“You just bury his tropical ass under the basket, and you turn around and dunk it”


This is about as Hollywood as you’ll ever see Tim Duncan go.

There is a deleted scene in the 2007 movie The Jane Austen Book Club where the character Dean Drummond goes on a humorous tirade about Tim Duncan. The fun behind this scene is that the actor who plays Drummond is actually Marc Blucas, one of Duncan’s former teammates at Wake Forest. In fact, Blucas was at San Antonio’s first round home playoff games against the Dallas Mavericks.

(Full disclosure: I’ve never seen the movie. My mom saw it and tipped me to its Spurs-relatedness.)

The Spurs season is over and the offseason hasn’t quite kicked off, so enjoy some low blows at the greatest the silver & black has ever had. (NOTE: some PG-13 language.)

Footage courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

  • Duncan21

    haa man that was pretty funny. Go Timmy!!

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Jesse Blanchard

    No words can express how awesome that was.

  • Bushka



    Tropical Ass.

  • junierizzle


    TD reference, finally.

  • Jim Henderson

    That was pretty hilarious. TD & Blucas must of had fun with that one!

  • http://fresnobeach.com darryl howerton

    this … is classic, lol.

  • Dr. Who

    Camero driving? I don’t remember TD having a mullet at Wake Forest???

  • http://www.thedirty.com/dallas DirtyP1

    that was pretty awesome, and so true hahahaha.

  • TrueFan

    That was all levels of awesomeness, and (as you mention) a good way to fill the gap between a 2nd-round sweep and the offseason.

  • http://everyspring.wordpress.com/ Jordan

    Wow! Very funny.

  • Gil Meriken

    He can act and play basketball? I am jealous.

  • Alex Hopper

    That was really hilarious.

  • Daniel


    He’s had recent cameos on House, Lie to Me, and Castle. I’m a fan.

  • Nathan

    Just wonderful.

  • b.diddy

    I seem to recall there being more to the story…something like Timmy was visiting the set that day or something, I’ll see if I can’t find “the rest of the story. Good Day!”

  • b.diddy

    Here’s an excerpt from an interview Blucas did:

    TONY: Do you ever have days where you wake up and you miss basketball and wanna get back into it?

    Marc Blucas: No. When I’m not working, I’m kind of a Spurs groupie, because I played with Duncan in college. When I see those guys and I’m that close to it and maybe practice with them or see them in their game, I’m reminded why the little 6’2″ white kid should not do that. It’s been a strange thing to lie about my whole life. As an athlete, I was 6’4″, and as an actor, since everybody is short, they’re like, “How tall are you?” And I’m like, “Oh, like 5’11”. I mean, what an odd thing to lie about my whole life.

    TONY: When you first met Tim Duncan, did you know he was going to be a star?

    Marc Blucas: The other captain and myself, this kid Randolph Childress and I, they wanted to redshirt him, because he came in as a 17-year-old. After the first scrimmage and the first week of school, we all played a pick-up game, and we were like, “We gotta go down and tell him.” We were like, “Look, he’s raw, but he needs to start for us. Don’t redshirt him.” They were like, “No. He’s not ready.” And we’re like, “No. He’s ready.” I mean, hell, he only weighed 215 pounds at the time, but you could just tell his basketball instinct was just off the charts, so, of course, he ended up starting for us, and the rest is history, as they say. It sounds even stupid to say, but I’m this token white kid from this little town in Pennsylvania, as one of the captains as a senior, and here comes this kid from the Virgin Islands at 17-years-old, and we just immediately hit it off. We were kind of the two outsiders of the group. It sounds really stupid to say, but here I am trying to take the kid under my wing, and it’s like, “Yeah, sure you were, Blucas. He’s a three-time MVP. Sure you did. You take credit for that one. Way to go.” But we just had that initial bond, because of both us feeling kind of like outsiders in a world we thought was bigger than us.

    TONY: What was it like getting to know Tim Duncan? He seems like such a laid-back guy.

    Marc Blucas: I’m obviously biased, but no one deserves it more than he does, and you would have absolutely no idea that he is who he is. No posse, no jewelry. He married his college sweetheart and has two kids. He doesn’t mess around on the road. It’s just not who he is, and he’s not that guy. He comes to L.A., and we wanna go out to dinner, just the two of us, or go grab a bunch of food and go eat and sit and get caught up. It’s like, “Let’s not get caught up in the scene.” Everything you see is not just an image campaign, it’s the real deal.


  • b.diddy
  • Abby

    I love the last line where the girl says “Is there something going on with you and Tim Duncan?”

  • Tyler

    I could be wrong, but I think TD owns a custom made Camero nowadays….

    “Camero driving, second place finishin mother f*%&#r….”


  • Bob

    He makes some good points in the video. Duncan needs to work on a good hook shot to extend his career. A good hook shot can be more reliable than trying to take running shots in the lane.

  • Dr. Who

    Turns out he’s a classic car collector. Never knew that about TD.

  • Filipe

    Just a small Spurs related news: Tiago Splitter just got announced as MVP of Spanish League regular season. Remember this is the biggest european national league and Splitter’s team was not the best one during the season.

  • NL

    some more tim humor, via Steve Nash’s twitter.

    A 3 year old at the park just asked me why I have a bandaid on my face. Me: I bumped into someone’s elbow. Kid: what was his name? Me: Tim.

    The respect between the Spurs (Manu, Tony) and the Suns players (Nash, Hill) is pretty cool to see.

  • KyleG

    About six years ago, I saw Tim Duncan’s ’68 Camaro (Could be wrong by a year) at a shop on San Pedro Rd. in San Antonio. It was gorgeous.

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  • S.A. Ese

    You can’t lie to us. You went to the theater to see this movie with your mom. It just took you 3 years to come out with it. Is there something going on with you and chick flicks?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/priceperhead1 Jake Richards

    Hahaha… Just wonderful.. Funny..