Tony Parker Injured


Add another injury on the season for Tony Parker, this time his shooting hand. Sean Elliott reported during the broadcast that Parker has broken the fourth metacarpal on his right hand while scrambling for a loose ball. X-rays at halftime confirmed the fracture.

The injury is the same one Matt Bonner suffered earlier in the year, missing 15 games. Parker has battled injuries all season, from plantar fasciitis to ankle sprains and most recently a hip injury. We will post more news and analysis as information becomes available.

  • David

    I wonder what he did to pissoff the basketball Gods so much.

  • duaneofly

    Yikes! This sucks. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise though. It might give him, and his foot, the rest he needs to kick some butt in the playoffs.
    Get well TP!

  • rangerjohn

    the only way this could come at a worse time is in the playoffs.

  • junierizzle


    He’s been good these last four games.

    Hopefully he’ll heal sooner than later.

    The good thing about these kind of injuries is that other players get more time and more importantly build confidence.

  • Nadeem

    The good thing is that he is not out for the season. The memphis commentators said that he might even miss the entire season.

  • jason

    It could be a blessing in disguise, he will almost definately get back with a few games left still before the playoffs. All the other injuries to parker are essentially irrellavent now, rest is exactly what the other injuries need, but since its just his hand he can still practice to a pretty good extent.

    Meanwhile, this will create more min for some of the guys on the deeper bench, maybe give guys like roger mason and richard jefferson more responsability… This team is very deep, look at our scoring distribution since this little streak started, we’ve got 6 or 7 guys in double figures a night, we can absorb this injury and compensate for it for a month

  • Jacob

    “memphis commentators said that he might even miss the entire season”

    Lol, I’m sure they would like that… sorry to break the bubble to the boys back east but this isn’t a season ending injury.

  • Ryan

    This is a blessing in disguise! Tony will get much needed rest while his hand heals and george will get much needed experience while playing more minutes!

  • simon

    wondering if this gives credence to the idea of the spurs signing jacques vaughn to fill out that last roster spot. he was always a pass-first point anyway and he knows the system.

  • Anthony McDonald

    Not a bad deal all together. He gets to rest his body. Mason gets more minutes. When the playoffs arrive he may be near 100%.

  • Hoopster

    Well I feel as if this will actually help the Spurs in the long run. Never want to see a player hurt, but it seems that it is TP’s year to deal with this season.
    Hopefully he will not be out too long. It seems like he heals rather quickly. Will say that we have been playing well as of late and hopefully we can continue while TP heals up. We have alot of tough matchups coming up.

  • Adonis

    Tony is very tough and knows that an injury like this won’t hold him down. I’m sure his getting the best treatment possible. Get well soon Tony, take your time to heal and get better. We’ll take care of business brother.

    Go Spurs.. GO!

  • Nadeem

    simon, thats actually a gd point (pun unintended). We might sign Curtis Jerrells instead of Dwayne Jones.

  • Colin

    The problem with this injury is that we will be without him for arguably the toughest stretch of the season. Blessing in disguise it may be, but I would rather have him for this stretch. We’ll see, I think the earliest we’ll see him is for the start of the playoffs. Shit!

  • lvmainman

    According to ESPN Parker’s out for the rest the season(6 weeks). Back for the playoffs probably.

    Do the Spurs sign Speedy Claxton, if he’s healthy? Roger Mason gets his opportunity to play. George Hill needs to be more aggressive off the screen getting to the rim.

  • Jim Henderson

    I understand why you guys would prefer to be positive about this, but the fact is this is one of the “big three” out for an extended stretch during the most difficult part of our schedule, and during our drive to secure a playoff spot. We do NOT have a lock on a playoff spot yet.

    The only way this could turn out positive is if the following occurs:

    1) The Spurs make the playoffs.
    2) The main guy that fills TP’s minutes comes up big (compared to what he’s done this year), and that guy is likely to be RMJr.
    3) The rest of the team steps it up a notch (Hill, Ginobli, RJ, etc.).
    4) Parker is in fact able to come back by the last week of the season, rested, foot healed, and not too rusty.

    That’s a lot of “if’s”. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  • zainn

    well rj is playing better as of late and i don’t know how this will all work out against the cavs in a couple of days. luckily, james was limping tonight so we might be against a lebron less cavs team. henderson is right that this will only turn positive if we still make the playoffs. it is also a blessing in disguise. yay, now i know tony and manu will think twice before playing overseas next year! also hill’s defensive point presence will be owning. yay

  • zack

    yes, now he will be definitely be rested, i dont think this is a good thing at all for the spurs, by the way, but its like which bad path is the best to take and this might be okay, only if hill is aggressive, and either rm.jr can play the point or get manu to do it if roger isnt doing well. thats our best route, now i say we srtill go for a big and see what happens cause we have no length down low. i just hope parker can find a good balance of exercise and rest so that he can ease himself in before playoffs if he even comes back

  • junierizzle

    If RJ keeps playing like the last 4 games, then they should be just fine.

    Parker will hopefully be back with a few games left in the season jut to get the rust off. His shot might be off a little but if the rests helps then TP won’t need to shoot as much. He can just explode to the rim.

    I saw the play, total freak accident.

    There is some concern because TP was a part of the current winning streak. Even before he broke his hand he was on his way to get his usual 16 points.
    BUT, the Spurs still played good and managed to hold off the Grizz.
    And if you guys think that this win is no big deal then you don’t watch much hoops. The Grizz are a good team.

  • Ivander

    Why is this happening?? 6 weeks without TP!! The Spurs were playing well recently and apparantly figuring out a rotation that somehow works…and now this!! I watched the game but can’t even remember when this could have happened. Frustrating!!!
    We can only hope that his hand will heal well and that his plantar fascism will get better too…and then we’ll have a fresh and rusty TP for the playoffs!

    Great wins against NO and Memphis btw……RJ is looking muuuch better lately from the bench. (OK let’s forget about that game against the Hornets).
    Now George Hill will have to step up again. I hope RMJ will start at the SG. Let’s keep this winning streak going…somehow!!

  • Easy B

    Spurs are going to rope-a-dope the west this year..not sure if they will win it, but I’m certain that no team in the west wants the spurs first round with all the veterans and all the potential they have. TP’s injury might benefit him in the long run, but in the short run it will definitely cost us a few W’s…which will likely mean a lower seed in the playoffs…meaning Dallas or Denver first round is distinct possibility. I actually think the boys would like to see Dallas right off the bat…im sure they are itching to try and erase last years memories. Regardless who you face, there are tough matchups in the first round in the western conference.
    Time to cut out the hating on this site…..these are our players whatever you think of certain individuals…they are gunning for your team and we are heading for the playoffs again…collective positivity can’t be underestimated.

  • doggydogworld

    Obviously, playing for the French National Team weakened the metacarpal. /sarc

  • bigtee34

    I was just looking at the standings and i think if we stay at 7 or 6 im actually happy with that we avoid the young teams and the lakers until the finals, maybe thats pops plan.

  • Jacob

    PG – Blair – Hill
    SG – McDyess – Mason
    SF – Bonner – Ginobili
    PF – Mahinmi – Bogans
    C – Duncan – Jefferson

    ….this is the line-up to fix our problems.


    Horrible luck for TP…As he is one of our true Spur Warriors, it is definately reason for concern. This team already struggles to score. Huge loss at a terrible time.

    Im not concerned about the point guard spot. Hill has emerged as an NBA starter and will man that spot well. Im interested to see how our coach manages the loss. I certainly hope that playing Mason at point guard is not his genious plan .

    However, Im not too concerned. Afterall, we have Pop driving the ship. He can and will make adjustments, the correct adjustments, right?

    I said that questions would be answered and it looks like they will….Now we are not only looking at playing elite teams with Bonner and Bogans, but missing TP as well.

    On occasion, I have posted my disappointment with the way this coach has handled the team and player decisions this season.

    Each time I posted those comments, I got a slew of responses praising this coach for his brilliance.

    Well fellas, this is his time to shine. Im looking forward to witnessing his genious Monday night vs. Cavs.

    On a different note.

    I would like to give a shout out to “The Red Rocket”. Ol Matt put together a couple pf decent games. He played a lil defense for once, hit some shots, and even collected a few dimes.

    My opinion of him as an 11 million dollar player has not changed, but I am inspired.

    Therfor, my fellow Spur fans and I have decided to upgrade is nickname.

    In my circles, no more Red Rocket….He is now known as:

    “The Red Improvement”

    As for Bogans….I still get involuntary twitches when he trots out to the scorers table. Terrifying!

    Finally, Each time we have an injury, those mysterious roster moves made all throughout the season, just continue to grow in stature….

    Sadly though, I face the reality of the TP injury. Spurs without Parker is like New Orleans without Chris Paul….Lots of scoring to make up for.

    Can we survive playing cats like Bogans, while TP is out of the line up?

    Bumpy road ahead indeed!

  • ali

    1) parker gets the rest he needs
    2) guyz could build confidence
    3) we might get some quality W

    1) the team will not have much of a chance to gel together and get their confidence build up
    2) if u have noticed it takes parker 1-1.5 months before he becomes as aggressive as before, which means we might not see his aggressiveness till w. conference finals or finals
    3) he might not be the same player for the entire playoff (it’s his shooting hand as a reminder)

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  • ThatBigGuy

    Well, here’s to the Timmy and Manu show for the rest of the season.

    Food for thought: We have the same amount of losses at the Thunder (6th) and one L less than the Suns (5th). We also have 3 fewer losses than 8th place Portland. We are facing a gauntlet, but we have some cushion in the standings.

    I look forward to a strong showing down the stretch.

  • Joe

    Following on posts from a previous thread, this might work out really well for us especially if we get the Lakers in round 1. Their Achilles heal is containing quick guards. Assuming his hand heals in time, a well-rested Tony might be key to pulling off an upset.

  • rj

    i don’t expect much of a drop off, but against teams like cleveland, orlando, etc, we are definately going to miss him. we have to be clicking on all fronts to hang with the elites.

    george hill has made parker’s past absences pretty, well, absent and this means more shots for roger mason. having a roger mason that is in great shooting rythm going into the playoffs is critical to our success. this could also mean more agression from rj,

    george, roger, hold the fort. tony is finally going to get the rest he needs

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