Johnny Ludden: Tim Duncan and Spurs agree to three year deal


Yahoo! Sports is on fire with the Spurs’ free agency news. Johnny Ludden, former Spurs beat writer at the Express-News, just reported that the Spurs and Tim Duncan have agreed to the framework of a three year deal. No specifics were offered as far as money or guarantees, but a three year deal sounds about right.

[Update: Ludden says it is likely to be in the range of the $34 million deal that Kevin Garnett got from the Celtics.]

Also buried in there is news that the Spurs have come to an agreement with Patty Mills and the Spurs are still looking to add Nando De Colo.

With Danny Green, Boris Diaw, and now Mills and Tim Duncan taken care of, free agency can really begin for the Spurs.

Or, we can hear nothing until training camp.