Haha…

    I definitely wish I live there in San Antonio, though.

  • hemisfair89

    Man, I’m stuck living out here in the northeast. Thank god for NBA league pass when they show Spurs telecasts, so that I can catch “whataburger, taco cabana, and “texas truck” commercials. Another plus is to hear Sean Elliot. Still waiting to hear from Malik Rose. Does he do…radio? Anyone?

  • ITGuy

    I didn;t think it was that creative but NP anyway.

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • Rafael

    @Bruno i agree with you, MR. ANDERSON BACK!! Strong bench: Hill, Neal, Anderson, Bonner(Splitter), Macdyess

  • Nima K.

    I hope this doesnt mean the truck he bought was a Ford! Buy a Tundra (which is made in San Antonio)! Support the local manufacturers!

    Even if he doesn’t play very well this year, I’m sure he’ll do much better next season.

    Nos te amamos Tiago!


  • Bert

    Those spurs commercials are really funny.

    Sometimes it’s because of bad directing but you gotta love them.

    Last season I don’t know if anyone noticed it, but there was a Pizza Hut commercial where Pop is speaking and Hill is facing completely the other way. And then Hill turns and speaks his part. I think it was for dramatic effect.

  • Ruel

    Good for Him!!! Getting Tiago involved in the community. He’s part of the San Antonio Spurs Family now and hopefully he can give us something in return to our Team San Antonio and to the fans as well this year or maybe in the near future…

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  • rob


  • Ryan


    Hey, I saw your post on Anderson. I was at the Toros game this Thursday night when they played New Mexico. God they looked awful… Anderson played “ok” granted the whole game looked like organized chaos, but I still think he could use some work.

    It’s hard to gauge players at that level because, at times, it almost seems like their force feeding him the ball because the coaching staff wants to see things. It throws the whole game off and guys (meaning the other Toros players) don’t seem to know how to respond to it. Rarely was their any sort of set plays, just a lot of one on one and transition baskets. It was just sloppy…. like a pick-up game at the Y or something.

    Anyway, I would say if he’s there to learn some things and maybe make a few tweaks to his game then I’d say he could stick around for a little longer. But if he’s there just to break a sweat and get back into game shape then I’d go ahead and give him the greenlight.

  • Ryan

    Oh.. by the way.. gonna go ahead and say this… if any of you are living in the Austin area and bored off your butt.. seriously, go check out the Toros.

    Ticket prices are beyond reasonable, in fact you’ll probably pay more for parking than your actual ticket, and its not bad to get a glimpse of up and coming Spurs players.

  • betsyduncan

    Why that’s the tallest cowboy I ever did see.

  • luketcg

    I LOVE SPURS PLAYERS IN NON-SPURS COMMERCIALS. I’m not from SA, but after seeing all the H-E-B and local business commercials with world-famous NBA stars, I was converted. Especially with H-E-B commercials, they really play along! I love the smalltown feel of the spurs, and their honest, hard working basketball aka pounding the rock. aka 48 min of basketball “hell”

  • spurcase42

    He looks bigger in that outfit than he does in his basketball uniform. He doesn’t seem so tall until you realize he is standing beside a truck and not a car.