Tony Parker to the New York Knicks, rumored again


Another day, another Tony Parker trade rumor.

The NY Daily News is reporting that Tony Parker and Amar’e Stoudemire have hatched a plan to play for the Knicks. Parker through a trade, Stoudemire through free agency.  For that it’s worth, I’m not putting any stock in the rumor, but I want to indulge it, if only for a moment.

Since Parker is under contract with San Antonio, the Knicks would have to work out a trade, which would likely require the club taking back a big contract. A sign-and-trade with David Lee is a possibility, but not likely….The Knicks have several trading pieces, including Wilson Chandler and Eddy Curry, the latter of whom has an expiring contract. Curry could have a role on the team with Lee likely gone and Stoudemire stepping into the power forward position.

This business about the Spurs taking back a big contract is not necessarily true. Since the NY Knicks are under the cap, they can technically absorb Parker’s contract without matching salaries–the Spurs would not have to take back Eddy Curry to satisfy the CBA. Furthermore, the Knicks might want to hold onto Curry’s expiring contract, giving themselves a February trade chip or cap space next summer.

If the Spurs sent Parker to the Knicks, they could, as one example, take back Toney Douglas (adding depth behind George Hill at point guard) and a whopping big trade exception. Nothing more. NY is under the cap. Salaries don’t have to match.

The Spurs could then use the trade exception to shop the free agent market, effectively giving themselves cap space to play with. Of course, the Spurs couldn’t sign players outright with trade exception money, but, in this market, there are plenty of contracted players or free agents who could be had through a trade or sign and trade.

In a similar manner, the Spurs could sign and trade Richard Jefferson to a team under the cap and take back a large trade exception for him as well.

Trade exception money can be split amongst multiple players, and the Spurs would have a year to utilize the funds.

But beware, the math gets complicated. If the Spurs move Parker for nothing, or close to nothing, their cap situation shifts. It’s difficult to project those shifts without something more concrete than what the NY Daily News rumors provide.

Again, I’m not suggesting the Spurs are interested in trading Tony Parker. I doubt there is any validity to the NY Daily News rumor. But the required take-back in any hypothetical Tony Parker trade looks a lot different now than it did one week ago.

In a recent L’Equipe interview, Parker rehearsed a post-draft conversation he had had with Gregg Popovich. Popovich confirmed that the New York Knicks and Portland Trail Blazers were talking with San Antonio about a possible Parker trade in the days surrounding the NBA draft.  But now that New York–and several others–are officially operating with a new salary cap number (July 1 marked the start of the offseason), the trade landscape is more flexible. This doesn’t make Tony Parker any more likely to be traded, but it does allow for greater front office creativity.

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  • jason

    This is nothing but new york media trying to peddle papers. There is a similar rumor about joe johnson wanting to play with amare and reunite with d’antoni in new york. Basically NYC feels dejected after lebron scoffed at their offer and now they’re just fantasizing about players they think they could have for nothing… The only player on the knicks the spurs would really want is jeffries (is he still there even?), but he’s got too big of a contract and our front court is no longer the problem. David lee doesn’t reakly get us anywhere unless he’s traded to a third team who then sends us a 3. But if a trade exception or cap space is all we wanted then we’d be moving jefferson in a sign and trade.

    If tony gets traded, which I have a hard time beliving will happen, it won’t be till closer to the trade deadline once the spurs have a feel for how well he’s playing, where tony wants to play in 2012 and if they can resign him. Right now tony’s probably under valued as a trade asset, if he has a better season this year, which I think he will, the spurs would be able to get better value from him

  • Trade Tp

    The knicks have nothing we want. Unless they pick up Amare and we trade Parker for Amare.

    If we are just picking up junk from NY then why not someone we need like Earl Barron instead of Toney. I would much rather take a chance on him than pay David Lee millions to do basically the same thing.

    David Lee is a role player, that isnt worth millions. In today’s overpaid market I think signing him would be a major mistake. He has decent numbers, but put it in perspective, he played for the Knicks. RJ could put up those numbers for NYC.

  • idahospur

    If they are planning on shipping Parker for just some cap flexibility, I think its a bad deal. I want to see someone solid in return for giving up a great player, no promises or well wishes!

  • roboSID

    THIS dumb.We could get Paul Gorge for parker an tj ford.we could also get cp3 becuase they dont have the money to keep cp any more much less getting players around him.WE COULD get AMARIE for TONY.TONY and PIECES for BOSH.that ny news is garbage unless a interested free agent is comming….

  • Greyberger

    I’ve been thinking about our backcourt and trading TP for a while and this is as good a place as any to air my completely unqualified opinions.

    I think trading TP is a bad idea. The three guards we have now (Tony Manu and George Hill) can work in any combination and complement each other well. Furthermore the Spurs have become a pick-and-roll team on offense and Tony fits this identity.

    Manu does not lock up the shooting guard spot for us. He’s not a 40 minutes a night, 82 games a year kind of guy. We need a player like George Hill to play Manu’s position and defend Manu’s guy while Manu is on the bench – but George Hill does not replace Manu’s offensive contribution no matter what position he’s playing.

    What we need is _another_ guy who can run the screen and roll to death with Tim Dice and Blair and generate efficient offense no matter what other Spurs are on the court and no matter who’s guarding it. Very few guys have screen and roll skills like that. George for all his offensive gifts is not that guy.

    The offensive identity of the Spurs has changed over the last few years from a Tim-centric post/SnR/kickout offense to a guard-centric screen’n’roll offense. To be effective as we were last season on offense we’ll need a star SnR guard on the court at all times. If we lose that identity and that strength to upgrade our team elsewhere it will need to be quite an upgrade. Our roster doesn’t seem equipped for anything other than SnR sets and transition scoring.

    Tony is the right guy for running those plays when Manu is not and there are few things more thoroughly proven in the NBA than the Parker/Duncan screen’n’roll. The only other NBA players I can think of that would be as efficient as Tony in this role are all untouchable – Paul, Williams, Brandon Roy, etc.

    Manu and George also cover Tony’s weaknesses well. As a small guard Tony needs somebody who can switch onto big point guards on defense and make up somewhat for his poor rebounding. Manu and Hill aren’t as tall or long as we’d like (it would be good to have a wing player that can comfortably defend big 2s and 3s) but they’re both good at defending a variety of guards and rebound better than their size would suggest.

    Replacing Tony with someone who’s more of a two-way player (a better defender but someone without the all-star level scoring) would lead to some redundancy in the roster. We’d have three guys who can defend two spots well – but can’t defend SFs or huge SGs – and only Manu to run the SnR.

    The knocks on Tony I read here are that he’s not a good defender and he doesn’t pass. Whom exactly is he supposed to pass to? Tim in the post doesn’t generate the same opportunities it did as teams no longer need to double him. We don’t have any great isolation guys who Tony’s ignoring or a bunch of action happening off the ball.

    I think Tony is a great fit in our backcourt as currently assembled, and trading him risks screwing up the efficient offense Pop was able to install the last two years despite Tim’s decline.

  • neutral fans inc.

    Toney Parker in my opinion isn’t the hot commodity New York is looking for, rather he is more like new yorks plan c or even plan d…. nothing against tp, but I can’t see how any knick fan could be satisfied with amare and tp alone,after two years of lebron hype. That being said if the knicks do convince the spurs to take on curry’s expiring contract that should leave enough cap space for the knicks to make a play at lebron. the king would be a fool not to sign with the knicks at that point

  • Tim From Texas

    Listen, trading Parker to the Spurs certainly isn’t the end of the world. I know a lot of Spurs fans see Parker as the next building block after Duncan retires. But here’s a few things to consider.

    Despite what’s been recently said by Parker, he’s been quoted in the press saying when his contract is up, he’d have to evaluate the the status of the Spurs organization. We all love Parker, but in San Antonio, Parker does not get the credit he deserves. He’ll always be second fiddle behind Tim and Manu in fan fare, when if he was in any big time market he wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of press exposure. And lets be honest, with a face and accent like his (not to mention his star wife) he deserves and probably wants to get the exposure he deserves. I think he knows that and wants that.

    Timmy needs a youthful bruising banger in the post who can hit the outside shot with a mix of inside and outside game. David Lee fits this bill and for 10-12 mill a year on a five year deal, i think its a bargain. He was born a Spur in my opinion.

    Manu has always played better with the ball soley in his hands! If you can recall, try to remember in 03-04 season, during a home game against the lakers, where we were up against Malone, Payton, Shaq and Kobe ( I think one of them was out) Manu LITERALLY put the team on are backs, with only Kevin Willis, Malik, Horry and Hedo to work with really. He took the game into a double overtime with some clutch extreme 3’s in the last seconds. No Manu isn’t 27 anymore, but his game has gotten wiser, more patient and his 3 more consistent and can still slash with the best of them. Hill naturally defers to manu on the court, but takes advantage of the opportunities to lead the team at the point when Parkers been out. This could be his Rando year. I think there the perfect combo.

    Now what about Richard. No he’s not the greatest shooter, or defender or dribbler, kinda just works of the creativity of others. He said it last year when he said, “Play me with Giniobili.” but if parker goes i dont think anyone wants to pony up a 12 million, 4 year deal to a 30 yr old who relys on his athleticism and goes through horrible playing streaks.

    So trade him. Trade him in a sign and trade deal and Parker for Lee, in a sign and trade deal, with Wilson Chandler and a pick (if they have any left) or some allocation money.

    Chandler is a natural 3 and could start there day one. 15 pts, 5 rbs, 2 ast and 1.5 turnovers in 35 mpg average in his sophmore and and 3 years. at 6-8. He and gallinari can’t co-exist so i dont think the knicks would let him from preventing them getting Parker.

    If we get the pick, we deal it for money. if we get the money we use it to bring more depth.

    as far as back up point, bring back speedy claxton, antonio daniels for the vet mins or possibly anthony johnson (ideal)

    and finally Tiago for the MLE.

  • Tim From Texas

    I can see giving the Knicks giving Tony very close to the Max. I also dont see Tim sticking around for more then 2 years. I can see Manu playing for another 5, once he realizes his vision and passing and outside shot should be his first priorities instead of getting hacked in the lane at his age, barring serious injuries. South American’s are like that. They’ll play until they drop.

  • rob

    I wouldn’t want to lose Parker if the Spurs couldn’t get Paul. Unfortunately I can’t find a combination that warrants NY in a 3 way. Unless they do a sign and trade with David Lee.

    Whereas the Spurs could have Parker and Jefferson (after signing a new deal) traded to N.Y. while Temple goes to N.O.

    Paul to the Spurs and Okafur to the Knicks.

    Galinnari to the Spurs, Lee and Douglas to the Hornets.

    Add in future picks to N.O. from either or both S.A. & N.Y.

    And there you have it…but…more than likely not.

  • Jim Henderson

    If the Knick’s really want Parker, they’re going to have to part with Gallinari, Douglas, and Walker. We could throw Hairston or Gee into the deal, I suppose. Otherwise, take a hike.

  • Jim Henderson

    Spur roster, with NY deal for Parker:

    Hill, Douglas
    Manu, Anderson
    Galinari, Walker
    Duncan, Blair
    Splitter, Anthony* (LLE signing, Miami*)

    McDyess, Temple, RJ sign & trade for another shooter, PG, or 5th big, ….

  • SA_Ray

    Do you ever notice how Knick rumors almost always come from a New York paper and then are seconded by no one? I swear they just make up whatever they want.

    If the Spurs traded Tony for nothing I would cancel my season tickets.

  • doggydogworld

    NY papers don’t make up those rumors and it’s quite reckless of you to insult their journalistic integrity in this way. The NY papers very accurately repeat the rumor that the Knicks front office wants to plant. So there.

  • Jacob

    Lol@ doggy

  • RobNY

    Except for a couple of Posts, it is sad on the hatred that has been vented toward NY. We are just discussing a possible trade, relax.

    I had a lot to say but after reading a few posts{not all of them, some actually tried to make this a basketball discussion} I decided to let it go and move on.

  • Tydus

    How is that no one but the writer of the story brings up Wilson Chandler? I’m not promoting “Trade Tony”, but if it indeed does happen with someone like NY I would want Wilson Chandler involved with the deal. Then I don’t have to worry about RJ.

    A possibility of Tony for Chandler, Douglas, and anything else to appease the masses would be fine with me. Be it, trade exception, draft picks, whatever.

  • Timothy Varner

    Just to clarify, the Spurs would get the exception regardless (unless Curry was involved). So, for example, Parker for Chandler and Douglas would also come with an exception of roughly 5-6 million. Meaning the Spurs would have 5-6 million to acquire a free agent of their choice in a trade. In this scenario, that’s in addition to the MLE and LLE.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 3rd, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    So let me get this straight: The Hornets are going to give up Paul & Okafor for Lee & Douglas?! You’ve got to be kidding. Nobody’s that crazy, not even the Wolve’s David Kahn!

    Timothy Varner
    July 3rd, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    “So, for example, Parker for Chandler and Douglas would also come with an exception of roughly 5-6 million.”

    Yeah, if we could get two pretty good young players with some promise, and the trade exception, that would at least be tempting, if we were to let go of a guy like Parker. For me, the problem with Chandler (I know, Tim, you were just using it as an example) is that he really doesn’t have a 3-point shot. Maybe with some work, he could eventually develop it. He is still very young. That said, to give NY Parker, I might hold out for Gallinari (or maybe even B. Walker), Douglas, and the 5-6 million trade exception. That is probably a deal worth considering. As long as the Knicks felt like they could get enough solid complimentary pieces to go around Parker & Amare using their remaining cap space (and Curry’s expiring contract next year), they might do that deal. Parker would fit fine with Amare & the Dantoni style of play.

    Chandler: 31% career from three
    Gallinari: 39% career from three
    Walker: 43% career from three

    I’m not really sure who’s better or has more potential defensively out of the three. Of course, that would also be an important consideration.

    Other than that, everything else being equal, we would prefer one of the SF shooters in the deal, I would think. God knows we need some more shooting on this team.

  • Greg

    I don’t think the Knicks are willing to part with Gallinari. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see Gallinari in a SPURS uniform. Blair,Splitter,Gallinari Anderson and Hill wow talk about rebuilding! Oh well my Fantasy time is over.

  • Greg

    I think the main reason NY needs Parker is to have a chance at a big name free agent. Every player wants to play with a great point guard.Parker is still one of the best in the NBA, last season he was banged up all year. If NY fails to sign a top notch pg they might be out in the cold, unable to land any of the top free agents. That’s what I think will happen.

  • BigJ

    TP…what a Texas diva. You go big boy!

    Cannot recall a Spurs player with this much press cache since the Iceman. Well maybe Rodman, but who chooses to remember that spell?

  • Lenneezz

    Danilo Gallinari is not too much for the Knicks to give up for Tony Parker. Both players would fill big holes on the other teams.

    D’Antoni won’t want to give up Douglas or Walker. I just don’t know if D’Antoni will part with two shooters. They both are exactly what he wants. They are young shooters on the cheap.

    I have a feeling that the Knicks will offer Chandler and Roberts or Douglas for Parker. I hope we don’t take it. It’s Danilo or bust in my book.

    I would be OK with Danilo for TP but hope that we get Walker or Douglas with Danilo.

    Let the Tony lovers commence bashing.

  • Timothy Varner


    So long as you brought his name up, I’d do Bill Walker + Toney Douglas + an exception for Tony Parker, provided the Spurs knew where they could use the exception. Maybe the Spurs get a second round pick, or some such. I’ve always like Bill Walker’s game and his splits at the end of last season were impressive. The key here is, Who would the Spurs get with the trade exception? And remember, it could be multiple players.

    But the key, obviously, is how the trade exception is used.

    Another thing to note is how this would mess with the cap. If the exception is too large, the Spurs could lose their MLE if it pushed too far below the cap. So the thing to do is sign Splitter, then execute the trade.

    Finally, if the Spurs do have a sign and trade offer in with Toronto for Chris Bosh–and multiple sources say they do–Splitter is probably on hold until they get their firm “No!” And, of course, that offer might well be Parker + Splitter for Bosh.

  • rob

    As I mentioned before, the only way I could see the Knicks working this out is to do a sign and trade with David Lee.


    It appears all are waiting to see what Lebron is going to do.

    David Lee and Galanarri for Parker and Jefferson would be a great scenario.

  • TimS.A89

    I think it would be pointless to trade TP for any knicks player….they dont have any players anywhere near the value that tony parker has…not even david lee…in my opinion

  • rac

    I was wondering about the possibility of acquiring jefferson from the t-wolves. what are thoughts on him?

  • Jim Henderson

    Timothy Varner
    July 4th, 2010 at 6:19 am

    “Another thing to note is how this would mess with the cap. If the exception is too large, the Spurs could lose their MLE if it pushed too far below the cap. So the thing to do is sign Splitter, then execute the trade.”

    Yeah, that’s a good point. I agree.

    “Finally, if the Spurs do have a sign and trade offer in with Toronto for Chris Bosh ……and, of course, that offer might well be Parker + Splitter for Bosh.”

    Yeah well, that’s a heavy price to pay for Bosh in my books. I’d hold out for Parker, Splitter, & McDyess, for Bosh & Jack. Toronto has Calderon at the point anyway to work with TP, and they could use another veteran “big” to help them make a run next year. They would be too heavy at the point with TP, Calderon, & Jack, and we could really use a point back in any trade of TP. I like Jack’s game, and he would fit well with Hill, Manu, & Anderson.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 4th, 2010 at 8:55 am

    “David Lee and Galanarri for Parker and Jefferson would be a great scenario.”

    In such a deal, the Knicks would still have Chandler & Walker at SF. Trust me, they wouldn’t want Jefferson. And since Lee & RJ are both FA’s, the deal you propose is essentially Parker for Gallinari. Not a good trade. Not to mention that Lee is not a particularly good fit on the Spurs. Not enough defense, and too much offense inside with him, Blair, Splitter, & Duncan.

  • Jim Henderson

    Tim – I have a question: Would Bosh get a better deal in some way by doing a sign & trade with us? It seems that sometimes it’s advantageous for a FA to do a sign & trade, and sometimes it’s not. Can you clarify?

  • Jim Henderson

    By the way, as you may have noticed, my proposal with the Raptors would give up TWO “bigs” for ONE, which could pose a problem, but as I’ve stated previously, I would be offering the LLE to restricted FA Joel Anthony of the Heat right now, while Miami has so much pressure on them to keep their financial commitments as low as possible with the hopes of landing TWO of the big names. Thus, with the Toronto deal our team would look like this:

    Hill, Jack
    Manu, Anderson
    Gee, Hairston
    Bosh, Blair
    Duncan, Anthony

    We would still need to secure a starting SF, through the sign & trade for RJ. See possible list of wings:

    D. Wright
    A. Morrow
    R. Bell
    T. Outlaw
    J. Childress
    R. Brewer
    J. Jones
    R. Gomes
    K. Korver
    T. Allen
    M. Barnes

    Perhaps RJ, Hairston and/or Gee for Pietrus & Barnes. Reunite Carter & RJ!

    Hill, Jack
    Manu, Anderson
    Pietrus, Barnes
    Bosh, Blair
    Duncan, Anthony

    That’s a team that can defend & shoot, and is YOUNGER!

    We would also have Temple, & a couple of “vet minimum” pick-ups to fill out the roster.

    Any interest in any of these players if they were available for the minimum? (likely for most):

    J. Boone, T. Thomas, Joe Smith, R. Nesterovic, J. Petro, J. Singleton, S. Novak, J. Hayes, J. Alexander, J. Stackhouse, L. Hughes

  • Timothy Varner


    If Bosh is signed by the Raptors–they’d be using his Bird Rights–they can offer him a full year more than the contract he can sign with any other team in the league. This applies to sign and trades as well. NBA salaries come with automatic raises. That extra year amounts to 20 million extra guaranteed money, or thereabout. So it’s absolutely in Bosh’s best interest to work a sign and trade with the Raptors.

  • Jim Henderson

    Timothy Varner
    July 4th, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Yeah, that certainly is an advantage. Thanks for clarifying that. What is it, three years with the same team to establish Bird rights?

  • Timothy Varner


    Close, three years on the same contract. So, for example, if the Spurs had traded Matt Bonner last February the team that received him would have his Bird Rights this summer.

  • Jim Henderson

    Thanks, Tim. That makes sense.

  • BigJ

    Ofcourse what goes unsaid for most of this conversation is the notion that Amare Stoudemire has any real pull here, or influence? I mean really, who takes anything this dunder head has to say with weighted, well thought out volume? It comes off as wishfull thinking and an over estimation of his pull with in the league.

    He probably had a passing thought where he equated his importance with LeBron and thought for sure that he could some how will Anthony and Parker to New York.

    C’mon. Not even close.

  • td4life

    I agree with you on the point of A’mare being a complete buffoon… if we didn’t know already, his comments during the playoffs that Lamar Odom was a lucky rebounder (this from a lazy, distracted, perennially underachieving glass-cleaner) showed what a tool he really is. Underscoring that is the fact that he’s headed to D’Antoni and the Knicks, where he will NEVER win a championship, with or without All-Star help.

    That said, I don’t know if the likes of Carmelo can be called clear-headed. I don’t see ‘Melo leaving his extension unsigned, however neither ‘Melo, nor Mr. Longoria need much extra incentive to want to move to Manhatten.

    Most likely just New York media hype. I, for one, sure don’t want Avid “No D” Lee in San Antonio.

  • Jim Miller (jimjule)

    The only reason for the Spurs to go after any free agents or trades is if Splitter doesn’t sign and some not so swift team gives Jefferson an offer that the Spurs can’t match. Bonner probably will resign, but he shouldn’t get the minutes he chalked up last season. He too could still sign elsewhere, but none of those above scenarios is likely to happen. The addition of Splitter and Anderson with the rejuvination of the bench with young guns like Temple, Gee, Richards and either Gist or Haislip will make the Spurs a much stronger team than last year.

  • rob

    “The addition of Splitter and Anderson with the rejuvination of the bench with young guns like Temple, Gee, Richards and either Gist or Haislip will make the Spurs a much stronger team than last year.”

    You are correct, IMO, on the principle. But I don’t think this scenario places the Spurs as a title competive team.

    Simply put…Duncan is not going to be the all-star PF he was in the past and the team needs an interjection of top talent if they are going to win another title while Duncan is on the team.

    A, for all intense purposes, rookie Splitter and Anderson will not be ready to lift the team over the top during Duncan’s current contract. Though they more than likely will provide much hope, excitement and expectation.

  • Flex Belt

    Amare is the best these people can do after a couple of years of attempting to open cap room! They will pay this guy 100 mil and he comes with poor knees along with eye problems. Did Isiah come back and begin carrying out the general manager position again? At this rate it will likely be yet another ten years before the knicks could make any kind of run during the playoffs.

  • BigJ
  • josoo

    David Lee has the most doubledoubles in the league. Its NY ur right, probally the hardest city to play for. Tony doesn’t wnna be in San An. Goerge hill has blossumed, richard is a bum he’s proved it he isn’t worth millions. Lee doesn’t play defense but when ur an all star who plays defense? Lebron plays d because thts prt of his game. And d’toni doesn’t play defense in his system. SA neeed a PF and lee is perfect for them. Tony Melo N Amar’e to the knicks

  • mac

    There is only one way Parker ends up in NY via a Spurs trade:
    Bosh and Jarrett Jack to SA
    TP and someone, say Dejuan Blair, to Toronto.

    and because Raptors can’t retain Parker, he goes to the Knicks. Perhaps along with Hedo Turkoglu (who NY will take to get Parker) in exchange for Douglas, Chandler, Galinari, Rodriguez, and Harrington or trade exception.

    TOR: Calderon/Rodriguez,
    Galinari/Harrington( or trade asset), Blair(?)/Johnson,

    NY: Parker, Miller, Turkolu, Amare, and trade assets Curry and Lee

    1. Hill/Jack,
    2. Ginobili/Anderson/LLE, or Split MLE (Morrow)
    3. MLE/Jefferson, or trade or FA (DorellWright/Brewer)
    4. Bosh/Duncan/McDyess,
    5. Duncan/Splitter/McDyess

    Bosh would have to approve trade to Spurs, and Toronto gets to keep Blair, and fill out it’s roster with good cheap young players, but are way better off than if Bosh walks for nothing.

    Blair is a good fit next to Bargnani, and if I’m the Spurs I like Splitter’s length over Blair’s knees.

    SA isn’t gonna trade Parker without getting real value back. New York can keep dreaming or make a pitch for him next summer.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 6th, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    “Blair is a good fit next to Bargnani, and if I’m the Spurs I like Splitter’s length over Blair’s knees.”

    Toronto needs a tall, low-post presence. Splitter fits that bill, Blair doesn’t. They would have Bargnani rotate between the stretch 4 & the stretch 5. The Raptors also have a young, talented, & developing Amir Johnson at the PF spot. They don’t need a young, talented, & developing Blair at the PF spot competing for minutes with Bargnani & Johnson.

    We need to move TD to center anyway. Along with his decline due to aging, he’s lost too much of his lateral quickness to stay at the PF spot, if at all possible. The acquisition of Bosh would guarantee it.

    The best deal is Parker, Splitter, & McDyess, for Bosh & Jack.

  • td4life

    @Jim Henderson

    If the Spurs did get Bosh and Jack and lost TP and Splitter or DB, it is probably a Spurs gain on paper.

    Mac, one problem with your DB over Splitter trade is that if we hold onto Tiago, we lose the MLE which could be used to fill our SF need… so we’d have to trade which might be hard to pull off. I don’t know for certain if Bosh, TD, and Blair is complete up front, though it is hard to ask for more than that. With Bosh, TD, and Splitter everyone would be putting their ego’s aside to win, which would be fantastic. We still might not have the perfect front court rotation but it might not matter much, given that amount talent+size.

    Henderson, I like your list of available wings…
    my order of preference is:
    1. Wright
    2. Morrow

    and it drops off after that with
    R. Brewer being a distant 3rd, requiring another player as well. Bell is an asset at both ends, but I think he is too old to get excited about as a key addition.

    unfortunately RJ is probably 4th on my list, but would eagerly take 2 or 3 solid pieces with some upside in exchange for him.

    Regardless, I think to have a juggernaut of a 1o-man rotation, we could use multiple perimeter free agent pieces. But Jarrett Jack would make it easier on us, as he would help us in two areas of weakness (perimeter D and shooting), with those skilled Bigs, we’d have have the old inside-out game, potentially with better 3-point shooting than ever before, and the only question is would our interior D be good enough.

    might be about as good as we could hope for?

  • td4life

    I forgot J Childress, who I rank in the top 3 way above Brewer.

  • Half Man, Half Practice Squad


    The Spurs would have to be under the salary cap as a result of the TP trade in order to get a future trade exception and not take matching (within 25%) salaries. It doesn’t matter that one team is under the cap (NY). Both teams must be below the cap post-trade in order to not be subject to the simultaneous traded player exception that mandates salary matching. That said, I have no idea how SA’s cap situation would look without Parker (plus the random players taken back in a trade). Anyone have the numbers handy?

  • td4life

    @Half Man, Half Practice Squad

    I believe you are mistaken. Any team below the cap can take on substantially more salary in a trade than they are sending out. The other team that exports the expensive contract w/o getting back even value, then has up to 1 year to take on the difference in salaries through one or more subsequent trades before that original “trade exception” expires.

    Teams that are over the cap can acquire trade exceptions as Orlando did last summer when they traded away Turkoglu for no immediate players in return.
    This is what Riley has been trying to orchestrate for some time, in order to be free of the cap space currently occupied by Beasley. I believe they could still do so even if they were over the cap themselves, but their trade partner must be under the cap to take on the disproportionate salary.

  • Half Man, Half Practice Squad


    That is a common misconception. The base rule is that a team may not acquire any player with the resulting combined team salary being over the cap post-trade. There are several exceptions to the base rule, including the so-called “traded player exception.” This exception allows a team to be over the cap as a result of a trade if the salaries it takes back are the result of a trade with salaries matching within 25%. Interestingly enough, even if a team’s total salaries are reduced as a result of the trade, if the post-trade sum is higher than the cap, it needs an exception. This would likely be the Spurs case, but I am not positive that TP’s salary coming off (combined with the addition of whatever they take back) would not result in the Spurs being below the cap. If the Spurs end up above the cap as a result of the trade, irrespective of the cap situation of its trading partner, the Spurs need an exception, namely the traded player exception with its within 25% matching requirement.

    Now, you may be referring to the non-simultaneous traded player exception, creating a credit for future trades, allowing non-matching while still over the salary cap. Again, however, this has nothing to do with the salary cap position of your trading partner, and everything to do with the specific requirements of that type of exception. In that case, you can only get a credit in a trade involving one player. The ideas above seem to float the idea of packaging TP with other players, eliminating that option.

    Regardless of which exception is being used, the fact remains: the cap situation of the Knicks has nothing to do with the Spurs ability to get a trade exception for future use and avoid matching salaries in a TP trade.

    One additional note: if the Spurs did a one payer trade and gained a future trade exception, it could not be combined with the MLE anyway, so it would be limited in its application to any big name FA.

    You can read about it here:

  • Half Man, Half Practice Squad

    FYI, the Spurs current cap position may make my previous point moot (as I left open in my first post). TP has a salary of $13,650,000 in 2010-11. The Spurs currently have $52,106,854 under contract, not including any team options and a reworked deal for RJ. They have $14,067,743 in cap holds for their own free agents (assuming they waive Robert Horry, Glenn Robinson, Damon Stoudamire, Nick van Exel, and Jacque Vaughn), and another $3,140,974 in holds for the team options they haven’t declined (as far as I know, they haven’t declined on Hairston, Gee, Temple, or Jerrells). That brings the Spurs to a grand total of $69,315,571 for 2010-11 for purposes of calculating salaries in a trade today. Last year’s cap was $57,700,000. The NBA is predicting the 2010-11 cap will be $56,100,000. If that holds, taking Parker off the books in a trade would put the Spurs at $55,665,571 (today, mind you), $434,429 below the cap. For that reason, the Spurs could trade Parker straight up for draft picks, low salaries, etc., from the Knicks, without any kind of cap exception.

    However, here’s the big condition on all this: RJ would have to first sign with another team or the Spurs would have to renounce any FA signing rights to him in order for another $16,224,600 cap hold to count against the team. If the Spurs resign RJ, they need a cap exception (see above comments).