Tim Duncan goes down with knee injury, doesn’t appear serious


During the second quarter of the San Antonio Spurs’ game with the Golden State Warriors, Tim Duncan went down with what looked like an apparent knee injury.

Duncan set a pick for Tony Parker and might have had his left knee clipped. He continued to play and at one point went up for a rebound, but didn’t get up very far and went down to the ground holding his knee, the one with the huge brace. After being down for a minute or so, Duncan got up under his own power and limped to the bench.

After being looked at by trainer Will Sevening, Duncan walked to the locker room to get checked out. He appeared to be walking better.

Duncan did return to warm up for the second half so it appears to be a minor scare.

[Update:] Duncan started the second half for the Spurs, though did appear to play with a slight limp.


  • Matt in OC

    I’m cautiously optimistic about this injury. It potentially benefits us twofold. Allow me to explain.

    1) Tim is forced to take a couple games off.
    Everyone knows Duncan is still the driving force behind this team. And those wheels aren’t getting any younger. Any rest afforded him is welcome, no matter the circumstances. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tim be “injured” for a couple weeks. This is the perfect excuse for Pop to go into super careful mode and save a few more quarters off Tim. Our record allows us some play, so why not make the most of it and give Timmy some rest.

    2) Splitter lovers rejoice!
    It’s Splitters time to shine. He is going to get plenty of burn with Tim out. Maybe enough to make him useful in the playoffs. He should get some big minutes, and hopefully start progressing. Bonner will never be a big minute guy, and Pop won’t lean on Dice, at least not with our lead in the standings. So I think we are going to see much more Splitter.

    Silver lining anyone?

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  • Greyberger

    3) We come back from his rest with some more hilarious HEB commercials in the can?

  • miggy

    Tim Duncan and Tiago on the floor at the same time. Beautiful!

  • Hunter

    he’ll pull through. I think we should limit his minutes in utah next game possibly and i do mean only possibly splitter as Matt in OC said it would probably benefit us later in the year and the jazz are a tough physical team so i guess we’ll see.
    @ matt in OC

  • Bruno

    Good Game!!!Why when Ginobili made the 3s he misses the free throw? :S Is good to see Ginobili back playing well, Parker after ZERO assist made ten, TD played well but scared me that time. I think Splitter needs confidence, he missed some easy baskets and looked lost sometimes but got some charges and played well on defense. It’s good to win again #gospursgo

  • Jacob

    Tiago needs to get his touch around the rim down. He’s sucked at chip shots all year long. If we do see more of him in place of Tim, hopefully he can clean that up… that and being aware of incoming passes around the rim. Thank God Timmy is OK!

  • Bankshot21

    Bonner was actually 2nd in mpg before his injury. Good to see Dyess get back on the scoreboard as well as Manu’s good game. TD is a beast. Gadzuric guards him well though which led to Pop subbing him prematurely. Good game aside from all the points allowed but they locked in on D in the 2ND HALF.

  • Phoebus

    Hopefully ESPM’s blowhards catch wind of it and it dawns on them that despite the stats Timmeh’s still integral to the Spur’s title chances.

    That’s assuming, I guess, that ESPN is even aware that the Spurs have title chances.

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  • Awktalk

    The injury to TD is a good excuse for Pop to play him 2 minutes in the All-Star game and sit him (but play Kobe 48 min)

  • Nima K.

    On the other hand, Bonner’s knee isnt showing any signs of improving, according to Pop. Not good.

  • The Beat Counselor

    What a scary moment. I was at the game and everything got quiet when he went down. I swear me screaming “No!” was one of the only things heard around where I sat. Talk about my heart dropping.

    Gotta respect the Warriors fans for cheering when he was able to walk to the bench.

  • AmyfromLA

    I was watching the game on league pass n for some odd reason, u can hear more background noise than most broadcasts and some jerk cheered “yeah” when they stopped the game and showed TD on the floor. I was upset at that stupid guy, but I felt better when the audience cheered Timmy on when he got up. glad he was able to play the second half. The whole time he was in I was trying to keep track of his movements to see if he really was ok that I didn’t realize our boys went up by double-digits. It was an odd game after he went down. Just glad he’s ok.

  • Hicksman

    I was watching on League pass, I hadn’t seen the score but geez when TD went down I didn’t care who won/lost I just had to know what had happened as my jaw had dropped on the floor!! Glad to see TD & Splitter get court time together and some of the high/low stuff worked ok. Looking forward to Utah and the Rodeo
    GO SPURS GO!!!!

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