Manu and Duncan named All-Star reserves, Spurs will send big contingent back to LA


The NBA All-Star reserves were announced on Thursday night and the suspense is over, Tim Duncan’s All-Star streak is over. Duncan, along with Manu Ginobili, was named as one of the West’s reserves.

Ginobili isn’t much of a surprise, he’s been as much of an MVP candidate as this balanced Spurs team could have. Duncan, well, he’s a bit of a stretch. His numbers this season aren’t great (13.6 points and 9.4 rebounds), so he basically gets in on reputation.

It’s hard to see many of the league’s coaches not voting him in. I mean, Duncan’s the type of player every coach wants to have on their team, so one way of encouraging that from other players is by voting Duncan in when given the choice.

It was interesting that Duncan was only listed as a forward on the press release that was sent out. His insistence on not being a center is still strong, even though he’s basically Yao Ming’s replacement on the West roster.

The league has yet to name an official replacement for Yao, but if it’s Kevin Love like many expect, Duncan is the de facto center on that team. Even with Pau Gasol being voted as a reserve. But Duncan’s still just a power forward, apparently.

TD and Ginobili are just the latest additions to the Spurs charter flight to LA for All-Star Weekend. Head Coach Gregg Popovich and Assistant Coach Mike Budenholzer were the first headed for the trip. Pop was named the Western Conference All-Stars Head Coach when the Spurs clinched the West’s best record.

Coach Bud got the honor of coaching the rookies in the Rookie-Sophomore game for the same reason. Gary Neal will join Coach Bud on the rookie team, as his come-from-obscurity first season has been good enough to earn him a spot on the team. And DeJuan Blair will face Neal and Coach Bud as a member of the sophomore team.

There’s still a chance two more Spurs could be on the trip. Tony Parker didn’t make the All-Star team but he could still be voted into the guard Skills Competition on All-Star Saturday Night. In addition, Matt Bonner, with his 50% 3-point shooting looked destined for the 3-point shootout before a knee bruise has kept him out of action the last couple of weeks.

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  • idahospur

    It would be something strange if the Spurs coach ended up coaching the at All-Star Game with no Spurs players. It would be strange to have the league’s best team without any All-Stars. Of course there are 7 players in the East from Boston and Miami.


    OMG!!!!!!!!!! mcdyess 3 offensive rebounds wtf that was awesome

  • zainn

    tonights game is a clear example of why you DONT TRADE THE DICE.! he does soo many little things that count very much by the end of the game as shown tonight!

  • Manolo Pedralvez

    Two gem plays by the Dice – one an assist for Gary Neal’s haftime buzzer-beater and the game-winning tip-in at the the buzzer – shows how he’ll be vital in the playoffs. Moreover, the Lakers will rue that heartbreaking loss on their home court. Great comeback after the letdown in Portland. This match was a defensive classic, and San Antonio got the upperhand.

  • Manolo Pedralvez

    Correction: Neal’s nifty shot came at the end for the first period. Still, Dice had a hand in that basket.

  • irongiantkc


  • Hicksman

    DICE for the WINNNNNNNN!!!!!

  • Manolo Pedralvez

    I would have expected that the esteemed writers of this blog would have rolled out their post-mortem by now of the LA-San Antonio game. We wonder if the closeness of the match has also led, no offense meant, to something of a writer’s block. Maybe it has something to do that the match was the front end of a back-to-back. Go figure. Will have to wait for tomorrow, I guess.

  • Easy B

    After losing to portland, i was fearful of a 3 game skid, and the prospect of scrapping just to finish 5-4, and feel beat up after it. That game was just a chess match for both teams….the lakers took away the pace of the game, took away duncan and manu’s game and conceded that parker would get his and hope the rest of the team wouldn’t beat them. Jeff and Dyess beat them. Thats what it takes to beat the lakers. They will have better games from stars and role players, and so will we. But we know that we have the chance to up-end them in a 7 game series if we have homecourt. I feel good about our chances. I followed the game on the net until 4.6 secs left and thought: even if we lose, we shot 42% and were right there with good shots to win it at the end IN LA.
    The biggest thing is to continue to believe in the balance that has created so much success, and not simply turn to the big three in the playoffs to do it all. That balance is what makes it impossible for the other team to effectively adjust and shut down our game plan.

  • rob

    Some players in the history of the nba will get (as mentioned) a deserved choice by the coaches to represent in the all star game. Duncan is one of those players.

    Enjoy Spurs fans, this is probably his last appearance as an all star selection. Congrats to the best PF (er center) to ever play the game.

  • Nima K.

    Can someone translate this please:

    Latest interview with Splitter

  • Manolo Pedralvez

    @ Nima K. Use the google translation function and you’ll get a fair translation of the questions and Splitter’s replies, all positive if I might add. Cheers.

  • bong p.

    We see once again the depth and balance of this San Antonio team: its Big 3 muffing it in the crunch and a 36-year-old geezer literally rising to the occasion to ice up the game; ditto for Rage and Neal providing key baskets when the Spurs needing them most. With Anderson, Bonner back in harness and Splitter melding in, more weapons and options on both ends of the court to counter whatever rivals may have. This team is going to be a thoroughbred that can win it all – and the Lakers no doubt know that now after being swept in the season series. Bring on the Beasts of the East, the Best in the West is here waiting.

  • Alix Babaie

    I realize that the ASG is kind of a joke of a game but it is an honor to be selected, moreso by the coaches than the fans… most of them are idiots.

    I am glad TD and MG made it but truly, TP deserves it as much as they do. I would love to see him somehow get in as a replacement.

    BTW, the Commish should select Love or Aldridge to replace Ming….that would only be the right thing to do.


  • Ray

    I feel bad for Tony and think he truely deserves to be an All Star along with Tim and Manu but he’s still young and will have plenty of opportunities to get there. This is Manu’s final shot at being one so I’m happy he’ll make more than one. How many times has Manu played well and deserved to be one already? It happens. On the other hand if we had to pick only two I’d rather Tony be there. It’s his kind of thing and I don’t see Manu really into it that much. Besides Manu plays better when he is underrated.