Tony Parker shatters footwork, dreams


This wasn’t a bullet point on my notes from last night’s win over the Jazz. This deserves to be its own post.

H/T Marcel Mutoni on twitter.

  • Sam Stewart

    Poor Harris.  Parker haz the skillz of a slithery snake and the moves of a mighty mongoose.  



  • guest

    Can we please start “You’re a Coward!” chant for Lebron every time he steps to the line in the 4th quarter? Random thought I know, but it was absolutely mess with his head. 

  • Rodrigo If you guys have a minute read this piece. Got me thinking and although I want the Big 3 to retire as Spurs, wouldn’t it be worth it to explore the chance of trading TP to Portland for the 5th and 11th picks (And draft 2 of Beal, Rivers, Sullinger, K.Marshall, M.Teague, Moultrie, PJ3)? or New Orleans along with one of our young, cheap pieces like Blair, Green or Neal for the 2nd and 10th (and then grab a Drummond, T.Robinson,Lamb and one of those mentioned above)? I know the draft slots haven’t been determined yet and that NO is rebuilding but wouldn’t Portland go for it? TP, Matthews, Batum and Aldridge is top 4 seed in the West

  • Bry

    I hate to say it, but he carries the ball pretty blatantly on that move. It’s fine to carry it like that when you are doing a spin-move as part of your two steps to the basket. But, he does it, then stops, then does it again, and THEN takes his two steps. If that was legal, perimeter defense would be just about impossible. Speaking of calls, 2nite’s game was VERY badly officiated. How many times to guys have to get clobbered at the basket before they get a call? And how many times does Harris get touch fouls?

  • JimboJimmyJames

    Ummmm…. when ???  He doesn’t pick the ball up cleanly after the spin, but at no time is his hand under the ball before he picks it up.

  • Bry

    He cradles it twice. The first time rotating to Harris’ right, then stopping, then cradling it again (this time blatantly) to rotate the other way (which easily loses Harris), then two steps to the basket. Parker normally does it once when he sees a path in the lane open (he goes the opposite direction and then does it to reverse to the open side) and it’s a brilliant move. But in this case IMO it was clearly illegal. Then again, all’s well that ends well. I shouldn’t be a kill-joy. It’s not like Blake Griffen’s teammates ever mention that his two dunks on Gasol were illegal. The first one less so (it’s hard to get an over-the-back call that deep in the paint when you are a legit 7-footer), but the 2nd one was clearly a shot to the Gasol’s face (and he finished it off by standing over him). 

  • Daniel T

    It seems like trading present for future.  The Spurs’ present is pretty good, but much less so without a starting point guard.  The future pieces wouldn’t necessarily make much of a present contribution, considering the players the Spurs have at the same positions.  Portland and New Orleans aren’t much in the way of present, they’re looking to the future and have young players that will be around for it.  Doesn’t seem it would work that well for either side.

  • Tyler

    If we’re going by the actual rule book, definitely a travel. But in reality, I don’t see any ref in the NBA calling that. Same for TP’s cross over against Harris in the 2nd half. At the HS and college level, you probably get whistled, but not in the NBA.

    As for Blake, it’s almost an unwritten rule – if you dunk on someone, no way you get whistled for an offensive foul. No matter if the defender is set, first to the spot and outside of the dotted line, if you complete the dunk, you can bet on the ref to whistle a block and not a charge. Just the way it is….

  • Riverwalker

    This isn’t about your love affair with LeBron. This is the Jazz having to call a time out to readjust Harris’ jock after Tony turned him inside out.